WIN Empire Continues to Expand

Michael Klein reported earlier today that WIN Signature Restaurants, who just opened Azie on Main upstairs and Parker’s Prime Steakhouse in Newtown Square (to go along with several other restaurants they already own), will also be renting out the lower part of Maia. The concept will be American-style comfort food/bar aimed at a younger crowd: wings, pizzas, burgers, ribs, etc.

It continues to amaze us that while everyone else is scaling back during this economy, WIN keeps expanding. How can they ensure high quality across all the brands? Didn’t a successful local restaurant team already try the multi-tiered restaurant in the Maia space and fail? How will WIN fare with a non-Asian theme?

You’ll have to wait until at least Spring 2010 to find out — though we always like to pad at least one more season on the projected times.

One thought on “WIN Empire Continues to Expand”

  1. right now, you wouldn’t know Azie on main has a downstairs, they’ve blocked off all access to that area, so setting up a separate entity down there shouldn’t be too hard. the question is how much of the backstage area is shared between the two, that’s the bigger question. I think the problem with Maia was that upstairs and downstairs were too similar. An ‘American” themed place would not directly conflict with Azie’s menu upstairs and with the local colleges to pull from, it might do well

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