Help Wanted

We’re looking for a few good writers. These are PAID freelance positions, based on the amount of traffic you drive with your pieces (which is NOT enough to pay the bills).

Writing for exposes you to a targeted, regional audience of interested and passionate food lovers and restaurant fans, including many in the food service industry. If you’re passionate about food and love to write, keep reading!

There are several types of submissions we are looking for:

Restaurant Reviewer
Do you love going to restaurants and want to help others make the perfect decision for their night out? We’re looking for someone to contribute anonymous restaurant reviews. We can’t stress the anonymous part enough — we need you to be totally and completely anonymous to provide the most unbiased reviews possible.

We’re looking to someone to help post news, events and other interesting tidbits for our front page. You’d be expected to post at least one short blurb per week, preferably more.

Featured Writer
Write longer articles that focus on a specific topic of interest to our readers. Write regularly or just submit one particular article that you’ve been dying to write.

As an author, your bio will be featured on the site along with a link to the URL of your choice (though the restaurant reviewer will need to remain anonymous). Authors may also receive invitations to exclusive area events.

Interested? Contact us with your qualifications.


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