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Update 2.13: As commenter CJ notes below, Garrett Hill Ale House is now under new management, and the menus are very different than originally reported. Great tap list includes a wide variety of local and national craft beers, plus some interesting sample flights and an impressive bottle list. Food is upscale and innovative pub grub such as duck confit sliders and braised rabbit cavatelli. Sounds delicious!


The Kebob Factory in Garrett Hill is no longer, and will be replaced by Garrett Hill Ale House starting Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

Readers may recall the 2011 controversy surrounding Factory owner Bharat Luthra, who supposedly cut down as many as 45 trees on the former Villa Strafford property without permission or a replacement plan for the sound buffer and runoff aid they provided.

One wonders if the potential fine of $2K per tree might have had any influence on the closing of Kebob Factory, though reports that it was always empty probably have more to do with it. While we never would root against the success of an independent business, we won’t be shedding any tears for a man with such disregard for the community he serves.

[outdated info] As for the Ale House,  they’ll offer straightforward American bar food, including “tot”chos (yep, tater tot nachos), sandwiches mostly made of hand-carved meats, and “house specialty” ribs… nothing too exciting. For booze, their all-American list includes 20 taps (with a disappointing half being macros – do you really need Bud Light, Coors Light AND Miller Lite on draft?). Full menu, including a decent list of hard liquors and an awful wine selection. [end outdated info]

Garrett Hill Ale House
157 Garrett Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 11:30a.m.-2a.m.
SUNDAY Brunch @ the Alehouse 10a.m.-3p.m. BEGINS APRIL 1ST!

5 thoughts on “Garrett Hill Ale House, Rosemont”

  1. Reviews of the Ale House are in need of updating. Now unfer new management, the American craft beer selection is terrific. The chef is amazing. Staff are friendly and knowledgable.

  2. To the person stated they had to keep the big three on tap. That is nonsense, the only reason would be if the made deals withe distributors you can have anything you want on tap. I wish them well but looka like another bar/restaurant that we already have to many of.

  3. Kind of interested in checking this place out, however I’m afraid it will probably have none of the charm Brothers had when it was at this location. Still sad to see that place go.

  4. You wrote: “Do you really need Bud Light, Coors Light AND Miller Lite on draft?).”
    They may not have a choice. The large regional distributors/wholesalers which bring in the micro’s from other regions will require the bars to keep the 3 big brands on tap.

  5. Absolutely nothing has been done to the old Villa Strafford, except for that butchering of the trees. I hope the guy has totally given up on our town and is pulling up stakes. His idea of a creating a restaurant on the first floor of Villa S and a nightclub on the second was totally ridiculous.

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