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Sometimes readers send in suggestions for restaurants that we haven’t reviewed yet. This page will provide a forum for these suggestions.

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  1. First off, I can only pray that I haven’t missed the point of three previous posts.

    I think this is all a bit much. It may just be this simple: The first two restaurants needed the table, the last one (avalon) did not. Just like that. Sure we can talk about restaurant popularity, the current economy and all the newspaper articles in the world…but it’s probably not necessary. I’m sure if Avalon needed the table, they would’ve asked for it. I do agree that saying Avalon isn’t popular is uncalled for….and yes I see you said “maybe”. There are plenty of great restaurants that don’t turn every table every night.

    As far as customers being called an “ignorant ass”. Yup, that’s how it works in the back of the house. We are a business that needs to turn tables when we can. If people aren’t waiting, then who cares. If people need your table….then you gotta go. You wanna spend 4.5 hours at a table….try a country club.

  2. I didn’t miss the point of your post at all! Perhaps you missed the point of mine. Lets say Barbera went to a “very fine” restaurant on a Friday and then a second “very fine” restaurant on a Saturday and was asked to leave both times due to her extended time at the table. She then goes to Avalon on a Tuesday at 7pm and is allowed to sit because they do not need the table a second time and she decides to post about all three online. Is then fair to say the restaurant is not popular because they didn’t have two turns in the middle of winter on a Tuesday night but the “very fine” ones are popular because they needed the table on the weekend. I have not even begun to mention the dynamics of the amount of seating one restaurant has verses another. Didn’t Savona just close some weeknights due to lack of business during the week? My point is, during these tough economic times when restaurants are struggling to stay open, someone has taken there time to make mention of something nice about a restaurant and you turned it around into something nasty. Trashing the reputation of a restaurant because they didn’t throw a customer out! And to answer your question, yes the staff would be calling Barbera ignorant if she over extended her stay, saw people waiting and then waited herself for management to ask them leave before moving on. Online words can be very powerful, you should really consider the repercussions before being so casual.

  3. wceats, i guess you miss the point of my post… Barbara said she had been asked to leave 2 “very fine” restaurants within the last 6 weeks. She also said that the “most wonderful” part of eating at Avalon was the fact that they were not rushed. If you are a server at a popular mainline restaurant, than you know as well as I do that Avalon did not have to turn that table…that’s why Barbara was able to sit there for 4 1/2 hours. You also know as well as I do, that if Avalon could have booked a later reservation on that table they would’ve and Barbara never would have been given 4 & 1/2 hours. It’s fairly typical at a busy restaurant to give a 4 top 2 hours. So, I guess you’re saying that 2 times in the last 6 weeks restaurant staff members were in the back calling Barbara and her party ignorant asses…? I’m not really sure where you’re going with that one… And yes I did read the article in the post… I also read the one in the wall street journal. The point is, if Barbara was asked to leave, it’s because these restaurant were busy enough to need to ask. Again… refer to my previous post

  4. JPH perhaps you didn’t read the NYT’s article last week on how empty restaurants are right now during the week and how much they are bending the rules to keep customers happy. I have been to Avalon several times both during the week and on weekends and I agree the place has been pretty quiet the few times I have gone during the week, but weekends seem very busy.I am a server at a pretty popular mainline restaurant and I also agree that 4 1/2 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to spend at a restaurant. However, I think you are wrong to trash a restaurant because they didn’t need the table at 8:30 or 9:00 and allowed a customer to enjoy there time there un-rushed. I can also promise you that no restaurant employee wants to ask someone to leave unless they absolutely have to. No matter how nice you think they are…the truth is we are in the kitchen calling you an ignorant ass who must be blind and dumb not to see all the people waiting for your table!

  5. Barbara, maybe Avalon didn’t rush you along because they’re not that popular. The two time I’ve been there, the place has been empty. I don’t know of any popular restaurant that would give you 4 and a half hours on a table. If you’re eating at a small restaurant or a very busy restaurant, they are always going to have reservations booked on the table after you unless you have a later time slot… that’s how they stay in business. If you’re someone who likes to linger on a table (and it sounds like you are… 4 1/2 hours is a long time to spend at a restaurant), then maybe you should make a reservation during the week when “fine restaurants” are less busy. Thats just my experience. I never mind being asked to vacate my table if a)the restaurant is very busy, b)Ive been given ample time to enjoy my meal, and c)the folks are nice about it.

  6. Avalon – West Chester:

    The food was very good. The bussing service could have been better. But the most wonderful part was that they didn’t rush us along. Twice during the past 6 weeks we have dined at “very fine” restaurants and were asked to vacate the table at the end of dinner because others were waiting for the table. We sat down at Avalon at 7 PM and left at 11:30 PM, and they never tried to rush us. We will definitely go back!!!

  7. the Wooden Iron has closed and according to a sign out front is opening as a Flanigan’s Boathouse on Sun Oct 5th.

    Looks like they are moving in some booths and opening up the bar area a little more.

  8. Love the site. check it once every two months or so (thats how often we get out)
    Patty Macs, Regular for breakfast. Coffee could use a kick up the ladder, but the home fries are just right.

  9. Patty Mac’s Cafe
    814 Lancaster Avenue
    Berwin, PA

    Best home style food you’ll ever have at an affordable price! Try the Belgian waffles or any of their home cooked delights. While they are more of a brunch place at the moment, I hear they plan to open for dinner in the near future!

  10. The 2009 Zagat guide is out! Some of the restaurants on MainLineDine scored well… In the food catagory, out of 30 possible points, Gilmores scored 28, Sola & Alba both scored 27, Blackfish, Nectar & Alison at Blue Bell were given a 26. Just to put it into perspective, no one scored 30 and The Fountain at the 4 seasons was the only one at 29. Lacroix & Amada scored at 28, Vetri, Le Bec-Fin and Tinto scored at 27. Some food scores of other restaurants on this site and in the area… just thought it might be fun to take a look:
    Avalon: 21
    Basil(closed): 18
    Blush: 20
    Butterfish: 25
    Cafe Fresko: 22
    Carmine’s Creole: 22
    Christopher’s: 17
    Cosimo: 22
    Fayette St. Grill: 23
    Lourdas: 21
    Margot: 20
    Meridith’s: 22
    Mimosa: 24
    Plate: 16
    Pond: 21
    Taquet: 24
    Savona: 25
    Spring Mill Cafe: 23
    Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen: 21
    Tango: 20
    Teresa’s Cafe: 22
    Teresa’s Next Door: 21
    333 Belrose: 23
    Totaro’s: 24
    Wooden Iron: 18
    Yangming: 25

  11. I ate at Verona maybe a year ago so my memory is a bit faded as to the details, but it was a fabulous meal. I have since sent some clients there for dinner and they too had a great meal. (Of course I forgot to tell these NY-based visitors that it was BYO.)

  12. Has anyone eaten at Ristorante Verona in Frazer? Any comments?

    Also…a request to review Sovano Bistro in Unionville. It’s quite wonderful!

  13. I’m a bit late but just read the post by Stephanie. I had an AWFUL experience there too last summer. I phoned weeks in advance to request an outdoor reservation. Was told fine. When we arrived, we were told there were no tables available outside and the crowd was just sitting. When I questioned the staff, I was told they don’t take reservations for outside. I’d have been fine with that, but they should have told me that when I made the reservation. We could have gone elsewhere. We got a table upstairs in the far back. Food was very average, and I got ill that night … vomiting and other GI issues! I can’t necessarily say it was the food, but it certainly seemed a likely candidate.

    Bottom line, this is a nice looking bar. That’s it.

  14. I just went to Doc McGroggens the other night..It was possibly the worst dinner i’ve ever had in West Chester, No wait..Chester County!! The menu was disappointing, the food i did end up ordering was HORRIBLE! The service was pretty good, however im pretty sure i didnt need the manager directly behind me on a slow Monday night having a wine seminar banging into my chair for an hour. The fish i ordered (the special) was so dried out, you could not even cut it with the knife they provided. The poster above was correct. The soup was AWFUL!!! DO NOT EAT THERE!!! What a shame too. The interior is absolutely gorgeous. The menu and chef stink!!!!

  15. I have been hitting Chinnar in the shopping center off Swedesford/252 with the SuperFresh and Circuit City for the past few months and am in love with their food. Really strong Indian food with great ingredients and a friendly staff. The atmosphere is still strip mall, but the food is worth it and the place is as clean a restaurant as I have seen.

    Anyone else been there?

  16. Francesca – if you’re concerned about price/Auspicious is not inexpensive, but we’ve been there twice and really do like it. It is also BYOB if you’re old enough students to drink. Food is good, portions ok.

    If you are looking for little ambience, but good food at inexpensive prices, try Cheung Sun restaurant on Lancaster Ave (in the Diner car) right above Vinny T’s. Has won “Best of Philly” awards.

  17. A fellow student and I are looking for an inexpensive, but quality Chinese restaurant on the Main Line. The new Auspicious Chinese Restaurant and Beijing Inn have both been recommended.

    Do readers have any experience/opinions of either of these restaurants? How would you describe the food, value, service, ambience, etc? Thanks.

  18. While not technically on the Main Line, if you are ever out in Downingtown and looking for a good but inexpensive place to grab a bite, I would highly recommend Augustos Pizza on Lancaster Ave (near Turkey Hill and the train station). All the food is made fresh to order, and they make their own meatballs and sausage for pizzas and subs. The Ribeye sandwich (a cheesesteak on steroids) is also really good. The pizza is good as well, although a bit different than typical Philly pizza, but it is tasty and made fresh. The dining area has artistic pizza decor, and its BYOB if you wanted to bring beer or wine. Their website is

  19. PAPADICK SAYS: You may well be right but why has no one commented on Yangming till now. This should be a two way street. If you eat in a reasturant and like it let us know so we can try it. On the other hand if don’t like it let us know why. Tell us which are the good items and what are the bad. If you order the right dishes, sometimes you can get a very good meal at a just OK restaurant. On the other hand, some otherwise good restaurants seem to get some dishes wrong. If we share this information we can all eat better.
    Next time you eat at Yangming try their wonderful Sate Lamb as an appetizer. Then have them make Orange Beef using their nice shrimp instead of the just OK beef they normally use.

  20. Ed – you are so so wrong on this one. Our nieces & nephews – all in their late teens and early twenties – love going to Yang Ming. In fact it is their favorite place to dine when they visit. And we always see young families enjoying very good food.

  21. Any more Yangming fans out there? Why have you hiden your feelings– you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a place for seniors.

  22. PAPADICK SAYS: On Yangming. Did you ever wonder why not only did the Administrator not mention Yangming but none of the readers have in the recent past. I think the readers of this blog, for the most part, are too young for this place. I’m 67 and I think I might be too young!

  23. CHRISTMAS AT YANGMING (Bryn Mawr): To honor the ancient Jewish tradition of Chinese food on Christmas Day (Christians permitted if dogs steal your Turkey) I made reservations at Yangming. Since we were taking my 97 year old mother and 85 year old aunt we needed a place that not only was open on Christmas but took reservations so they woul not have to stand in line. It also had to be on, or near, the lower Main Line.
    I would have rather eaten at Sang Kee, one of my favorites, but they wern’t taking reservations on Christmas day, and they have a very small waiting area.
    Well Yangming is a beautiful place– sort of like George’s but with Chinese food. Prices about the same, also NOT a BYOB. They, however do offer a decent selection of wines by the glass for $5.50.
    What about the food? The food is OK– not worth the 24 Zagat rating but OK. Keep in mind that you are only suppose to rate those restaurants which you have eaten at in the past year. This means those people who tried it and didn’t like it should stop rating it after a year but those who keep going back will keep rating it year in and year out. This sometimes produces a high rating within a small group of loyal customers. Back to their food.
    Their won-ton soup was good — not as good as LaSaigon in Paoli or Sang Kee in Wynnewood but good. My sister said the pork dumplings were good, my wife had an excellent shrimp and avocado salad and I had a wonderful Satay Lamb.
    The Egg Rolls and Spring Rolls were OK but nothing special.
    For out Entrees we had Woc-Tossed Mustard Coconut Shrimp and Shrimp with Honey Walnuts. Both had lots very good shrimp but the sauces were a bit lacking. We also had Spicy, Crispy Orange Beef. In this case the sauce was excellent but the beef was just OK. My aunt had Sweet and Sour Chicken which was a good version of this tired old dish.
    We didn’t stay for dessert but they had a selection of European and Chinese desserts.
    The prices are higher than most other Chinese restaurants with most entrees ranging from $14 to $29. It is however a beautiful place to eat.
    I would consider going back next Christmas.

  24. Bamboo House of Noodle Soup- Lincoln Ct. Shopping Cr. 245 Lanc. Ave. Malvern. 610-296-5141
    If you tried this location years ago when it was called Lins’s it is not the same. The menu is more like a real Vietnamese noodle shop. At least the kind you find in the US. They offer about a dozen large bowl soups–not as many as you will find in South Philadelphia but how far are you willing to drive for a bowl of soup? They do have many other items. This is not like the fine food you find at La Saigon in Paoli. That I think La Saigon more like banquet food–the best Coconut Shrimp in the world. This I think is more like Ha Long Bay in Bryn Mawr. I don’t know which is better. Bamboo is cheaper and has quick service.
    I should point out that I was only interested in their Pho (pronounced phu). The working mans lunch. A beef soup with rice noodles and meat. I loved their Bamboo Pho which had Beef Tendon, Beef Tripe, Sliced Flank Steak, Meatballs, and Sliced Rib Eye. ($7.95) For those less interested in Tendon and Tripe , Pho can be had for $6.95 with your choice of chicken, beef or meatballs.
    It is served with a plate of basil, beansprouts and hot peppers which you can put in the soup if you wish. They also serve several sauces which you can mess up the flavor of the soup with if you are not careful.
    A bowl of Pho is enough for a meal–great value at $6.95/7.95.

  25. #Dawn Says -May 11th: The confusion is caused by the fact that there are two Tataro’s in Conshohocken. The one the admistrator is talking about is Tataro’s at 729 E. Hector St. (Full Bar). The BYOB is Vincent Totaro’s Trattoria at 639 Spring Mill Ave. I tried the later last night and the food was excellent. Quite a bit less expensive than the other Tataro’s if somewhat less origional. Customers generally over 45 years of age and mostly wine, not beer drinkers. Age appropiate background music so you can carry on a conversation.

  26. I wholeheartedly agree with you Kristen…we’ve given it several shots and it’s fallen well below the mark each time!!

  27. Do not go to Doc Magrogan’s to eat. Horrible food. Lobster Bisque was a gelatinous mess – absolutely no flavor of lobster. New England Clam Chowder on special was too salty. 1lb if steamers did not look like 1lb plus was super salty. Also tried the Nachos with crab meat on them, nothing special, that’s for sure. Their bar looks fun, so go for a drink. But if they can’t prepare simple foods like soup or munchies, I would be a little afraid to try their raw offerings!!

  28. TASTE OF PORTUGAL: 718 Adams Ave. Philadelphia Pa 19124. 215-535-8700 Weg site:
    If you love fresh seafood, garlic and wonderful bread then the 40 minute ride to NE Phila. is worth the trip.
    One of the finest item I have ever tasted was described as boiled bread with seafood. The best boiled bread you ever tasted. In Portugese it is called Accorda Marisco (pronounced asorda). It comes in a large bowl for two for $29.00 – a huge portion.
    The restaurant is in a strip shopp;ing center with its own parking. When you enter the restaurant you see a large sports bar on ground level but a surprisingly nice dining room downstairs. They also serve some Briazilian food on weekends. Very friendly service from a staff that seems proud of the food.
    I think it’s worth the trip.

  29. Sorry, I left out the salient details:

    Ha Long Bay
    816 W Lancaster Ave
    Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
    [a couple of doors down from the Bryn Mawr Film Institute]
    (610) 525-8881

    …plus, they deliver!

  30. Just tried Ha Long Bay, a Vietnamese place in Bryn Mawr. Previously I had mentioned that my favorite place was Le Saigion in Paoli. Ha Long Bay is different, perhaps because the cuisine is more authentically Vietnamese than Le Saigon’s. My party was three people. We started with the Shrimp Pancake (excellent) and some spring rolls (above average). For the next course we split a big bowl of Pho, which was scrupmtious. For the main course we shared an order of char-roasted pork with mango and cashews, and salt & pepper shrimp. The shrimp dish was much spicer than I expected, but still excellent, and the pork was very tasty.

    The bill came to less than $40, before tip. The room is nice, though the art is hung a bit high. The chairs are very comfortable. Service was excellent.

    I am already planning a return visit.

  31. Home Made Corned Beef Hash For Breakfast: Finally found a place that makes their own Corned Beef Hash. Father & Son’s Family Restaurant, 400 E. King St. in Malvern. It is in what use to be an Italian restaurant, a deli, and the second King Street Grill’s second location. The building at one time housed a small farmers market so it has great parking. Very nice dinning room with a full American and Greek menu.

  32. My favorite place on the Main Line is Le Saigon, in Paoli. Excellent Vietnamese food, a nice room, great service, and good for takeout too.

    Try the snow rolls, the charbroiled pork over vermicelli, shrimp with eggplant, and the Chicken Island Pan Soup.

    Le Saigon
    82 E Lancaster Ave (Paoli Shopping Center)

  33. I have been to Jasper’s four times and it has been consistently excellent. The food, service, and atmosphere were all great. Nice presentation, creative dishes, definitely worth checking out. ANd it’s BYOB!

  34. Jim H: Grady Davis’s is part of Dave Magrogan’s DMG group with includes Kildare’s and Doc Megrogan’s in West Chester. There is an artical in the Oct. 12th. issue of the Phila. Business Journal. It is suppose to specialize in localy grown foods and its target group is baby boomers 50 and over. He expects to expand DMG to 25 restaurants over the next five years.
    Nice intersection (rts 322 and rt.10)in downtown Honeybrook but Crawdaddy’s didn’t make it there around the early 90’s. Well maybe times have changed.

  35. Ask them to tell you about having to go outside to get to the bathroom at their old location on the edge of West Chester. Then their was their previous location in Honeybrook on the edge of Pa. Dutch Country–yes they opened a Cajun restaurant in Shoo-Fly Pieville. If they stayed in one place maybe I could find them. They use to be a BYOB. I think they lost many of their customers to High Street Cafe when they moved and started serving liquor and beer. They did have good food in both their old locations. I wonder if the owner goes back to the origional restaurant in Honeybrook?

  36. I wonder why Crawdaddy’s isn’t on the review list. They are CONSISTENTLY yummy, yummy, yummy. They even have a sauce for their rib-eye steak called “the yummy sauce”. You must go and try their food. Service is very good. Their fried catfish with mustard sauce is to die for. Don’t miss out on this gem but make sure that you make a reservation on the weekend.

  37. Jim (Different Jim): The Murray’s in Berwyn has two good counter men, I don’t need surley waitresses, and as to the old Jewish clientele, my wife and I are both 68.

  38. Jim (Different Jim): What’s so special about eating at the old Murray’s or Hymie’s or Barson’s other than the food. I have eaten at Murray’s on 60th St (Phila.), 54th St (Phila.) and Bala as well as Hymie’s in Bala and found none of them really rises to the level of a good diner. The old fasioned Jewish waiter you see in the movies (played by Ned Glass) never really existed in Phila. and no longer can be found in NY. The closest thing to that type is your better counterman. It’s the food you go for and I almost always go to the counter and buy my corned beef or whatever by the pound with a rye bread and go home and eat it.
    I am not sure why you wold expect an recreation of a Bala deli on the upper main line. I suspect 90% of the population between Wayne and Exton has never been in a Murray’s, so they won’t miss it. I really liked the open felling of Murray’s bistro M and their Cabbage Soup was the best I have ever had (got it at the counter).
    So enjoy the food.

  39. Just ate at Murray’s last night. It is certainly NOT the Murray’s I grew up with. Here in lies the problem neither of these places fits the bill. Ed is right, Lew’s IS just like a Boston Market and Murray’s is TOO much like a Bistro. Can’t someone just open a a true New York/Jewish Deli instead of trying to create something “unique”. There is a niche that could be filled in this area and neither of these places do it well.

  40. I agree. The ambience is much nicer at Murray’s. It is a great space and must have cost a few $$$ to outfit.
    Lew’s is not as well organized. I need to go when it’s busy. I have only been in after 2 pm and I know restaurants get a little loose after the rush. I used to run the Peppermill(years ago)in Goshen and we had the same problem; speed of service diminished when folks had free time.
    Not sure I’m ready to BYO to Murray’s yet, although the menu looks nice and there few casual BYO choices out this way.

    There is certainly room for both.

  41. Yes Jim: but look at the difference in the rooms– Bistro M is a nice restaurant while Lew’s looks more like a Boston Market. The level of service, particularly at the deli counter is quite differentas well. I think Lew’s is going to be a great place for a quick Corned Beef, Pastrami, or Brisket sandwich and a real bargain for them: but once you get past that, I’m not so sure. For a more laid-back experience where you would BYO and enjoy a meal I would have to go with Murray’s bistro M. Hopefully there is room on the Upper Main Line for both.

  42. I just had a Rueben from Murray’s. It was very good but it cost $11 !! (before soda and tax)
    All of the corned beef and pastrami sandwiches were over $10!
    It was good but it wasn’t $11 good.
    I almost left but had to compare it to Lew’s Ruben.
    They were both very good. The nod goes to Lew’s because it cheaper and the corned beef is better.

    Certainly not a daily expense I can afford for lunch.

  43. Murray’s in Berwyn for Weekend Breakfast/Brunch: Yes the bistro M is open at 8:00 AM on Sat. and Sun. My wife and I stopped in on the way from the farmers market. This was their first day serving breakfast and we were their first customers. They handled us like the resturant pros they are. I think they have left the bad help from West Chester behind.
    Not surprisingly their Smoked Sable platter was great :what was a surprise was how good the Souffled Blue Crab Omelet with Bernaise Sauce was. Very light and fluffy egg with real fresh crabmeat. I would have prefered more Bernaise and next time would ask for a little extra “on the side”. It came with very tasy potatoes with onions and sweet red peppers–pieces not crisped. This was a much more complex item then one would expect even at a good Deli. Speaks well for their kitchen.

  44. Murray’s Berwyn Hits the Ground Running–Stopped in today around 3:30 PM to try a few items. Their corned beef and pastrami were quite good as was the chopped liver and whitefish salad. Experienced deli people running the place. The bistro M which is connected, is very attractive, and the tables are well spaced. All-in-all I was quite impressed.

  45. King Street Grille (on 30 in Frazer). This place has been around for a long time and always has great breakfast and lunch (they are closed for dinner). Service is excellent.

    They recently added a smoker to the kitchen and now, on Fridays only, they have real tasty BBQ ribs and chicken. Also (again on Friday only) they just started offering homemade Cioppino (fish stew) that is out-of-this world.

  46. Lew’s NY Deli in Paoli. Quick Look: Thums up on the Pastrami thums. down on the Whitefish Salad and two thums down on the Chopped Liver. (chopped liver had a nice texture but a sour flavor)

  47. We took a friend out for his birthday to Limoncello and had an awesome experience…from the food to the service. Only detractors were being pascked in like sardines (well beyond cozy) the noise level (but in all fairness, the eight of us added quite a bit of that ourselves). No reservations so get there early. We returned on another occasion and were told there would be an hour and twenty minute wait. Food is varied (pizza to full northern italian dishes) and you could easily make a meal out of ordering several appetizers, generous portion size and delicious.

  48. To Dawn Warden: If you can trust Philadelphia Magazine’s 2007 “Best of Philly” issue then the best kept secret has to be their BEST CHINESE–Chung Sing at 210 East Lancaster Ave in Ardmore. Thats that odd little diner that no one I know goes to and never seems to be reviewed. Diner buffs know it as a 1952 Fodero-remodeled–Originally Dean’s Diner. (Ref: “Diners of Pennsylvania”)
    Dawn, please try it and report back.

    ED Kessler(no relation to Eddie Kessler listed above)

  49. I would like to give a shout out about High Street Caffe..The food is always Great and very consistant. It has to be 1 of the Best Cajun Creole restaurants around. From the Tuna to the Ostrich or the Wild Boar Chef Wenner does a great Job with all that is on the menu and Specials (TOOOO MANY TO LIST). The wait staff is great also. Keep up the Great work High Street. Have been a customer since 1999 when you won Best of Philly, Main line Mag, and all the other awards you have won.
    God Bless

  50. The Main Line restaurant scene is a little sleepy right now; anyone care to give a “shout out” to a favorite or newly discovered spot? Anywhere from West Chester to Bala to Manayunk and Chestnut Hill will do…

  51. I have not seen a review on Ristorante Vernona, a small BYOB on 30 in Frazer/Malvern. I have eaten there three times and the first two times, the food and the service were exemplary. After telling everyone how wonderful it is, I recently took some family there and the experience was pretty much ruined for me. While the food was as good as ever, our waiter was surly and just downright rude. It’s amazing how one ignorant person can jade your attitude about an otherwise very nice place, but part of what I am paying for is service and when it’s bad, I remember, and I spread the word. Glad others are doing the same (both good and bad) on this website.

  52. Elaine, I have to disagree with your comments about blackfish. I’ve eaten there twice now, and honestly was not impressed. It was ok… worth a second visit to give it another chance, but both times failed to overwhelm. I had spotty service, and just average food (which is fine, but when the entrees are in the mid $30.00 range my expectations rise). By the way, It’s actually illegle in a restaurant to sell fish or game that you catch yourself. I don’t put too much weight behind the assertion that you know food because you are “good customers at Le Bec”. The last meal I had there was very poor (pork ordered med. rare came out well done and dry, food served on chipped plates, and servers that were better suited to a used car lot). So, if that’s the benchmark you’re using, I can see why you thought blackfish was great. Don’t get me wrong, it was ok, but certainly nothing to write home to mom about.

  53. My husband and I ate at Blackfish for our 20th anniversary. It was incredible. Even though it is a busy little restaurant, we felt like we were in our own world. Our waitress Kathy was fabulous, she was passionate and knowledgeable about the menu and made great recommendations. I had the agnolotti pasta and my husband Richard had the Tuna Ceviche (which the chef/owner caught himself). They were both amazing. I read the review from this sight and it very wrong about there execution and delivery. My husband and I have been good customers of Le Bec Fin for 15 years now (we know food) and this restaurant is top notch. I think you should find a new critic!!! I would highly recommend it to George himself.

  54. Some girl friends and I ate at blackfish the other night. We were blown away, by what they are doing in that restaurant. The food and service are excellent especially coming from a such a young team. I would recommend this byob to anyone and def. bring a few bottles this place is great. Food is top notch…try the agnolotti(sorry cant spell). Best chicken I have ever had. You must go, but call ahead they book up fast!

  55. Does anyone know anything about the soon to open “Lew’s NY Deli” in Paoli just accross Lancaster Ave. from Basil. It’s a lare new building nearing completiion. ?????

  56. I just retried Minella’s Diner after an absence of over a year and nothing seems to have changed. From the employees chatting among themselves and ignoring new customers at the door to the highly unreliable waitstaff (Halfway into our entrees; “Here’s your check – I’m going off duty but XXX will take care of you.” I wasn’t surprised when XXX never came by our table even once.) The food ranges from poor (the styrofoam-like burgers) to merely acceptable. The one bright spot on the menu is the homemade chicken soup. Why is the dining scene on the main line so lacking for a place to pick up a tasty, inexpensive meal without wild kids or shrieking drunks?

  57. Just went to High Street Cafe again and I have to say the Food was GREAT, Great, Great, The cajun Creole meca of West Chester and I think on the whole East Coast..Thanks again High Street Cafe You Are Truly The Best Cajun Place EVER!!

    PS..Executive Chef Jay Wenner your the Best, Thanks again for the very special Meal (5 coarses) you prepared for my Husband and I on our special Night..Everything was soooooo Good!!

  58. We just moved to Conshy. We’ve tried all the “hotspots” (Blackfish, Fayette St. Grille, Spamps), but so far our favortite spot has been a little BYO on Spring Mill called Trattoria Totaro. Great food, cozy, outdoor seating. Even received a visit from the owner Vince who was very personable. Weekday evenings are best time to go. We went on a tuesday night and almost had the whole dining room to ourselves.

  59. # Dawn Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 7:09am

    I think this place might be new but I am not sure. Trattoria Totaro in Conshy. WOW, so good!!! All I can say is go hungry because the food is unbelieveable and the protions are huge!! Oh, and it’s a BYO so bring the wine.

    # Dawn Warden Says:
    May 11th, 2007 at 10:09 am

    Different DAWN, but wondering if anyone has the address to this place. there is a TOTARO’s in Conshy, but it has been there forever and is not BYO. I am always looking for new places to check out/review, so if anyone can clue me in (on this or any other place that you think should be on my radar, I’d be grateful.)

  60. We (3 of us)ate at Blackfish last Tuesday evening. A full house. The interior a great improvement over the dark can’t-see-anything Maya Bella. Our waitress was quite sour – no enthusiasm whatsoever. No complaints about the food – it was delicious. When our waitress brought our cappucinos to the table she also dropped off the check. We made a note of this. A few minutes later, the delightful hostess came over to our table and sat down. She explained to us some very important people had just walked in the door to eat (Eagles owner Don somebody) and our table was the closest to leaving. Would we mind giving up our table so the important people could eat? We really were wrapping it up, but I didn’t think very much of their actions. The hostess did give us 3 free entrees for our next visit there. I’m not sure we’ll keep them or give them away. I would rather go to Alba in Malvern and have Ashley as my waitress and speak to the friendly chef in the open kitchen!!!

  61. Tango…one of our very favorite places! If you enjoy looking at trains, make sure that you ask to be seated in a booth by the window. Enjoy the “Flat Iron Steak Salad” It’s much tastier than it sounds, and it’s fun to watch the Paoli local whiz by!.. The desserts are great, the bartenders cannot be fooled, ask for any drink and you will get it, and properly made, as well.
    The waitstaff is very competent. Prices are just a little steeper than we like but we return frequently, so I suppose that it’s worth it. enjoy!

  62. RE: JIM SAYS –March 10th 2007. Jim your right on about High Street Cafe. It’s also a wonderful place for lunch with a large selection at lower prices.

  63. I was in the Big Easy in Paoli just 2 weeks ago. I was shocked by the way the owner treated the customers across from us. Using bad language and screaming at them in front of the everyone around them. We couldn’t even enjoy our dinner because I was amazed at the way he treated paying customers. He did not seemed to be ashamed about it. We saw the waitress apologizing for his actions. And we were told that a lot of customers has complaint about the way the owner has treated some customers. The food was great besides that.

  64. Just ate at the Big Easy in Paoli. Huge menu, great selections, fun atmosphere! VERY Crowded …Go early! Nola Fries are to die for!

  65. I am curious as to other diners’ experiences at Hibachi in Berwyn (off Swedesford). My husband and I started eating there a year ago and fell in love with it. The service was excellent, the drinks were strong and the food was great (both the cooked items and the sushi). However, our last 2 recent visits have been awful. The place has seemed to pick up in business and has suffered. We have had long waits, terrible service and screwed up drink orders. The hostess was missing for a long while on our last visit and chastised me for daring to set foot in the dining room without her presence. Worst, on both of such visits our sushi that we ordered as appetizers arrived LONG AFTER the cooked food we ordered. The manager did not seem to care about our complaints nor the fact that the wait staff and the sushi cooks were visibly slammed. It is a real shame because we were such enthusiasts about this restaurant. We might only return on a weekday at lunch, and then only to the sushi bar where hopefully the service will be better.

  66. OK When the H-ll is somebody going to review the High Street Caffe in West Chester, This place put West Chester on the map for crying out load…They were the first Cajun-Creole Restaurant to be named best of philly in 13 years I believe..Back in 1999..They always seem to win best of in Main line Mag etc..Comon People wake and and eat some real cajun food..Its not at all spicy hot but very Flavorful..Keep up the great work High Street..
    Your #1 Fan
    Jim B

  67. Wow, glad someone else noted the poor service at Stella Blu. While the food was very good, the service was very poor, we thought it was just us at first, then we noticed many people were getting ignored, even though the waitress, hostess and bartender were mostly chitchatting at the bar.

  68. Whether you call it the Taquet or Restaurant Taquet or the Wayne Hotel, by all means get to Taquet. Yes, it has a great old fashioned porch overlooking Lancaster Ave, but it also has great food…and the the Creme Brulee could easily be the best in Philadelphia.

  69. Just tried Blackfish and it was delicious. Food is second to none and the staff is delightful! Would highly reccomend this BYOB to all Foodies out there :)

  70. The Big Easy Saloon on Paoli Pike in Malvern was AWESOME…The crowd was a little older than expected, but the menu, service, and food was fantastic. I just wish it was non smoking. This place has made my top 5 list.

  71. Just ate at Trattoria San Nicola last night…their Berwyn location. This reminded me of restaurants that I’ve been to in Northern Italy: simple, flavorful food done with attention to detail and preparation. My only complaint is that service was a little bit rushed; it was an off night (Dec. 26) and the place was not crowded. No real need for the “bum’s rush” and that took some of the enjoyment from the meal. Other than that, excellent food and nice atmosphere. We will be back!

  72. Don’t bother with Stella Blu in Conshohocken. Food is OK, but the staff is downright surly! Nasty rude hostess.
    Had a pretty miserable experience with them and I’m not even that fussy!

  73. The NEW TAVERN (formely The Tavern) gets no respect; at least not from people under 75 years of age. The Zarvalas brothers have a very nice looking table cloth resturant that turns out good comfort food at a very fair price. The quality of their ingredients if excellent and the staff is well trained and friendly. What more could you want? Two people can each have a good three course dinner with a glass of wine, tip and tax for $75. Beat that at a resturant with cloth napkins and two forks on the table. I kind of like it for lunch. I think they might have the best burger on the Main Line. You can have a burger with good french fries and a coke for a little less than at Ruby’s and you don’t trip over strollers-walkers maybe. Their turkey at lunch (both hot and cold) are wonderful. On Saturday they usually make one of the few good manhattan clam chowders around. (Thomases take out in Wayne is also good). At dinner I recomend their veal. Excellent quality and well done. They do have a tendency to overcook their pasta so ask for al dente. The resturant can be a bit noisy when it is crowded, which is much of the time, try it even though they don’t seem to need any more business.

  74. The Cedar Hollow Inn Restaurant & Bar in Malvern is a little known restaurant off the beaten path. I have invested most of my life (8 years, and I’m only 22) into working at the restaurant and am always looking for new ways to get the word out about us. I recently found this site and loved the resources and reviews. I would love to get my restaurant reviewed and and hear everyone’s thoughts about it. Thanks!

  75. The Classic Diner in Frazer–that is the non-diner on the left heading west on Lancaster Ave (rt. 30) — not to be missed for breakfast. Real Eggs Benedict with real hollandaise sauce and wonderful Canadian bacon. If you prefer you can have it with excellent lump crabmeat or a fine lobster tail. It comes with a huge portion of excellent fried potatos. Their omeletts are wonderful and you can get a side order of Hollandaise sauce which will give you enough for two people to dip their eggs or toast.

  76. Well Terry, you figured out the reason why the Wooden Iron isn’t reviewed. Although — to be fair — we’ve never actually been there, we’ve also never heard one good thing about it. And since all dining trips are financed by us, we really didn’t want to waste $100 being disappointed!

  77. I was surprised to not see the Wooden Iron in Wayne on your review list. I have eaten there three times and for the life of me cannot understand its popularity. The ambience is very nice–quiet, low lighting, certainly the place if you’re a golf lover (the decor, and the name, come from the golf theme), but the food is overpriced (even for Wayne!) and nothing special. Disappointing.

  78. Devi Indian Restaurant
    Whiteland Towne Center Mall
    151 W Lincoln Hwy
    (610) 594-9250

    Excellent vegetarian Indian cuisine, with an emphasis on southern Indian food. We have only been there on weekend evenings and have sampled their buffet. The food is very well prepared and flavorful, even if itis buffet style. Most dishes have a nice chile zing to them, but not intolerably hot. I enjoyed several lentil dishes, some excellent rice and vegetable combinations, and what for all the world seemed to be the Indian version of home fries: potatoes, pepper, and onions with a nice peppery taste. You can still order dosas from the ala carte menu; they are light, flavorful, and are prepared to order.

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