Spezia, Bryn Mawr

614 W. Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA

** Spezia has closed and been replaced by Sola **

Rating: 2 silver spoons (out of 5)

Overall: One of the more overpriced, overrated restaurants on the main line. Spezia continually gets rave reviews from local restaurant writers, but quite frankly the food, while being creative in concept, is too often inconsistent and unsatisfying, especially for the price.

Food: Creative cuisine such as “Roasted Halibut with Broccoli Rabe and Ratatouille Sauce” or “Grilled Beef Hanger Steak with Local Collard Greens, Crispy Onion Rings, and Cabernet Reduction”. Sounds good, right? I thought so too, but I have eaten at Spezia 3 times and have never had a plate I felt was cohesive enough to really satisfy.

Service: Servers are helpful and knowledgable.

Atmosphere: A bit stuffy — despite the young owners and hip cuisine, this place has the feel of an old main line hangout, with old main line money.

Value: Spezia’s prices are comparable to the top Center City fine dining restaurants, yet the food just doesn’t match up. Sure, the fact that it is BYOB is nice, but even with the wine discount, you’ll be lucky to pay less than $50 per person.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 3
Reservations: Yes
Pay: Cards

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