Johnny Cabo’s, Devon

Sugartown Road @ Morris Rd.
Devon, PA

Rating: 2 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Tex-Mex themed restaurant/bar. A fun place to go with a group of friends, not necessairly for top-notch food, but to share a pitcher of margaritas, nachos and soak up the relaxing party atmosphere.

Food: Traditional Mexican — enchaladas, burritos, tacos, plus traditional Texas — beef brisket and pulled pork, plus some other tex-mex influenced fare. The Guadalahara Platter ($13.95) – a combination Mexican dish – came with different options than were described on the menu, but was decent for the price. The enchaladas were cold, but the quesadillas and tacos were solid if not overwhelming. Another dish, a Mex-spiced filet mignon ($19.95) was ok, but not worth the price.

Bar: Margaritas are the specialty, but they have a fully stocked bar with several Texas and Mexican beers. The Margarita pitchers ($22+, depending on tequila) were tasty but WAY to weak, as you could barely taste the alcohol. Perhaps a single order margarita packs more of a punch…

Ambiance: Typical of a Tex-Mex place. This building, which has housed several ill-fated restaurants over the years, is pretty cool, with two floors and a lot of open space.

Service: Although we called ahead and were told a table would be available in one hour, when we arrived an hour later they told us it would be another hour. (it was about 35 minutes). In addition, the food took forever to arrive at our table. Throughout this ordeal, however, everyone was extremely helpful and although things were not going well, it was obvious that all the employees were doing their best to provide quality service. That has to count for something.

Value: Average value — not cheap, but not overly expensive.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 1
Reservations: No, but you can call ahead to put your name on the list
Payments: Cards
Bar: Full

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