Trattoria Guiseppe, Edgemont

4799 WC Pike, Edgemont

Italian BYOB on West Chester Pike in Edgemont. A recent review by “The Dining Duo” (in the Trend) suggests that it is a Fellini Cafe-type joint, with simple, inexpensive Italian fare. I didn’t get the feeling that the Duo was overly impressed, but then again it seems like a popular spot already.

If “The Carnivore” wants to jump in here, feel free… ;o)

87 thoughts on “Trattoria Guiseppe, Edgemont”

  1. Have gone to the restaurant many times over the last few years for various reasons whether it be a casual dinner an anniversary or retirement party.It’s usually the same: good food,reasonable prices and good is a little loud but then again our family is loud anyway,right down our alley

  2. We have been going to Trattoria Guiseppe for years and we have notice a change in the specials. My husband and I love to eat fresh fish. He ordered the fish special that was not so fresh and it smelled rancid. My mother ordered pasta with shrimp and the shrimp was tough and the pasta was tasteless. I ordered the Gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese and the dish was overcooked and very bitter. We were not impressed at all with our dinner! We will not return to this restaurant because we did not like the food at all! Not planning on recommending to friends nor family.

  3. wow..looks like “El Stupido” is doing a great business in running down his own restaurant (thank god he has a partner which has a brain..and he wants him out !!)

    Congratulations “El Stupido” you just follow the same steps like your former collegues ..

  4. Terrible Experience. The owner stalked the table during dinner to hurry us to sit more people. get em in, get em out, Rawhide! Worst then a chain restaurant……

  5. There are 4 or 5 other italian restaurants in the area that deserve you business more than Giuseppe’s. Olive Garden is better. Do yourself a favor and help put these clowns out of business. They are giving Italians and Italian cuisine a bad name.

  6. The food was exemplary, the waiters, especially Misha, should be fired or deserves less than 2%. Be sure you are on time with your party reservation or you will be treated like s**t by the likes of overworked, overstressed waiters like Misha. By the end of the night I was hoping he did not pee in my cappucino and laugh with the help in the back. Service was not worth the $650 tab we paid. Fellini’s is down the street and the waiters are much more appreciative.

  7. Have been to Trattoria Guiseppe several times. We had a Memorial Mass for a dear friend who left us at age 52. We made reservations a month before and confirmed 1 week before, 20 people, 5:30 Mass, said we would be there 6:30 -6:45. We arrived at 6:40, and they gave our table away. The owner was rude and jams people in. All he cares about is the $$$$$$. There are plenty of Italian restaurants better than this and treat you the way you should be treated. We went up the street to LaConda,they were very busy, but set up one of the back rooms and gave us excellent service. We all remembered we we got together that night, to remember our friend. Thanks

    1. One again Giuseppe “El Stupido” proofs that he doesn’t know the business (he only has a good staff..).
      “Kudos” to Franco from La Locanda, thoes people are professionals and know what they are doing !!

  8. Our family had a wonderful dinner last night (my birthday)- first time there. We made reservations (five adults and one child) for 5:30 pm, arrived at 5:10pm and was seated immediately.

    Yes, it was crowded on this Sunday, but the overall experience was great. We brought a bottle of wine for our family too.

    We had the best calamari and musseals ever. Everyone throughly enjoyed their meal and the cost with the tip 20% was $144.

    Funny but we had the “older blonde waitress” that was mentioned in one of the reviews and she was very accomodating.

    My wife and I are planning to go back asap.

    Give it a try you will love it as we did. Make it a night that you can sit, talk, and enjoy the evening. Don’t go an hour before the movie starts; it takes time to make a fresh dinner but it is well the wait.

    Good Luck

  9. What a disaster. Took 8 people there for my italian mom’s 90th birthday. Our reservations were for 6:30pm and they were made a week in advance explaining that some of the people were older. Sat outside in the cold with my 90 year old mom and guests for 45 minutes while others with later reservations were seated. We were not seated until 7:45pm.It was so noisy we couldn’t hear each other in conversation. I felt embarassed I had chosen the place. Food was just good and definitely not worth the wait. Owner plays favorites with seating. Do not go here.

    1. When will Giuseppe finally understand the restaurant business ?? I know he didn’t go to school, but he still has a working brain .. Thanks for the warning,couldn’t agree more with you..

      DON’T GO THERE !!

  10. We’ve been there three times and have been seated each time within approximately 10 minutes of our reservation. We find the food a bit above average, although not spectacular, but then again, we didn’t pay a spectacular price for it. I wonder about the reviews in which people say the place is crowded because the food is cheap! I think the prices are about average for an Italian restaurant. Not high, not low, and definately in the ball park for Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties. Now, if you go into Center City the prices would be a lot higher, but that’s a whole different scene.
    Looking forward to returning!

  11. Noisy, crowded and huge portions of mediocre food. And saw that the male wait staff is pleasant to tables with men at the table but rude to groups of women (noted at lunch). Huge “blue-haired” crowd. Maybe that explains the older crowd: you get enough to eat for 2 days.

    Same deal at dinner. My DH was seated so close to a turn, he was repeated bumped into be the staff.

    Fine if you don’t care about quality or don’t know the difference.

    I don’t mind noisy and crowded so much if the food is great, and the staff helpful. But I won’t tolerate the rudeness and barely average food. Felini’s in Berwyn is often noisy and crowded, but Frankie and his staff are always charming, and the food is carefully prepared. Verona in Malvern is nice too, Or San Nicola in Paoli. Skip Guiseppes if you want a decent Italian American meal.

  12. One of the Best Places to eat. Yes it is crowded. Guess why. The food is great and the prices low. I am amazed at the people who say Oh they are rude. Yes they are busy. Have you ever worked in a busy restaurant? It is crazy at times. The lines are out the door for a reason. THE FOOD IS GREAT AND THE PRRICES ARE GREAT!!
    So those of you who want a quiet restaurant with OK high price food and driniks, where the owner gloats over you because you are one of very few quest Please Go Somewhere else.This place is not for you.

    1. nice…Giuseppe needs some positive comments ..since everybody slams him with the real tru negative comments …
      Good strategy !!

      1. How could you say anything nice? If there was anything positive to say, we’d say it. The place is crowded and noisy, not because the food is good, but because the portions are huge and it’s cheap. Mediocre food at best. It’s usually a bad sign when most of the clientele in a restaurant is over 60.

        It’s too noisy, the staff is at best curt, the owner is rude, especially to groups of women if there are no men at the table.

        If anyone thinks this is very good Italian American food, they probably like Chef Boyardee from a can, too. There are far better Italian restaurants like San Nicola in Paoli, Frankie’s Felini Cafe in Berwyn, or Verona in Malvern.

        Or stay home boil a pound of pasta and open a jar of Ragu and a bottle of wine. The quality will be better, less rushed and you can actually hear your dinner companions.

      2. Judy , u are right…my comment was ment to be sarcastic !!
        Giuseppe probably paid some people money to get some positive reviews …Thats what I ment to say !!

        I 100% agree with you , the place sucks and so does Giuseppe (he only cares about the $$)…


      3. This place only deserves negative comments. I also went here with 6 people to celebrate my daughters engagement. What an embarrasment!!!!! They lost our entree and gave them to another table. We waited 45minutes between appetizers ande dinner. Ran out of cappellini and served us another pasta without asking us first. When i spoke to the manager, all her said was oh well! We are very busy. These people do not care. They just take your money and go on to the next victims. Wish i could find out who owns this place, so i can email him personally. They definitely play favorites with the seating. I am just an irish girl who will never get a decent table in this place. NEVER GO THERE.

  13. What can I say…an Edgemont Township code enformenet inspector needs to visit this restaurant.
    We arrived…a party of 7 with a reservation and waited for 50 minutes. Had I been the driver, I would have left and headed to LaLaconda up the street! There were approximately 70 people smashed together in the lobby, a woman who dropped a bottle of wine and a bathroom capacity for 2. Ridiculous!
    The manager/owner was like Houdini…everytime someone tried to ask him a question…he disappeared!
    The seating…we sat in a tent…with lots of noise, a great draft and had to put our napkin over the light to avoid the glare.
    The food good….but not worth the aggravation!

  14. Newtown Square has few restaurants. That being said, we have few choices and I think we all go here. I think it’s owned by the owner of Fellini in NS, where I stopped going years ago b.c my husband and I were sick of being elbow to elbow with other diners, and the owner was rude. When Trattoria first opened it was great, roomier. Then the diners started lining up. They started cramming tables in and that was the beginning of the end. Now it’s a good place to go during the week, maybe, or for lunch, but stay away on weekends. It’s a mob scene, it’s loud, and they will make you feel very rushed. My husband refuses to go back.

  15. This restaurant required reservations but was a surprise as it was both indoor/outdoor seating, BYOB and casual attire. However, the food (which arrived hot & plentiful) was well worth the more than 30 minute wait for it. I have read more than four posts by disgruntled diners on this site, but my companions and I were extremely pleased with all that we were served. I would return for the warm bread and butter, and tomato-topped garlic toasts alone! My dinner consisted of three filet mignons wrapped around a filling of spinach, porcini mushrooms and crabmeat; mashed garlic redskins and green beans. However, to merely say ‘green beans’ is doing the restaurant a disservice. They were accompanied by caramelized onions and sliced almonds so good you could slap your mama. Dessert (and ohhh, the many choices!) were three profiteroles filled with cream and covered with chocolate chantilly cream. I have nothing bad to say about Trattoria Guiseppe except that they refused to cart me out of there in a wheelbarrow as I requested.

  16. My wife and I went there before a 6:50 movie. We were seated in the small ‘back room’ behind the waiters’ stations. The room was crowded, noisy, and full. There were so many tables that our waiter had to hand us our plates from a distance and we had to place them ourselves. The bussboy brought us an additional basket of bread when we still had our original basket half empty on the table. We found this bizarre, thinking perhaps some other table had asked for additional bread. The bruschetta was fabulous. The spaghetti carbonara was the best I’ve ever had. Silky, salty (but not overly so) with lovely cream and cheese and bacon. Pasta still had exactly the right amount of ‘tooth’. My wife’s Raviolli bourdonaise must have had 1/2 a pound of meat in the sauce. They pounce on you with a generous bowl of grated parmesian cheese as soon as they have set the plates down. I would prefer the opportunity to taste the food first and perhaps experiment with adding the parm to see what it did to the overall character of the dish. But alas, that didn’t seem to be an option. A good place for gormands like us who can at least recognize superb food when it lands in front of us. Based on the other posts, have a backup place in mind like the superb ‘Spice’ around the corner in case you meet with one of their disasters.

  17. Never have been nor ever will go to this place but when I need a good laugh, I read the comments. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do or say or the places they’ll patronize. What has to happen to close this place down??

    1. Nancy, I agree with you! This is just above avarage italian food, imo, I have been here maybe 5-6 times and experiencing both ends of the spectrum that other diners have stated feel there is equal or better out there. Just get in your car and venture beyond WCP folks. I know this is a mainline board, but treat yourselves to a trip to Philly or Chester Co. or parts of Delco besides the mainline and enjoy.

  18. The first time my husband and I went there it was for lunch late last year. The hostess, an older fussy blonde lady was so rude to us we got up and left without ordering. My in-laws insisted on taking me there for my birthday. We had a large party and a reservation but had to wait a while. But the food was EXCELLENT. Last night my husband and I went there. We had a 7:30 reservation and again had to wait a while which really irritated me. Why have reservations if you’re not going to honor it? But the waitress was a sweetheart and the service was great considering how packed it was. The atmosphere is annoying. I don’t mind a loud restaurant but I HATE having other diners practically on top of me. I don’t like that at all. Guiseppe has too many people packed in there. Can’t be legal I’m sure. The food was again, out of this world. I had my salad, my entree and the chocolate truffle and a coffee for dessert and no one rushed us. Guiseppe is a very disagreeable man though from what I can see. I would probably go there again but if the owner ever got in my face you can bet the police would be called because I would punch him! I do NOT stand for being treated like that. He better watch out…one day he is going to cross the wrong person and have a tussle on his hands! HA!

  19. Giving this one ONE last shot because my friends want to try it. Swore I’d never step foot in the place again after the last few bad experiences. We had a five thirty seating on a Saturday night and we could barely swallow our food before having them rush us out. They were annoyed when we asked for coffee and dessert; not as profitable as getting another party at our table.
    Let’s see how they do on a week night. I may be stupid for giving the place another shot but it was such a fine place to eat before the owner started thinking he was “too big to fail.” Keeping my fingers crossed!

  20. I wish I read these reviews BEFORE booking a party of 19 at Trattoria Giupoopie. The food was AVERAGE, the service was TERRIBLE.
    I had the same problem as many others, the reservation was NOT HONORED. WHERE ELSE ARE WE GOING TO ENTERTAIN 19 people, many of whom are elderly, and not spry enough to jump up to another location?!?!?!
    They had the ARROGANCE to ignore the reservation, and just ASSUMED we were fine to to sit on the patio (in February, the middle of winter, are you kidding me?)
    Shame on us for staying even though they did not honour our reservation, and sitting through the uncomfortable environment instead of taking the guests somewhere they could sit and enjoy. What other places can fit 19 in that area? We even gave a good tip to the servers, it did not teach them a lesson either.
    However, kudos to the Trattoria Giuseppe folks for not having rats, mice or roaches in their food, they really know how to exterminate the vermin in their restaurant!

    1. James,
      Had the same experience. LaLaconda right up the street sat 20 of us down to a wonderful meal and service. Felini’s in Media is wonderful also.

  21. I like how everyone on here that bad mouths the place talks about how jammed packed it is every night and how you can never get a seated and the lobby is overflowing into the parking lot and such…..If thats the case then they must be in the minority huh…Great place…..excellent food….very inexpensive….I actually wish they would raise their prices about 50% to lessen the crowds…..You still get out of here for about 1/2 of what you do a non BYOB restaurant…..For our group of 6 it costs us about $200 plus $75 for the wine/port/vodka we bring…..If we ate a non BYOB instead of $275 it would be well over $500….for that kind of savings I can wait a little and be bumped by the waiter a little…..and put up with a little noise……The people who are bad mouthing this place must drink iced tea…..or own one of the competing restaurants……Its a great place

    1. No it’s not about badmouthing the place, but dining has moved online and people will lookup a restaurant before going there and make a decision based on that ..

      Of course there will be some misinformation on purpose on the web (jealousy,competition etc..), but if you scroll through the database and more and more negative comments are popping up, then it’s a sign that something is wrong with that establishment..

      I hope Giuseppe will pay attention to the online reviews, because in today’s digital age it is extremly important to make sure to keep an eye on that..

      And bytheway, yes the waiting time is way too long because he is overbooking the place (greed).

      1. Yesterday we had a 6 pm reservation …. 4 ladies, all between 74 and 83 …. longgg lines inside and outside … very hot, noisy, crowded …. no one gave a hoot about a reservation or honoring it …. after 45 minutes waiting and seething, we, like many others exited in a huff.One man had a reservation for one month, for 7 persons .. forget it .. they could not have cared less. Well, what goes up must come down, and the imperious owner needs to come down off his haughty horse. There are scads of wonderful eateries in this area, why would anyone go there and be treated worse that an animal? None of will EVER cross that threshhold again, and I would tell anyone not to go there. This owner is a miserable man with poor scruples …. IF THERE’S NO ROOM, TELL THE CALLER THAT, DON’T LIE AND MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER. Go anywhere else, not to Trattoria Guiseppes.

  22. I had the unfortunate experience of dining at this poor excuse of a restaurant this evening with two friends.I have been to many restaurants all over the country this was far the worst. From the start, they had a child seat us. Some may find that to be cute, but I found it to be really inappropriate for a busy place on a Friday nite. The poor kid dragged us around the whole restaurant because he wasnt sure where to seat us. We finally sat down at a table smack in the middle of a very crowded room, I’m sure it violated some fire code. The bleached blonde waitress of about 40 came over, she seemed pleasant at first but that didnt last long. We waited an extremely long time to receive our dinner, the food is mediocre(another thing that pissed me off was that I ordered a club soda with lime, and she told me they dont have limes, seriously?) I asked the waitress before the check came if she wouldnt mind giving us separate checks, there were only 3 of us. Thats when she turned on me. She said separate checks were fine, but then came back a few minutes later and said that was not possible, they proceeded to be rude through the rest of our meal, my friends ordered dessert, she was very short and nasty with us at that point. The rest of the meal was very unconfortable. She even grabbed the book that held her tip whhile we were still sitting there. Never acceptable. I was going to complain to the owner before I left about the bad service, but as I was standing in the lobby, he did not even acknowledge me. I will never return. Oh yea and it was freezing in there. DONT GO! Its not expensive but dont bother its awful!!!!!!

  23. owner is a very controlling, pompous jerk. be careful how you lay your menus down – if they are face down you will be corrected – they should be face up. by rudely relaying this message to us and personally walking around my table to turn his menus face up (so his name is always up – never down) he lost us as customers. I had turned quite a few people on to his restauant and now I’m telling my story of having to deal with this maniac – he’s not a pleasant man and it’s all about him – not his customers. If you do eat there, tip the waiters well – they are under a lot of stress from working under this guy’s rule.

  24. I’ve been to this restaurant a total of 3x’s and this was worse experience I had at a restaurant. The waiter Roberto was not attentive. My guest and I waited for 15min before a waiter approached us…They werent that busy I promise. Roberto comes and introduces himself then disappears to his other tables for literally another 15mins. Ok fine you were giving us time to order and we were talking… not too upset. But the icing of the cake was once we were finished he takes our plates to bag our food brings it back and states “I’ll be right back” that “right back was 12min later. Asked for the check too another 10min….WHHHYYYY? I always tip ALWAYS, but not this time. Do you know while walking to the car who’s following us????? Freaking Roberto! “Were you not happy with your service” At this point I was a little scared because he followed us but I answered “No, not at all” I proceeded to explain why then he left! I am never going back there. Only good thing was the live Opera.

    1. That is too funny! I had Roberto too a month or so back. He was weird. He was nice and then rude, nice and then rude. The second time I went there I had a young woman and she was fantastic. It was a Friday night but she was very quick and attentive and I didn’t feel rushed out or anything. She got a good tip from us. The owner, btw, is a grumpy, disagreeable man. I agree with everyone who has mentioned that. I would probably go back though because in MY opinion the food is just that good.

  25. Can someone explain to me how I have to wait an HOUR even though I made a reservation? It’s completely unacceptable and ridiculous!!! I will never again come here or recommend this place. Seriously, why take reservations if you can’t honor them???

  26. Have been there a dozen times for lunch and never had a bad experience. Decided to take my husband there for our anniversary. Made a 7:30 reservation and got there promptly at 7:30. The place was packed. When we finally made it to the hostess and checked in we then waited another 30 minutes. What they did was seat a reservation then seat a walk-in. I am sorry if you are that successful to be that busy, seat the people that took the time to make a reservation then seat the walk-ins. Granted the walks in may never be seated but that’s life. When we were seated it was in a tent on the patio on patio furniture. We paid the same for out dinner that the people in the actual restaurant did but, were seated in crappy seats. It was cold outside and there was a heated blower providing heat. The food ended up being just okay. It took forever to get our dinner. I was embarrassed to have talked this place up so much! I will never go back and have told many of my friend who used to frequent this establishment.

  27. My parents made a reservation at this place for Christmas eve for the family (10 people) for 6 pm. Based on all the prior reviews we should e never have gone. The food didn’t arrive until 7:45. When we asked for the manager/owner this guy said that it was a busy night and “What did we expect?” He went on to say “you only ordered one appetizer at the table.” If we ordered more the food would have come out faster?? I hate when someone in business trys to tell you his problems and then it becomes your problem. Didn’t the owner know that this would be a busy night and need extra staff??? When the arguement took place two of the tables behind us began to applause my outburst of lousy service. When the owner heard this he said that he didn’t have to serve us. The owner is a rude moron and I will never go back. How long does it take to cook pasta?? Food eventually came and it was average. Crab on my daughters pasta was cold. One of the worst experiences I have ever had in a restuarant and we ended up only staying because the kids were hungry and the male waiter we had was pretty good and kept on apologizing. It wasn’t his fault. Don’t go to this place you will regret it.

  28. I have been a customer since Giuseppe owned Fellini’s in Newtown Square-now under new ownership. Food is great but the waiters are sooo rude. One kept bumping into my chair whenever he passed and never said sorry. The waiter–a tall thin man with a very strong Italian accept, rattled off the entrees so fast I could not hear the description. We were seated at a round table not far from door and I was cold. When I asked him to move us, he had an attitude, even though there were many tables open in tent area. He never offered to move us. When I asked him for more grated cheese, he said he had already give it to everyone at our table and”do you actually want more”. This was my Birthday celebration and I was very annoyed with him. For me, he ruined the night. I almost told Alexandro, who is a very nice manager, but decided not to make a big deal of it in front of the other 5 people. I did not want to ruin their experience even though our waiter ruined mine. Written on Sunday Dec. 20th.

  29. We had a WONDERFUL dinner at Trattoria Guiseppe for my daughter’s Confirmation. We had a reservation for 22 people and our table was ready for us. The food was spectacular and in abundance. Every guest took some food home with them. The waiters were very patience with our party even though there was a long line in the lobby. We were not rushed & I was worried we would be. The owner come over a few times to check on us. Definitely recommend!

  30. Not worth the wait! Actually, we never even ate there tonight. After waiting for an hour past our reservation, and watching others who arrived after us get seated, we left. We won’t be going back. Nor will our friends. Save yourself the aggravation and go elsewhere!

    1. How do you know it’s not worth the wait when you didn’t even eat there?
      Trust me…It’s worth the wait. But for impatient individuals, you should go to Olive garden.

  31. This is a FABULOUS restaurant!!! Please do not listen to any adverse reviews posted here. Food is delicious and service is fine. You may have to wait a few minutes for a table…but geez…its BYOB…relax and have a drink while you wait!!! Prices are very reasonable and well worth any wait!! Enjoy!!!

    1. Karen, look around… you are in the minority here by about 10 to 1… who do you think knows what they are talking about?

      1. You must listen to us because no one would bother to go on here unless they were extremely angry for being treated badly. This restaurant reminds me of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. You have to put up with all of this nonsense to be served, and then you have to pay for it, too! Please don’t patronize this joint. There are many wonderful restaurants in the area where they will treat you kindly and with appreciation and respect.

    2. I made a reservation THREE WEEKS in advance for 8 people (6 USED to be friends!), and told the person taking the reservation, knowing it’s a Saturday night, we would work with them on the time, how about 8:15, since one couple was coming from Jersey and having a cocktail at our home first. We arrived at 8:10 to find a COMPLETELY PACKED vestibule, with a completely ANGRY mob scene. Upon getting to the podium to ask about our reservation, a woman stanidn nearby said that they had a 7:00 reservation, BUT the owner seated a WALK IN group of 17 which screwed up everyone’s reservation!!! ON A SATURDAY NIGHT???? Where did this guy learn to run a restaurant? Chuck E Cheese? We FINSLLY got seated at 8:45, THEN, after getting our appetizers and salads, the entrees started arriving BEFORE we had a chance to finish our salads!! THNE, my wife was the ONLY one without her meal. I asked the waiter, and 2 others to check on her meal–to NO avail. After 10 minutes I went into the kitchen and was told no one is allowed in the kitchen. I wouldn’t leave until they made my wife’s meal–which by the way was a pasta dish–nthing extravagant. FINALLY I walked out her meal with the waiter. Of course our friends were mortified, as they had finished their meal already. This happened a year and a half ago, and we have NOT BEEN BACK since. These reviews confirm our experience, and we will travel to any other restaurant to avoid this nightmare. But it seems there ar e a lot of “lemmings” who continue to support this rude, disgrace of a restaurant.

  32. Dinner for 4. Very well priced and appropriate portions. The menu was mildly overwhelming with so many choices and only slight variation of ingredients. Very crowded, even for a Wednesday night and the seating was less than spacious. It seemed as thought the wait staff and the hostesses were frazzled and on edge, and in a hurry. We were fortunate and were seated at a table in a reasonable time. We ordered our food and the apps came out in a reasonable time as well. Our entrees however, took almost an hour…fortunately it is BYOB. All in all, I would say hit or miss..two of us enjoyed our food, two of us not so much. We did not have a discrepancy, others that evening were clearly agitated.

  33. I had heard mixed reviews about the restaurant, but my wife chose to go here for our first night out in months. We made 6:00 reservations, and arrived right at 6. We stood right in front of the hostess for about 5 minutes, trying to talk to her, before she even acknowledged out presence. Finally, she spoke, but immediately answered the phone and held up an index finger, like you would to a child. At long last, we were told that we would have a 15 minute wait. We stood in a crowded, hot, vestibule for 30 minutes. No fewer than ten times, the owner came rushing through the lobby and pushed me out of the way, without so much as a word. We were told at this time that we had only one person ahead of us. After 5 more parties were called in the next 15 minutes, I finally was able to convince my wife to leave and go somewhere else. I have never been treated ruder at a restaurant. I will never go back to this place, and will let everyone I know to avoid this restaurant.

  34. Absolutely the worst. Our reservation did not matter, we were seated when they wanted. Our request was for inside, they seated us outside in the cold and away from the heater. The food was pedestrian. If you want a quality Italian meal with BYOB, try the independently owned Frankie’s Felini Cafe in Berwyn, PA. Chef Victor, Frankie and staff provide South Philly hospitality and consistently great food.

  35. This place is a disgrace!!!!!!!!! Learn how to operate a restaurant!! Go To Ristorante Verona in Malvern they can teach you what a real Italian restaurant should be.

  36. The WORST reservation system EVER!!!! We had a group of 8 make a reservation 3 weeks in advance for a Saturday, and I told them that to make it easy on them, we would avoid the 7:00 “rush time” and go for 8-8:15. The girl said thank you and put us down. We arrived at 8:10, with the lobby FILLED, and everyone complaining because they were STILL waiting on a 7:00 reservation!! We found out they had a “WALK IN” group of 17 at 6:30, who had yet to leave!!! We waited for 45 minutes, drinking our wine in the lobby, and FINALLY got seated at 9:15!! Then after everyone had ordered, our meals took an additional 45 minutes, ONLY to have my wife’s meal–a SIMPLE pasta dish NOT arrive!! I called the waiter oover and he said it was coming. 20 minutes went by, and I tracked the waiter down in the kitchen, and I had to make 2 trips into the kitchen to get the manager/owner to shoo me out BEFORE we got my wife’s meal. NOT ONCE did we get an apology!!! It will be a VERY COLD DAY in Hades before I return. We had talked this palce up to our friends, and none of them will go back after this ordeal….

  37. Trattoria Guiseppe-
    Food is good and inexpensive, however, I am in agreement with many of the other comments. They overbook, seem to prioritize seating based on larger tables. I’d rather spend the extra money and not be aggravated by the time I sit down. I’ve gone to this restaurant on more than one occasion and seating is a major issue. I’m told that they have revised their reservation methods but experience same everytime I’ve gone. Won’t go back!

  38. It was the WORST dinner I ever had. It was a same story as above dinner reservation at 7:00 we were not seated till 8:30. stood in the crowded lobby with the owner pushing me every time he pass and never said anything. We finally sat down the tables were soooo close that my elbow was on the table next to us and my husband back was touching the other table. We ate our dinner and watched the owner telling the waitress to get us out because they had people waiting. We wanted dessert it was our mothers birthday so we ordered coffee and dessert. You could see the owner get mad and watch us while we ate. Never Again he is a VERY RUDE person!!

  39. If all you frequent BYOB lovers are looking for the best Italian experience in dining today, YOU MUST VISIT “Ristorante Verona” in Malvern. This restaurant has exceptional service and unbelievable food. i recommend this restaurant very highly.It is located on Lancaster Ave. in Malvern.

  40. I have to agree with Amy and kristen on 2/18/ 2009 I made a reservation for 5 people for 7 pm on 2/21/2009. At 7;30 I was called as a party of 4, when I said 5 I was told I would be the next party of 5. By 8 pm they had sat 2 parties of 6 and a party of 2 and a party of 5.I was told agian I was the next party of 5.They called another party of 5 and it was not me.

  41. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve dined at this restaurant a number of times both for lunch and dinner (mostly recently last night: 8/22/2008) and I’ve never had a problem. Last night my 7:00 p.m. reservation for five was seated promptly and at one of the two outdoor patios that I desired.

    Yes it was it crowded and yes people were waiting, but the food is excellent, the prices moderate and the setting very pleasant. This combination makes for a very popular place in a suburban setting. I go so far as to say that the ‘price/quality’ and BYOB feature here is unique. That draws a lot of people with and without reservations.

    I know I’m going back because I can’t think of a better value for the money.

  42. We had reservations for 6 PM we arrived ten of six and when we were seated it was right next to a freshly painted door it was so close to the door that when I opened the menu I got paint on my hand. We went back up to the desk to change our tables and as we waited to get a new table a number people came in and were seated ahead of us. After waiting another 25 minutes we finally left.
    The staff a the check in desk were very rude, I won’t be going back.

  43. We visit this restaurant at least twice each month. The food and prices are excellent! I had a problem as well with a reservation for sixteen people I made four months in advance. I confirmed the number of people in our party two days earlier. When we arrived at the restaurant, the reserved tables were given to another party. Unfortunately, the other party had the same first name. I booked the reservation by my first and last name. When I called to confirm, the hostess asked for my first name. The manager refused to seat us at the original tables I chose, and I refused to split up our family so I demanded one long table that was set up for another party. I got the table, because I’m Italian and stubborn, too! I have overlooked that incident and continue to frequent this restaurant, because it is such a great atmosphere and the waiters/waitresses are great!

  44. First restaurant review i have ever submitted,just got back with two of my sonsWe arrived at about 5:30,could not believe where the manager sat us,my head was basically under a counter there was no one else in our particular dining area ,so we said something to the waitress,she moved the tabble about 2 inches.I finally asked the mgr to reseat us he did and the food was pretty good and reasonably priced.By the time we left the place was packed!however the table we had vacated wass till empty.

  45. My girlfriend and I eat every other week (Friday or Saturday) and we always have received smiles from everyone there. The food is world class and very good prices. Sometimes is a little crowded but it the price we have to pay for such a wonderful meal. We always walk out talking how wonderful meal we had and we are vegetarians.

  46. Last nite I went to this lovely decor of a resturant for a friend’s birthday.This was the end of lovely. Our 6:30 reservation turned into a 7:20 seating. We were seated at a “2 top”. I had the pleasure of looking at a wall the entire nite. In the very middle of this room was a VERY LOUD group of around 40. I get the fact that they were celebrating an event of sort, but we (me and my 2 friends) had to literally shout to hear our conversation. The waiter even had a hard time taking our order due to the noise factor. CLEARLY, this group should have been better placed in the resturant, for the sake of all others. I found out later that they had been there since 4:30. I’m sure at that time there would have been better seating area for them. The management kept giving the excuse that they were supposed to be seated outside on the patio, but it rained. EVERYONE I know knew about the all day rain and storms predicted. I guess the owner is so far removed from reality, he wasn’t aware. WELL, Here’s REALITY. Everyone I talked to last nite, as they were waiting in the STANDING ROOM ONLY lobby said the same thing…This place overbooks. It’s not a secret anymore. Guiseppe lost a lot of future business last nite. Oh by the way, did you get the fact that I like to talk…and talk I will.

    My husband and I hadn’t been out in 5 months since becoming parents. We got a sitter on a Thursday night and went to Trattoria Guiseppe after hearing how great the food was, but we never even got to try it. Our waitress ignored us and blamed the kitchen staff for never delivering food. First, we waited about 15 minutes before our waitress took our order. She told us that the kitchen was backed up and hoped we’d be patient. Meanwhile, the tables seated 1/2 hour after us were getting their appetizers and meals. Our waitress began to avoid eye contact with us and never came back to our table to explain anything or offer us bread basket. We finally got out of our seats and began to leave. Magically, the manager appeared with our appetizer and offered to take the cost off the bill. HA…where was he when we were semi-happy customers? He didn’t seem to care one bit that our visit was a disaster. We spent 25 bucks on a babysitter and 1.5 hours in a restaurant, and the only thing in our belly was the bottle of wine we brought. I was furious. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!! Take my advice and go someplace else.

  48. My boyfriend and I went on Saturday evening around 9:00 pm. There was an outside table available for us right away. We had great service and the food was excellent. The manager was very nice and stopped by our table to see how everything was. The prices were reasonable too. I loved the atomosphere. We are definitely going back again. :)

  49. I Had a B-day Party reservation, for 12, on 7/3.
    Everything was great. There is now a NEW manager of this restaurant. The staff was friendly, attentive, most efficient. The food was very good, especially the arugala salad, which was the special of the day(YUM!)They DO NOT add on 15%, on top of the bill, like most places for larger parties, which can make the staff a little ‘complacent’ about service…
    Give this place another look, if you were disappointed in the past. I had no complaints, whatsoever, but I had never been there before. MANGA!!!

  50. By far the best food experienced. Had to wait a while for table even with reservations, but it was worth it. I hope the people complaining stay away as they say they will. More food for us. Yum :)

  51. We had dinner there last night. I thought everything was wonderful. I had the eggplant app- which could have served as my entree. The portions were HUGE! I am sorry to hear so many bad experiences with the owner. He was very pleasent to me and my family. My kids wanted pizza and the waiter had said they only serve it during lunch. The owner came over and immediatley asked what kind of pizza they wanted – he would have it made right away for them. That was appreciated by all. It was a bit crowded- but not uncomfortable. The decor is typical Trattoria, the outside dining looked nice as well. I am looking forward to my next visit. I will go back for sure!

  52. We had my sons christening party at Guiseppe’s about a week ago and it was the biggest mistake ever! First of all the owner Guiseppe is a huge greeseball and all he cares about is making mpney. He was so rude to everyone in our party (there was 40 of us) From the minute we walked through the door he was constantly rushing us from our apps to dinner and basically kicked us out when everyone was still eating their dessert. It was a horrible experience. I will never go back to his restaurant ever again. He is someone who doesnt appreciate your business and is all about making money for himself. WORST RESTAURANT EVER!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

  53. We’ve been there 3-4 times, food is good, not great. My last entree of crabs & linguini had quite a bit of crab shell in it. An earlier writer said they had no trouble getting seated at 5 PM, which is true. The 6:30-8:00 range is when they clearly get backed up. PS, there is one waiter there that has B.O. Anyone else encounter him?

  54. Well, we didn’t have to wait for our seat, it was just the two of us. But the service was clearly lacking.

    5 minutes after we ordered we see the waitress trying to give our entrees to the table next to us. She notices her mistake, brings them to us and says…”oops, you never got your appetizer.” then she says, “it’s not my fault, the kitched messed up.”

    kind of ruined the meal which was mediocre at best. The $12 app was the best thing but i barely ate any of it. i won’t be going back.

  55. Our family has eaten at Trattoria numerous times. It has always been a pleasant experience. The owner has approached our table and asked our opinion of the meals. We have eaten lunch and dinner there. We were told they did not take reservations for parties less than 6 for dinner. We celebrated a birthday there with a party of 10 on a Saturday night, we reserved the table for 5:00 and were seated immediately. We even brought our own birthday cake which they graciously lite and cut for us. The food has been fabulously delicious with generous portions. I understand not wanting to return after such a bad experience, but to those reading these reviews, I’d suggest an early dinner esp. on the weekends. mangia!

  56. Our family has eaten at Trattoria numerous times. It has always been a pleasant experience. The owner has approached our table and asked our opinion of the meals. We have eaten lunch and dinner there. We were told they did not take reservations for parties less than 6 for dinner. We celebrated a birthday there with a party of 10 on a Saturday night, we reserved the table for 5:00 and were seated immediately. We even brought our own birthday cake which they graciously lite and cut for us. The food has been fabulously delicious with generous portions. I understand not wanting to return after such a bad experience, but to those reading these reviews, I’d suggest an early dinner esp. on the weekends. mangia!

  57. I have never been so HUMILIATED by a restaurateur! This guy is clearly trying to suck the blood after everyone that walks through the door – as long as they give it up quick! Otherwise – get your a– off my property!
    DO NOT GO!!!!!!!!!

  58. Amazing!! About a year ago, my husband and I with another couple had the same rude experience that most of the other reviewers have had. We vowed that we would never go back – and haven’t. We go to movies at the Regal Theater, and due to the always packed parking lot, we assumed that our experience was not the norm. I don’t know if Fellini’s in Media is the same owner as the one in Newtown Square, but we have always had great food and service there. (Probably shouldn’t have told you that.)

  59. We had gone to Trattoria for a birthday dinner. My wife had called ahead and made reservations. There were 4 of us. They stalled us for about an hour saying no tables were open dispite the reservation. We were seated, we ate, we asked for coffee after dinner and told “we gave you a seat now we need you to hurry up” by the owner. Like others I will never go back. Plenty of other places to go to get good Italian food for good prices. Stay away from this place!

  60. I hired a babysitter for the night, and so looked forward to going out for dinner. Well, we had a 7:00 reservation, but when we arrived were told our table would not be ready for 25 minutes. As we stood in the lobby, people would approach the receptionist desk, and each one, whether they had a reservation or not, was told they would have to wait 25 minutes. Not fair. Well, guess what? That 25 minutes turned into 45 minutes, but it gets better. Our name was finally called, but our table wasn’t actually ready. You see the people at our so-called table were actually having their coffee. We were only called to make us feel as if our wait was over. What a hoax! So, anyway, a simple dinner turned into a 3-1/2 hour ordeal and ended costing us extra for the babysitter. The owner did not apolgize to us when we complained. The food was good, but I think a bit pricey considering the place/atmosphere. My advice: Go where someone appreciates your patronage. And, Trattoria, stop making reservations you won’t honor. (Definition of honor: high respect or regard)

  61. i had dinner with my family the other day at trattoria giuseppe for the first time,the food was excellent and the service was very attentive and the price are very resenable ,the atmosphere is beautiful, we had a good time.sorry to ear the other people disappointed for the wait, we had a reservation and i was seated right away maybe you should go to a restaurant and pay 50/60 dollars at person and have a sit very quick or wait and enjoy autentic italian food the best around

  62. We had a party of 6 – the food was very good – we were sharing 3 desserts between us when the manager asked us to hurry up because there were people waiting. We will never go there again. We were never treated so rudely.

  63. We had a party of 6 – the food was very good – we were sharing 3 desserts between us when the manager asked us to hurry up because there were people waiting. We will never go there again. We were never treated so rudely.

  64. We had a party of 6 – the food was very good – we were sharing 3 desserts between us when the manager asked us to hurry up because there were people waiting. We will never go there again. We were never treated so rudely.

  65. I completely agree, Amy – We had reservations a month ago and we arrived to a PACKED lobby and were told we would have to wait 45 minutes! We thought about staying, but we had a toddler in tow, and there was no way she would have lasted. We walked out and ended up at La Locanda – good food, and service. A bit overpriced, but better than waiting. The same owner also has Fellini’s in Newtown Square and he pulls the same stuff over there with regard to reservations, or lack thereof.

  66. The owner of Trattoria Giuseppe in Edgemont clearly overbooks his restaurant! My party had 6:oopm reservations and we still were not seated at 8:00pm. We patiently waited for 2 hours until we decided to leave…with no appology from the owner! We were told for 2 hours that we would be seated “shortly”. I would not recommend this restaurant due to the lack of respect for the customers and their time!

  67. I so agree! The food was great! They let us substitute out of carbs and were happy to do it! Will recommend to all.

  68. If you like Italian Byob’s , try Trattoria Totaro in Conshohocken, its really pretty, good service and the food is out of this world!

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