Vivo Enoteca, Wayne

N. Wayne Ave.
Wayne, PA

** VIVO has closed its doors. It is currently being used as extra space for Christopher’s next door. **

Rating: 3 silver spoons out of 5

Overall: A swanky wine bar in the center of Wayne. Good food and wine, if slightly overpriced.

Food: Vivo is an “enoteca” (literally “wine cellar” in Italian, but more commonly “wine bar”), and as such features a large wine list and a menu filled with small plates designed for tasting. Hungry diners would be advised to order at least two appetizers and one entree per person. Regardless of size, many of the choices are delicious. The “first” dishes I’ve had always leave me wanting more: sweet potato ravioli, potato gnocchi, and smoked gouda and pepper frittata. Highlights from the “entrees” are the seared salmon, crispy on the outside and tender in; and a rabbit special that was hearty and enjoyable.

Bar: Expert or novice, Vivo’s wine flights are a fun way to try different wines. When they first opened, the wine list was surprisingly limited for a “wine bar”, but a recent visit has shown much improvement.

Bread: A bunch of breadstick like creations. An attempt to be chic that doesn’t really work.

Service: Waitstaff is fine, neither bad nor great. Bartenders can have a little bit of an attitude.

Atmosphere. Cool, swanky wine bar — probably the hippest place in Wayne. You’ll want to dress up a little more than normal. Downstairs there is a bar and upstairs is the dining, with a coffin-shaped hole above the floor so diners can look down on the bar area. Ask for a table by the railing.

Value: Wine by the glass is flat out exorbitant — A decent glass will run you upwards of $9. Upon first glance at the menu, Vivo’s food seems very inexpensive. Unfortunately, each selection is only a few bites, so you’ll need at least 3 selections per person, which, along with wine, can certainly add up. Expect to pay close to $50 per person. I’d say its worth the price every once in a while, but I wouldn’t make it a regular hangout unless money isn’t a concern.

Intangibles: Cool place that is good for special occasion dining.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 2
Reservations: No
Pay: Cards
Bar: Full