Wild Tuna, Wayne

Chesterbrook Shopping Center
Wayne, PA

Rating: 3 silver spoon out of 5
Overview: A nice seafood restaurant that offers inventive, upscale dishes in a suburban location at reasonable prices. They may face difficulty due to the somewhat hidden location.

Food: Creatively presented seafood. We started with the decent but unspectacular “Wild Tuna Trio”, which includes Mediterranean style tuna, seared rare sesame tuna, tuna tartar with cucumber and melon for $11.00. For an entree I had Sautéed Red Snapper, prepared over potato puree with roasted squash and spinach in a yellow pepper sauce ($19). Overall the plate was very nicely done, although the sauce could have been a bit more substantial and the piece of fish could have had a bit less skin (minor complaints). Another visit brought another Pan Seared Red Snapper, this time with black rice, Asian vegetables, coconut curry jus ($20). This version of snapper was even better than the first — the slightly spicy thai sauce perfectly complimented the fish and black rice. The restaurant’s signature dish, the Pan Seared Hawaiian Wild Tuna with white beans, oven dried plum tomato, roasted peppers and basil pesto ($22), was a bit underwhelming, failing to pack much of a flavorful punch.

Bar: A good sized bar that is nicely decorated, if a bit stuffy.

Ambiance: A nice place, although being in a strip mall takes away from the experience.

Value: Wild Tuna offers innovative, creative cuisine with many entrees under $20 — which is not necessarily cheap, but is a solid value for the quality. The wine list is very reasonably priced — many bottles aren’t much more than $10 above cost, a bargain compared to similar restaurant markups.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 2
Reservations: Yes
Payments: Cards
Bar: Full

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