The Freehouse, Wayne

110 North Wayne Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

Quick Take: The Freehouse is an english pub-style restaurant and bar in the center of Wayne. It features a small bar area downstairs with limited dining and an upstairs for dining. The pub is completely smoke free and has a good beer selection, including Magic Hat #9 and a seasonal Dogfish Head.

We have not eaten at the Freehouse, but feel free to view reader comments below or add your own review.

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  1. The Freehouse is changing names and identity. It will reopen on Friday under the name Mim’s and will be offering Cajun style food.

  2. Went to the Freehouse on Friday evening 10/3 expecting to enjoy entrees ala Carmine’s – since Mims has moved. NOT. There were a few appetizers that had a Louisiana flair, as well as a sandwich or two, but the entrees lacked the same flair.

  3. I had dinner at the Freehouse last night. It has reopened and the food was amazing. The crawfish spring rolls were excellent as was my Pear Salad. My friend had the pork tenderloin with grits and loved it. Great move for The Freehouse bringing on Mims. We’ll be back.

  4. the Free House is closed for renovation and will reopen as a creole food restaurant. The cook: none other than self proclaimed “chef” John Mims who was the cook at Carmine’s and Les Bon Temps and who was rushed out of his partnership with a Philadelphia lawyer for embezzling thousands and thousands of dollars.

  5. My boyfriend and I went to the Freehouse last night. While his french onion soup was great and the fries were fine – my scallop and shrimp salad was a huge disappointment. The lettuce was wilted, the asparagus tasted canned, the tomatoes tasted like they were going bad, and there was little to no olive oil (it’s listed as being “tossed” in olive oil). The scallops and shrimp had a fishy smell and the scallops seemed a little undercooked. While I realize that it was probably a bad choice to order this salad at a pub, I tend to order non-traditionally and I was really pulling for it to be tasty. Unfortunately, it was one of the least appetizing salads I have ever had in a restaurant.

    On another note, the bartender was nice enough despite seeming to have to wait on the entire downstairs section by himself, and the wine was reasonably priced (the house chardonnay I ordered was good). I can’t say I’d never go back to this place again, but I absolutely will never order another salad there.

  6. Freehouse was delectable. Located near Teresa’s Cafe in the heart of Wayne, a convenient locale. My family and I were satisfied with our meals. We were however, EXTREMELY SHOCKED when I found a finger nail in the slice of pie my mother-in-law ordered for desert! We will have to think twice before going back. Where is the quality control?

  7. We tried the Freehouse this weekend…but were VERY disappointed! We took my mother in law (who is from Ireland).The first problem was the menu. No shepards pie or london broil. (which was what most of us would have ordered!) I ordered a lobster pot pie for $18 and it was empty! I don’t mean light on the filling….I mean EMPTY. It should have been called 4 peas and a lobster sauce pie. My 7 year old niece was having a hard time eating because of the bad smell coming from my “sauce”. My niece ordered a grilled cheese and couldn’t eat it. She said it just tasted bad. Everyone else said that their meals were just so so. We asked for Irish coffee at the end of the night and the waitress said that they didn’t do Irish coffees. We had to explain to her what it was. This is definately not anything near an English pub. We won’t return!

  8. The Freehouse is awesome! My kids love to go there and get the giant chicken fingers and play pool and foosball! What a great place!

  9. I must say, the food here is awful! I am from the neighborhood and would like nothing more than have a great “english pub” to walk to and have a nice dinner but I have given them many tries and it has all been disappointing!

  10. THE WORST. For an English Pub with simple food I couldn’t believe how bad it was! How do you ruin burgers and fries?Don’t even waste your money here, go next door to Christophers or Teresa’s. Bad service, Bad Food.

  11. I love the FreeHouse. You can eat a meal with friends/family/co-workers and actually hear what they are saying. It is a smoke free place, which just adds to your good time. The food is reasonable and yummy!!

  12. I’m sorry, but the M.D. comment above sounds like management. I’ve come back to this place to give it a second try, but it was disappointed. I can’t imagine what person considers the food good. The food is, at best, mediocre. Want a fabulous selection of incredible beer? Take a walk to Teresa’s Next Door a few doors down. Service continues to be poor and very inexperienced. I’m irritated that I was enticed to go back by these misleading comments. All I can think is that the age of these reviewers is rather young with very low expectations or “the management” is trying to woo customers back.

  13. Went to the Freehouse for a couple of drinks and a sandwich. Sandwich was good and the beer was cold. It’s a pretty simple combo but it left a decent impression.

  14. no big deal, the waitress seemed less than enthusiastic to wait on us. do they serve any beers that are resonably priced? the food was mediocre, the service the same- the best thing they had going for them was the one man band playing dave matthews songs! lame!

  15. I really like Freehouse. It’s decent, solid pub food in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. I’ve been there 4-5 times in the past 3 weeks, and I’ll definitely keep going there. I read a lot of the reviews above, and people seem to have this need to find the place amazing or hellish. I don’t understand that. It’s a good, solid restaurant that serves simple, honest comforting food.

    Try the bread pudding with caramel. Yum!

  16. Pseudo English Pub and not very good at that. Very noisy, rampant with kids and just not a very enjoyable place. Many other great restaurants on the main line. Service is lacking, in my opinion, compared to other places I’ve been. Kinda like Christophers, but much louder. You think they would have a better beer selection for calling themselves a pub.

  17. I’ve eaten at the Freehouse. Twice. The second time was to make sure that all of the rave reviews above and the mysterious new management and chef could improve on my first dismal experience. To no avail. I know good English food and pubs. Neither exist in Wayne. Not even close to the mark. Try The Whip in Coatesville.

    To the writer (I said writer) of the reviews above. You’re not giving us very much credit.

  18. The freehouse is an intersting concept. It is, I believe, the first non-smoking grill/bar establishment in wayne and certainly one of the few along the Mainline. Reading the prior reviews on here has certainly been entertaining, and I have to agree, and disagree with some of the comments. I’d like to start out that when the Freehouse first opened, its service and food was subpar. However, this is to be expected with a newer establishment. Afterall, it’s not George’s down the street, where you would hope a new establishment would be spectacular.

    However, I give much credit to the managment and staff. They hired more staff and have really worked hard to turn my oppinion around. They are willing to listen to your comments, and they have improved based on them. That, ladies and gentlemen, to me, is true customer service.

    One thing I have found among perusing the comments and my own personal experiance is that they can be hit or miss. However, more often then not, they are going to be a hit. Food is usually excellent, and the bar staff is suberb. My one bartender, Mike, is excellent. If you want to talk about prof., attentive, and knowledgible, he’s your guy. They also have a good selection of beer etc.

    Overall, I would give the Freehouse a 6.5/7 out of 10. Generally good food and service, bar is excellent, clean, and best of all, smoke free. They are planning a game room, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

  19. wow richard… that is the worst thing i’ve ever read on this web site… it must have been really bad

  20. I would rather eat someone else’s vomit than eat at the Freehouse again. I have no idea where the rest of these people are eating. For a smoke free environment and palettable food, I’m going to Teresa’s.

  21. April was amazing at the Freehouse. Great friends, great drinks, great atmosphere. Many memories were made and are yet to be made at the Freehouse….

  22. This past Saturday, a group of us had lunch at the Freehouse in
    Wayne. The service was very slow and the food not very good. Everyone’s bread was hard and my burger very undercooked and tasted like charcoal fluid. The fries were really salty and the kettle chips not very good either. We would not go back.

  23. It was the best time I’ve had in quite some time. What an incredible evening. Here’s to many more memories to make there.

  24. The Free House is a magical place…. Experience it yourselves. It will take you back~it really will!!!!!! The Free House is filled with good people and great drinks. We will go back everytime we can.

    The Rosemont chicks of ’90

  25. What restaurant have these people been going too? The atmosphere was uncomfortable, the food sucked, the bartender was ok and the beer was the only thing that kept me from killing everyone due to the awful experience. I’m going to Christopher’s. by the way, very loyal employees must write great reviews here.

  26. I went to the freehouse just this past friday night for drinks and appetizers. The food was awesome and our bartender was great and cute!

  27. I went to the Freehouse for Quizzo which started at 9 on a Monday night. The beer selection was awesome, the food was good, the staff was cool, and the quizzo show was the funnest I’d ever been to. Great questions and great music! I plan on going back every week.

  28. We went to dinner at Freehouse for the first time tonight with our kids. We immediately noticed that the atmosphere was very cool, and with non-smoking we were expecting to become regulars. However, from there it went downhill. Very average food (there’s a reason Americans don’t like UK food) that was actually cold when we received it. The service was also inattentive. Unfortunately will only go back for beers.

  29. Wow, If I wanted a chain restaurant atmosphere I would have gone to Friday’s and actually enjoyed my food. Maybe the “New Management,” I have heard about from this site, would be better off managing a Friday’s. They should call this place D.I.T. Freehouse…Darn, it’s the Freehouse.

  30. Great place! I’ve been going to the Freehouse for a while now for drinks but its been a long time since I’d eaten there. But it seems to be getting busier and the last couple of times there the food going past us just looked too good not to try again. Wow! Right up there with the beer now. I had a lobster and pasta dinner that was out of this world tried a bit of one of my girlfriend’s filet mignon…also awesome. We didn’t notice the sign out front about the new chefs until we were leaving…keep it going “Andy and Jay” who ever you are. We’ll be back for sure.

  31. What difference! We heard they had been trying to get on track and man, so much better. Still a little too noisy downstairs so we had drinks downstairs and then moved upstairs for dinner. A bit of a climb but the waiter was great and the food fantastic. I had the stuffed roast chicken and my friend had the crabcakes…just great. The servers were always great but now the food is catching up.

  32. My husband I were so excited when a new place opened up in Wayne. We’ve gotten so tired of the same restaurants, and went to the Freehouse within the first few weeks that it opened. We immediately liked the atmosphere (we loved the big drunken monkey painting on the wall!) and our waiter was knowledgeable and polite. The food took a little bit longer to come out than we would have liked, but it was pretty good but not great.

    We hadn’t been out in a while and we decided to bring the kids this time. We remembered that they have a kids menu, so we went to the Freehouse again last week for dinner. Coincidentally we had the same waiter, John. The service was again great. The quality of the food was much better this time. Everything was cooked just as we wanted it, and everything was very flavorful and nicely presented. The kids of course liked their chicken fingers and ice cream (which was a steal at five bucks).

  33. A buddy of mine likes to go to the Freehouse after work for happy hour. They have some good beers on tap and a nice selection of bottles too. I met him there a couple of weeks ago after work and had a good time. The bartender was attentive and sweet, and they have nice big screen TVs. We went back for dinner and sat at the bar again. Different bartender who was as nice to look at as the happy hour girl but had a bit of an attitude. The food was just ok – nothing spectacular.

    To get to the point, a bunch of friends and I went there for dinner this weekend. My buddy told me he had heard they are now under new management and have a new chef. This time around it was great. We had a really good time – great beer and drinks. Our food was also much better. We had crabcakes for appetizers – crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. For dinner we had shepherds pie, a bacon cheeseburger, a portobello mushroom salad, and a lobster pot pie. The shepherds pie and burger were hot and juicy, and the lobster pot pie was out of this world. It had huge chunks of lobster – everyone at our table tried it and loved it. So it’s most definitely worth another try since it looks like it’s true that they are trying a fresh start with a new people both in the kitchen and out.

  34. Just tried The Freehouse again. So much better than the last time. After the visit about a month ago I’m not sure I would have gone back without being pushed but had a great time. Suprisingly slow for a Saturday night but the service was better and the food was dead on. Obviously new hands at the wheel in the kitchen. Keep it up and its here to stay.

  35. Nice atmosphere. Good location. Our bartender during my visit, Charles, was very friendly and attentive. Service was just OK . When the restaurant is full it tends to be very noisy. I would be nice to see more types of English bitter or ale on the menu (like Boddingtons or Abbot). The food was a little disappointing. The names of the entrees are English (toad in the hole, Guinness stew, scotch egg, shepherds pie, etc.) but not prepared in the traditional English style. The meat used in the shepherds pie, the scotch egg and stew is not the correct type of meats, the seasoning / gravy is ‘off’, the sausages are not the correct type to use in English dishes. The food tastes good, presentation is nice but it doesn’t taste like English food. The issue might be a Chef attempting to cook English without being familiar with the correct types of meats and seasoning to use OR the chef is intentionally catering to the American pallet. I will definitely go back but the food it doesn’t satisfy my craving for traditional English food.

  36. A disappointment. I’ve been to Freehouse three times. I won’t go back. Three strikes. The food is very bland, plain, almost tasteless. It is an English menu, I guess that’s to be expected. If you have any culinary discrimination, this is no place for you. It’s fine for a mediocre meal or a quick sandwich. I had the crab cakes. Go to the Wooden Iron a couple doors down for the best crab cakes in the immediate area. Freehouse service is awful. The wait for attention is long. The food can be luke warm on arrival. Appetizer dishes remain on the table through dinner. It’s painfully obvious the wait staff are college kids with little experience. Stay clear of the wait staff running up and down the stairwell. It’s a traffic nightmare. Professional hospitality would be a great improvement. The atmosphere is nice, but very loud. The interior decoration does not help. Sound echos and bounces off the bare walls at an uncomfortable decibel. No quiet romantic dinner here. The place is also attracting the family crowd from Christopher’s, kids in tow. And, I do not like the unisex bathrooms.

  37. What a great new concept in the center of Wayne, i had a nice dinner with friends. The food was delicious as was the drink- nice to be in a busy restaurant smoke free-
    french onion soup, london broil and a burger

  38. What’s happening at Freehouse. Food was not the same as my first visit? Need to watch food coming out? Servers were still adequate. Seems a tad unsetteled from the last time I ate there a few weeks ago!!!!!!

  39. Have eaten a number of times at The Freehouse. Great, interesting menu, tasty (and huge) burgers , fresh salads,interesting hardboiled eggs wrapped in sausage,chicken pot pie,wings, and the best french onion soup around. How about a Prime Rib night??? Very nice wait staff, nice bartenders, a beautifully decorated building, no smoke and of course convenient. No doubt the place is here to stay. I recommend it highly and will see you there!

  40. Looking for a new spot to eat and drink we found the Freehouse. It was great. The food was excellent and the drinks super. Enjoyed the non smoking atmoshphere. Thanks Freehouse! See you again soon.

  41. Although the weather was not the greatest, my frineds and i decided to go out and eat. It was with our venture, we came upon the Freehouse. We found the atmosphere a welcome as none of us are smokers. The drinks tasty, and the food very tasty. The service was good considering the stairs and the times the server had to go up and down with our food. I think overall the Freehouse will be on our list of places to go for good food and atmosphere!!

  42. Cory Luterman may be the best new Chef on the Main Line, The Freehouse has the best food I have had that is affordable in a long time. It must be the first restaurant to have good food and not so good service. For a new restaurnt the help has no energy, where did good serice go???

  43. I have to say the second time around is always a charm at a new restaurant establishment, especially the Freehouse!! I was there last night with 5 of my friends. We started with a soup sampler, which included a delicious clam chowder, a lucious cream of potatoe and chedder, and a vegetable soup. We also enjoyed the Welsh Rarebit, ceaser salad, and crabcake appetizer which were all delicious. Our enterees were just as good as the appetizers! I had the Union Jack Blacken Salmon, which melted in my mouth!! The BEST on the Mainline. I will definately be a frequent flyer at the Freehouse.

  44. My friends and I decided to go the the Freehouse on a whim. It caught our eye as we are all non-smokers and looked foward to a clean environment. Saturday night was busy but we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Our food was great and especially the clam chowder, it was excellent! My salmon was cooked to perfection and my compliments to your chef! Thank you for a great dining experience last evening! Daniele

  45. I thought the atmosphere was very pleasant and inviting. I had the clam chowder that was very tasteful along with the traditional fish and chips which was plentiful and tasteful. However, I thought that the waiters were not accomodating and basicly I had to aak all the questions regarding the different items on the menu I felf that the order was taken but the waitress really did not care if I was there or not. I would like to say that other people in our party had very good remarks regarding the different items that they chose. They also felt that the service was lacking. In addition I would like to say that the appetizers, especially the calamari was excellent!

  46. My family and I went to the Freehouse for an early Saturday evening dinner. We thought the food was great!! Everything we ordered was cooked to perfection, very flavorful and nicely presented. We liked the fact that the menu at the Freehouse is unique . . . not like the menus at every other restaurant. And the prices are very reasonable. We enjoyed the meal so much we plan to go back often.

  47. This place has potential but needs a lot of help. The bar and smoke free atmosphere is great, however, other things need to change. I was very disappointed with the service and the food was horrible.
    Our bartender was great while we waited for a table. She was attentitive and charming. Our wait on a friday at 8pm was around 25mins for 2 people.
    Once we sat down things went downhill. The waiter informed my date when he delivered her $5.50 beer that he didn’t really like the type of beer that she ordered. He said that,” it was not a very good hefewiezen,” and preferred another brand. The unsolicited input was not appreciated.
    Our mussels appetizer was bland. It was served w/ no bread for dipping in the broth. When we requested bread we discovered why. The broth was waterey and tastless. On top of that the bowl of 20-25 mussels had over 8 that had not opened.
    Our meals were disappointing as well. My dates burger was cooked to temp but was supposed to have blue cheese and sautaed onions on it. There were a couple onions and no blue cheese at all.
    I took the real dive on the food with the london broil. This is the steak on the menu. For $18.00 you would think that your steak would come w/ some starch of some kind. The plate had a nicely cooked but not that flavorful piece of meat, a few leaves of spinish, a ton of mushrooms and excessive amounts of blue cheese sauce over the steak and spinich. I looked and looked for the potatoes and could not find them. This is perhaps my mistake b/c I did not notice it on the menu, however, who sells steak w/out potatoes?
    I think christophers is equally as poor w/ their food quality. Where is the gastro pub for Wayne? We need the standard tap!!!
    I might give the free house a second chance just b/c I want to give it a second chance but it will be awile. Until then back to the smokey but tasty Wayne Beef and Ale.

  48. Christophers…. if you don’t care about the food and don’t want to pay for a babysitter.. this is the place for you… sub par food, noisy, smokey, and kids run amok at almost any hour you go there… I’d rather eat at home!!

  49. I just loved the Freehouse in wayne,and the food was fabulous. The appetizers are wonderful and the portions are very fair. Our service was friedly and aptnosphere pleasant. Great wines by the glas for us girls who really dont want a bottle but like a good glass of wine. Bar is fun and the non smoking thing is great. Managers were on hand and waitress very helpful in ordering!

  50. The Freehouse is GREAT! So nice to go to dinner with my husband and children and not be smoked out. The food was great, hamburger(blue cheese) was so tasty and the calamari was lightly battered and so good. We have been there three times and can’t wait to go back! Wayne needs the Freehouse>

  51. Well worth the wait, The Freehouse in Wayne has finally opened and it appears to be a hands on operation. Nice to see managers and owners care so much about a place- fresh flowers and a nice clean but comfortable feeling. The food is terrific. I love the wines by the glass and all of the different beer. We ordered a bunch of appetizers one better than the other. Congrats on a new restaurant in Wayne

  52. The Freehouse in Wayne, what a great concept. A step above everything else in Wayne. Great food, great people, great bar. I had the cottage pie- chicken pot pie, so good. My wife had the london broil, best she has ever had. It was a pleasure to go out to an affordable good meal, and nice bottle of wine. Right in Wayne!!

  53. I was there on Thursday for happy hour and dinner, it was so nice to go home and not smell like smoke. I had a great glass of wine the calamari and a crab cake, it was deliciuos. My friends ordered a burger, and the sheppards pie, all with rave reviews. I will go back for more, I enjoyed that atmosphere, food and service.

  54. This place is DEFINITELY worth another try! I was there the first week they opened, and I agree, the food was sub-par. It was, after all, their first week! I’ve been to many a restaurant where the food (& service) took a little bit for the kinks to get worked out. They have certainly done that already! I was just there last Thursday (10/5) and the food was fabulous! The service couldn’t have been any better either. And you’re right, it’s sooooo nice to NOT have the smoke!
    Those guys have turned things around for the better in record time! It’s worth the effort!!


  56. My girlfriends and I all stopped by here after church for lunch. We usually go to Christophers but thought we’d try something new. Our experience gives new meaning to the phrase tried and true. The food was subpar as was the service. All 5 of us were unhappy with our meals. Food was very bland. Needless to say next Sunday we will be back at Christophers.

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