Royal Thai Orchid, Frazer

July 15th, 2007

309 Lancaster Ave. (Westgate Plaza)
Frazer (Malvern), PA
(610) 240-9930

Rating: 3 Silver Spoons out of 5

Overall: Excellent Thai cuisine in an elegant but casual setting. Also offers take-out.

Food: Traditional Thai dishes with a touch of innovative flair makes Royal Thai Orchid one of the best destinations for Thai in the area. Start with the succulent “Thai Dumplings”, pan fried with ground pork, bamboo shoots and black mushrooms, or the “Corn Cakes”, pan-fried with fresh corn, both a tad sinful but totally delicious. We’re suckers for Thai curry dishes, and there are plenty of excellent choices here: “Evil Jungle Princess” is chicken & veggies in a light but spicy curry sauce and “Mussaman Curry” is standard (but great) red curry with veggies and a choice of chicken or beef. The “Chu Chee Duck” is a brilliantly prepared crispy duck with plenty of red curry and pineapple, and our favorite of the curry dishes thus far. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the “Love & Passion”, roasted juicy Cornish hen marinated in traditional seasonings “with tender loving care”, filled with pineapple, raisins, and wild rice served in a mellow orange sauce flavored with Grand Marnier. (We haven’t tried this one yet.) One visit offered a seared tuna special that paired luscious pink tuna with Japanese sticky rice which left us more than satisfied.

Click here to view the take-out menu (pdf).

Service: Prompt and friendly.

Atmosphere: Although RTO lives in a strip mall, the interior is quite elegant, with soft wood overtones and a slighly dark lighting scheme. Appropriate for a casual meal or perhaps something more romantic.

Value: Excellent. Most entrees live in the low-mid teens, a downright bargain for the quality and quantity of food. (Only the “Lamb of Siam” is more than $20.) Plus, it’s BYOB.

Times visited: 3
Cards: Yes

4 Responses to “Royal Thai Orchid, Frazer”

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  1. Eric says:

    We have been eating here for quite a while and consider it some of the best Thai food in the area. It is a family fun operation, and it is quite likely Mom will be serving you. They are attentive to feedback, and are concerned about the quality and presentation of the dishes. The mood is comfortable and accomodating. It is not so fancy that you would be embarrassed taking the kids. If you want fast and rushed, go eat somewhere else. If you want a nice meal with a chance to actually talk at the table, I would recommend you try it out.

  2. Anthony says:

    Repeat customer for dining in and take out. Tasty. Portions are reasonable. Fresh ingredients and well rounded.

  3. Shawn says:

    I concur that the service here is just plain BAD. Went twice- waited almost an hour for my food the first time. The second time, I think I had “mom” as a waitress- totally unattentive, took forever to get served (place was not full). When I didn’t get my Thai iced tea for nearly 30 minutes and asked about it, the response was, “It’s coming.” To add insult to injury, when I went to pay, she totally screwed up my credit card transaction, which took several staff members to sort out. When I left the tip line blank, she asked if I “…left the tip on the table.” I did. It was $0.

    Oh- the food is nothing special (I lived in NYC for 10 years and have had real Thai food). Check out Flavor on Lancaster Ave. in Wayne. Not a bad little joint.

  4. Ajith says:

    As an employee working in great valley area, I frequent a lot of restaurants around this area and unluckily I went to “Royal Thai Orchid” a Thai restaurant located in Frazer. My first couple of visits was OK nothing great and nothing bad

    But I was not a big fan of this place because of its high price and small portions. But after that I had three incidents what changed my attitude about this place

    My first bad incident was, while ordering I asked whether they will be able to customize their lunch menu and rather than saying “sorry we don’t” the response was “this is what we have and if you want to eat, eat”. I felt it was really rude, but thought it was the first incident and it is probably a mistake.

    My second incident was, I went and ordered red curry chicken. The place was crowded. When they brought out the red curry chicken the chicken was not properly cooked. I let the waiter know about it and the response was we don’t serve uncooked chicken. In that kind of scenarios how do you react? My reaction was Ok this is probably another mistake

    My third incident happened today November 2, 2007. I went out for lunch with couple of my friends. We reached the place around 11.55AM. We ordered our food and waited for 50 minutes and even the soup was not served. This is my third bad incident that happened at this place. Is it really a small mistake or is it really bad service.

    Finally, after these questions I made up my mind
    Why should I pay and see rude behavior?
    Why should I be forced to eat raw meat?
    Why should I wait 50 minutes for my food is?

    And the final verdict is I don’t have to do any of the above. “And I will not again”.

    If any one had any bad experience, my recommendation is “don’t think it is a mistake and next time it will change……No it is not a unknowing mistake …But really bad service “.

    Good bye to Royal Thai Orchid from me and anyone whom I can influence

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