The Gypsy Saloon, Conshohocken

128 Ford St.
Conshohocken, PA

Rating: 3 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Stylish neighborhood bar/restaurant with creative American cuisine. The Gypsy Saloon is run by the same people as Stella Blu in Conshy (former owners of Bella Luna in Bryn Mawr). The saloon delivers a solid meal in a fun, comfortable atmosphere.

Food: The Gypsy Saloon recently retooled their menu in an attempt to attract a more upscale clientele. It now features a wide variety of inventive American cuisine, with several each of beef, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Even simple fare — such as a skirt steak frites — comes with a twist, in this case a 48-hour marinated steak with sweet potato fries and spicy mustard aoli. Sushi grade tuna is seared rare with a chinese spice rub, served with chili fries and an interesting pineapple sauce. The excellent red snapper is served on a bed of creamy butternut squash risotto. In general, the food is interesting and solid.

Ambiance: A relatively small space that is comfortable but bustling, the saloon also features a small bar area that is a great atmosphere for a drink or two with friends before dinner. Gypsy is now completely smoke-free, which fixes one of it’s biggest problems, especially for tables near the bar.
Value: Dinner for two, including one appetizer, two entrees, one dessert and a bottle of wine cost just about $100 (before tip). With so many quality BYOBs in the area, it is difficult to justify paying this much for a meal that is equivalent to a BYOB meal available for $30-40 less. This is not to say the visit was not satisfying — just not the greatest value in town.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 1
Reservations: Yes
Bar: Full Bar
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13 thoughts on “The Gypsy Saloon, Conshohocken”

  1. Had the misfortune of visiting this other wise wonderful bar / restaurant for Friday happy hour and dinner. Must say that everything was fantastic about the place- location, decor, menu and clientele. The train wreck came in the form of the two people behind the bar. The younger fellow couldn’t / wouldn’t concentrate on anyone other that the two beautiful woman he was fleeting with. The fellow doing service bar worked his butt off pouring drinks. Unfortunately he was inexplicably attired in a Phillies shirt complete with hat on backwards. Just why an adult would be dressed like that is beyond my comprehension. In a dive bar he wouldn’t even stand out, but why here.
    Dinner? We went elsewhere. I was imbarresed.

  2. Food is good and the service hass generally been great, with very sweet waitresses. The woman who owns the place is a little strange though. She spent 10 minutes hitting on my friend while we were seated. That was 10 minutes out of our 40 minute lunch. I was just an amused bystander, chomping my sandwich. Owner’s thoughtlessnes has prevented me from ever returning. Lady, we are not there to enjoy your company, but your food.

  3. Spent two hours at the bar and dinner. The beers are good. The appetizers are creative, interesting and solid. But in our large party the dinners were lacking…they were average, not spirited or sharp. Stay away from the meals, but definately good place for afterwork drinks and great appetizers.

  4. I agree the owner was very rude. I heard her yell at a customer and told the customer to leave. I think the customer said something under her breath and the owner did not like it. The customer did apologize but the owner continued to go on and on. After reading the reviews, I guess the owner has a problem. With other good restaruants in the area, I would suggest to the owner to wise up and realize the customer is always right.

  5. I used to be a fly on the wall here every friday night at the bar. It is one of the nicest (minus the smoke) in Conshi. The drinks are large and made with quality spirits. The food USED to be delicious. Their salads, mussels, calamari, tuna were all unique flavor combinations. The last time I went it was SO DISAPPOINTING. The calamari was still very good. I ordered the lobster mac and cheese and was hard pressed to find a piece of lobster larger then dime. My guest ordered the salmon and the middle was rare. The sides were lacking as well. Not sure if they changed Chefs but the quality of food has gone down.

  6. Ate there about a week ago and my wife and I were treated SO RUDE by the owner and the food was not even that good. If the owner wants to treat people that way then food better improve. Waitress was very nice and was very sorry on how the owner acted.

  7. Had a nice mid-week lunch there this week. Nice service from a pleasant accountant-to-be waitress. Popular place since all tables were full and they took lunch reservations. Food was fresh and well presented. Parking easy.

  8. Kathy – I do Gypsy Saloon’s email newsletter. They used to be open for brunch but have recently decided to close on Sundays. Go back and check them out for lunch and dinner. It’s a fun place! Sorry for any confusion.

  9. Just FYI, one of the reviewers above says there is a Sunday brunch, but I checked the web site ( and it does not list a Sunday brunch. So I called to be doubly sure and they guy said they were not even open Sundays… ah well, the search for a good brunch in Conshy continues!

  10. I ate at Gypsy’s one week ago…waiter was very pushy and rude after we made an honest mistake on the tip, then the manager/owner came up to the table and suggested that we had a problem.. maybe they need to get some manners at this place and realize that the customer is always right.. Food was OK, but owner needs some training on how to address customers properly and appropriately. This by far was the worst dining experience I have ever had… should have gone to Applebees. They would have appreciated the business and our patronage with pleasure. Bad customer relations.

  11. Gyspy Saloon recently added a weekend brunch. It is excellent! We were able to get a table outside while we filled up on a tasty pastry basket, vegetable omelettes, and mimosas. I would definitely recommend Gypsy’s brunch, but beware…it can end up being a little pricey (but worth it!). Conshohocken needed a fun brunch spot. They will even put the game on in the inside for you. I heard they have a make-your-own bloody mary bar but we didn’t try it out. Definitely order the bacon and egg risotto!

  12. One of my favorite bars around. Cozy, well decorated with good food and friendly service. Try the lobster mac and cheese, it is as good as it sounds. Good beers on draft as well. I love this place.

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