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Calling all people who subscribe to the overstated, but no less true theory that bacon makes everything better: report to Mi Pais in Frazer and order Colombian bacon, stat.

This stuff is ridiculous. Think of a normal lardon of bacon, but super-sized, with a crispy exterior, and moist, fatty interior, and you have a sense of the  awesomeness at play here.

Not being all that familiar with Colombian cuisine, we put ourselves in the hands of our friendly server (who is, I am guessing, also an owner). He suggested the¬†Cazuelita Mi Pais ($8) as a good introduction to the cuisine. “Its not too heavy, he told us. It has grilled steak, choirizo, and Colombian bacon, as well as beans, rice and plantains.” Who were we to argue with this logic? After all, he hadn’t suggested the larger version ($11), which also includes a fried egg.

It sure was delicious. In addition to the aforementioned bacon, the beef was thin but tender, with a lovely char. I loved the beans with little chunks of plantains as well. In the bowl it was served in, one could choose to select a single piece of meat and savor it, or simply dig into a bite full of meat, beans, plantains and sauce.

What actually introduced me to Mi Pais was a little roadside sign that just read “Empanadas”, so we ordered a couple of those as well ($1-2). My dining companion put it best after his first bite of the Argentine style: “This is like a meat doughnut.” Word.

Mi Pais actually started out as a little Latin grocer in Frazer, but, in addition to culinary staples, according to a Yelp review I read, they began serving up homemade Colombian delicacies such as empanadas and arepas on weekends, and built up quite a following in the Latin community. Now, we can all try these amazing dishes any day of the week.

The new spot is bright and airy, and has the feel of a family run place. Even waiters not serving our table took the time to welcome us, as if they were genuinely happy we’d stopped in. Lunch service was quick, but the place is also BYOB and would work well for a casual, affordable family dinner. (Bring an Argentinian Malbec.) There’s even karaoke on Saturday nights.

Well, what are you waiting for? Bacon!

Mi Pais
368 Lancaster Ave
Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 251-0956

Hours: Mon-Sat 10 am – 9 pm, Sun 10 am – 7 pm

2 thoughts on “Mi Pais, Malvern (Frazer)”

  1. Awesome food, world class service. Went out few times with my family, and was blown away by the food. Home cooked meal for less than $10. Everyone there is so nice. Very casual and informal environment. It is one of the best tasting food ever. It is different and it is awesome. Do not forget their flans ! I am so glad that finally we have some ethnic cuisine in town which is really ethnic and affordable. It is worth a try.

  2. Clean, super friendly, unassuming, stocked with great international groceries!

    The glowing reviews ARE accurate. The seafood soup was savory and loaded (ok, it should have been hotter but it is August.) The typical dish, the Bandeja, could feed 4 people (only $11.99)I would never eat that much and inquired if anyone actually eats everything on the absurdly loaded plate. “Yes, usually!” was the response. I couldn’t believe I joined that gluttonous elite; it was that delicious.We stayed way after closing drinking our wine and not only were we not shoved out but the owners chatted about Colombia, travel, cultures and our shared interests (cycling) as if we were long lost relatives.I will certainly return with more friends; worth the trek!

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