Grappa Cafe Open in Paoli

A new BYOB restaurant called Grappa Cafe opened on September 1, 2010 in the former Fellini Cafe space in the center of Paoli.

Funny that a BYOB is called Grappa Cafe and has wine on the banner.

Grappa Cafe website is up: (no real content yet)

16 thoughts on “Grappa Cafe Open in Paoli”

  1. Noticed a hand written sign on the door of Grappa: “Closed”. Tried calling the number: Disconnected.
    Are they done? Anyone know the story?

    1. they are gone, closed up shop and bolted out of town. lots of workers in there over the past week or so, throwing a ton of stuff in a dumpster.

  2. What a joke!!
    Took my parents there for dinner,thinking I was taking them to an Italian restaurant.Wrong! After a few mediocre appetizer,the mix antipasto,bland no flavor ,and some overcooked soggy pasta,we ask our waiter ,to speak with the Italian chef owner , and in our disbelieve , he told us that wasn’t going to happen ,simply because the owner are Greek and the cooks Mexican.
    Never again!

  3. Tried Grappa Cafe on a whim and were very pleasantly surprised. Wonderful atmosphere, delectable food and spectacular service from Guiseppe. We will definitely be back…

  4. I would agree with all of the positive reviews on Grappa. I was a big fan of the former restaurant (Fellini’s), but I did notice a drop off in food quality and service over the last several months of their existence.
    I would say Grappa is like Fellini’s with a facelift. I mean that in a good way. They managed to keep the quaintness and the friendly service of Fellinis, but have improved the food and certainly the decor. The decor is simple and classy (in my opinion), but the layout is relativly the same. The prices are similar. My biggest fear was that the site we be a non-restaurant or a restaurant of a completely different theme. I was not disappointed. It’s a great little BYO with a great atmosphere. If you want to have a fun night out without braking the bank……and a nice meal, this is the place.

  5. I’ve eaten at Grappa Cafe a few times already, and each time I am amazed at how wonderful the food is. So fresh and full of flavor, and presented very nicely. GREAT salads, the veal and chicken dishes are terrific, as is the soup, and the pasta. (I like to try different things). The desserts are amazing, but you’ll probably take some home. The portions of all dishes are very generous, and the prices are great. This restaurant is at the top of my short list of favorites! Definitely worth trying!

  6. I ate at Grappa Cafe last night and it was great! Not only are the owners and waiters wonderfully friendly, the food was delicious! My friend and I shared the crab ball app. which was to die for delicious and then we each had a salad which were also great! The atmosphere, warm service, reasonable prices, and delicious food make this a welcome BYO in Paoli! I will be back soon!

  7. My friend Robin and I ate there today. We had no idea it was their opening day. Waiter Dimitri extremely nice as were the owners who introduced themselves. We both ordered their Insalata Paoli. DELISH. Dressing was great…should have asked for the recipe. Decor charming and cozy. Looking forward to going back. Good luck guys and keep up the great attitude…keep in personal (making your way around the tables)…that stuff keeps people coming back…along with the good food.

      1. Any idea on an targeted opening date?
        Will there be a website soon with menues? Looking forward to checking this out when it opens!!

      2. Any news or update on this ?? The phonenumber listed goes directly to voicemail ..

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