Turks Head Inn, West Chester

S. High St. (Across from Courthouse Parking Garage)
West Chester, PA

** Turks Head Inn has closed. **

Rating: 4 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Turks Head started out as a great new addition to the W.C. scene, and has since established itself as a mainstay, improving and innovating as time passes. Don’t let the pub-style facade fool you — inside (and outside on their great patio) is very good restaurant with fresh, trendy cuisine.

Food: American eclectic, often with some game options. For Starters, the Spinach and Arugula salad is a light but very interesting salad choice. The “Tuna Tuna” is a rather boring take on raw tuna, complete with a tuna tartare that had way, way too much mayo. (Go with the salad.) Ostrich tenderloin with a raspberry red wine reduction is succulent and tasty, although mine was closer to rare than the medium rare ordered. On a recent visit, the sweet potato-crusted salmon was flat out awesome — a brilliant combination of sweet and savory.

Bread: Pretty good bread with butter.

Ambiance: Great outdoor patio, partially covered and partially not. If you go, definitely try to pick a time when its nice out so you can sit outside. My only complaint was that the mosquitoes got a bit peckish as dusk settled so bring some spray if you are common snack for the pesky critters. Inside its white tablecloth and candles, and there is a nice bar up front.

Service: A little inconsistent, but pretty good overall.

Value: A reasonable value for a fine dining experience with a solid wine list. Turks Head is by no means inexpensive, but the food is delicious, so the price is worthwhile, especially for special occasions. GREAT NEWS: Turks Head has recently implemented a BYOB policy Sunday – Thursday, making a mid-week trip even more valuable.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 3
Reservations: Yes
Payments: Cards
Bar: Full

3 thoughts on “Turks Head Inn, West Chester”

  1. My wife and I eat at Antonio’s Italian restaurant at least once every 2 weeks. Everything is great from the moment we’re greeted at the door to finishing our night off with an after dinner drink compliments of Anthony and Cindy…the owners. They are always on site and offer some of the finest home-made pasta dishes around. The food is always cooked perfect and the service is impecable. What else can I say…believe me you won’t find a better casual Italian restaurant in West Chester…I guarnantee it.

  2. my fiance and i took antoher couple to this restaurant for dinner…. horrible experience. #1 when i asked her for the wine list she told me she had to go look for it… came back about 5 minutes later and told me she could not find it. then asked me if i really needed to see it.. i said yes!! she came back in another 5 minutes with the list. #2 server was not knowlegable about the menu. #3 there were ants crawling on the table!! 3 strikes and your out! it is not hard to impress the group i was with, we were just happy to be out. maybe if the food was good i would at least give it another chance. not even worth it! too bad.. with the location and the beautiful building it could have a lot of potential.

  3. Warm, friendly atmosphere with a nice mix of clientele. My husband and I have been there twice, summer 05 and April 06 hoping the lackluster food was just a fluke. I just don’t get microgreens salads for $8. It’s like eating a plate of grass. The vegetable crab soup needed more crab and a lot more spices. The pork was dry and the fried ravioli was very disappointing. I ordered it because it was listed as a small plate and an entrĂ©e so I was sure it was a house specialty. I noticed another bar patron hardly touched her ravioli either. No one asked why I didn’t eat my entree. Too bad, because it’s such a great building!

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