Teresa’s Cafe, Wayne

February 26th, 2004

124 N. Wayne Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087

Rating: 4 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Possibly the perfect neighborhood restaurant – good food, great service, nice people. Highly Recommended.

Food: Italian bistro fare, with pastas, pizzas, and a solid selection of meat entrees. The pastas are uniformly excellent and the highlight of the menu. Teresa’s creamy, unique pesto sauce is probably the best I’ve had this side of Italy — its so good that I have hard time ordering anything else. The “Fusili Emiliani”, squiggly pasta with pan seared mushrooms and proscuitto is the top pesto dish, but there are several others to choose from. Good news — the Ravioli al Burro is back, a fabulous roasted red pepper ravioli dish with a browned butter, sage and toasted walnut sauce.

I can’t remember exactly when Teresa’s opened (early-mid 90s?), but for the majority of the restaurant’s life, the menu stayed pretty stagnant. Although I liked pretty much everything they offered, I often wondered why it was never updated. In the past two years, however, the menu has changed several times, so much so that I haven’t even been able to try everything (and we go to Teresa’s a lot). The changes are a great development, however, as they seem to have stimulated the chef’s creativity. Currently there is an excellent pork medallion dish with a wild blueberry-sage sauce over asparagus risotto, served with broccoli rabe. Dishes like this are a primary reason why I now order meat entrees almost exclusively (despite what is written in the last paragraph). There’s also an excellent Osso Bucco, and one can never go wrong with the Tuna or Salmon.

Finally, I’ve never actually had the pizza, but it looks delicious.

Bread: Outstanding olive oil & spices mixture with complimentary Italian bread. Probably the best bread/oil combo in the area.

Ambiance: Just a wonderful local bistro, located smack in the middle of the little village of Wayne. The decor is quaint, modern, and bustling all at the same time. Its loud, but in a good way — you always feel as if you are part of something. The one complaint I hear most often is that the tables for two along the right side of the dining room are too close together — so much so that you are closer to the person next to you (at the next table) than you are to your dining companion. This has never bothered me personally, but its the most common complaint I get from other Teresa’s diners.

Service: The service is top notch. Requests are always fulfilled in a timely manner, and the waitstaff could not be nicer.

Value: Great Value! It’s BYOB, so two can eat dinner for under $40, sometimes under $30 depending on what is ordered.

# of times we’ve eaten there: countless
Reservations: None. Can be a long wait during peak weekend hours.
Payments: Cards

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  1. wggmn3 says:

    we only ate there once just before it closed…I was looking forward to returning to try what the others had had, but then it closed and, from what I understand, it’s lost a lot…am I wrong???…

  2. PeternTerry says:

    We were very disapointed when Andy closed the restaurant for lunch and renovations. I am sorry to read here that fellow posters continue to be disapointed in the “new” Teresa’s. I don’t understand why anyone would change such a successful business. We are lunch foodies and this was our favorite.

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve tried the cafe twice over the last 2 years and both times fell short, so I never went back. I’ve been hearing a lot of bad reviews from friends who’ve been to that side lately, about the service and the food. What’s going on? I love love love Teresa’s Next Door though, so I’m confused, how can two restaurants in the same spot be so different? Hm.

  4. Elaine says:

    We have been loyal fans of Teresa’s since they opened – truly one of our favorite places. No more! The new menu pales in comparison to the old menu. Quality is sorely lacking, favorites removed, and prices are higher. This is a tremendous disappointment. Why were they trying to “fix” something that wasn’t broken? Now there IS something to fix.

  5. Justin says:

    I’ve lived in and around the Main Line for years. I have been to Teresa’s Cafe many times before the new menu debuted, and several times after (it’s only been out for a month or two). While there may have been a shaky two or three week transition period, the Cafe is still the delightful BYOB it has always been, with attentive service and a quality product. I still miss some of the old dishes (Fusilli Emiliani, who wouldn’t?), but my waiter recommended some new pasta dishes for me to try, and I’ve been back several times already for the Penne Putanesca. I noticed that the menu has been changing at least weekly, and on my last visit a new re-incarnation of Caesar Salad and Bolognese pasta had even appeared. The people at Teresa’s are obviously trying to bring something new to Wayne, and still maintain the tradition that made people love them in the first place. Besides, who can beat an affordable Italian Cafe with great food where you can choose to bring your own bottle, or order from a bar that has an educated wine selection and possibly the best draft/bottle beer selection in Philadelphia? Seems like a no-brainer. Check this one out for yourself.

    • mld says:

      Fusilli Emiliani is one of my all time favorite dishes anywhere. Hyperbole? Perhaps. Still, I commend the Teresa’s team for pushing the envelope with food and trying some new and exciting things.

  6. Harold says:

    My wife and I have only been dining at Teresa’s Cafe for less than a year (as we are new to Wayne) but we have had a chance to compare both the old and new menus, and I must say we have been impressed by some of the new dishes. Our waiter recently recommended the Anatra pasta which has braised duck, mushrooms, and currants. It was amazing! I quickly forgot about my old favorite (ravioli con pollo) which I will miss, but this new pasta was far superior. The menu is smaller in comparison, but our waiter told us it was to give more attention to each dish, and I think it shows. My wife raved about the ramp risotto, as a replacement to her old favorite (the grilled eggplant dish). I didn’t even know what a ramp was, but she told me they are wild leeks. Yes, the place can get loud, and the tables for two along the wall are a bit cramped, but it’s never seemed to disrupt our experience. If the new menu is scaring some people away, that’s too bad, but I won’t complain if it means less of a wait on Friday and Saturday nights! Plus, how can you beat your choice of BYO and those amazing beers from next door. We will be back soon!

  7. Aminda baird says:

    Unfortunately, the new reincarnation of the menu
    is inexcusable. We have been fans and steadfast diners here for many years
    and last nights dinner was mediocre & un-understandable.
    The beet salad that in the past was with greens and goat cheese with some delicious dressing now is a miserable thing that makes no sense- a few delicious beets atop some very wilted passed duedate looking microgreens-in a crusty Parmesan thing – they couldn’t be feasibly eaten together and the greens had no flavor – I should have returned it after eating the top part- it just made no sense. The other salad we ordered – the house salad – was tasteless. The waitperson said that the menu was changed to use higher quality ingredients. It seems like a bs answer for a way to raise prices and present smaller portions. The standard salad mista on their old menu had a most delicious dressing and lots of fresh greens. I had a risotto which was quite good. My husband was disappointed to not find his favorite chicken dish of many years- I never order chicken but this chicken dish I always had to sneak bites of with it’s amazing sauce and fabulous risotto cakes. The new chicken dish they recommended was so far from comparable that it’s sad and inexcusable. A lazy cooks rendition of almost dried out chicken over risotto- no sauce and little flavor. Do they think we are stupid? Better ingredients- no- less work and expense for them- yes. When I told the manager he gave a pathetic “sorry” and said check back again. Sadly, the new menu had few choices. I used to love their fish but saw it on a few plates nearby and was so glad I hadn’t ordered it- it looked so bland and unappealing- no presentation whatsoever. Likewise a nearby pasta sauce. Did the chef change or management say he/she had to save money? But dishes can be tasty and delicious and presented well anyway. This was our favorite BYOB restaurant. Now I wouldn’t return as even their service has gone downhill. Add that to noisy cramped seating which we overlooked for the yummy food. :(

    • Kelly says:

      Wow. I too have been a fan of Teresa’s for a long time. While I agree that the introduction of the new menu was surprising, I don’t think it’s the tragedy you make it out to be. The food continues to be new and interesting, and I’ve always found that they have a way of combining interesting and unusual flavors. I’ve never found the food “bland and unappealing”. (By the way, I must applaud you for your discerning eye, I can really take you at your word now that I know you can speak for others’ restaurant experiences just by looking at the food around you. Way to go.) And all of a sudden the “service has gone downhill” because you didn’t get the answer you wanted from the waitstaff and manager? Sounds like you just sat there sulking because things changed and no one coddled you.
      I’ve been to Teresa’s before and since the menu change. Yes, it was good before, and it is still good now. You might want to go in and try some of the new dishes- the Mirtelli salad is incredible and veal and halibut dishes, delightful.

  8. Christine says:

    Teresas new menu? What is going on?? Not a fan. Our waiter tonight even mentioned that all of their patrons recently have complained about the menu change and that they will son be renovating the restaurant. NOT a good change. Won’t be returning until their menu improves. So very disappointing

  9. Bruce & Dawn says:

    We were invited by friends to meet at Teresa’s Next Door for Brunch this past Sunday Dec 19th 2010.

    We went out on their website to see what they offered and what the cost would be, since being located in Wayne sometimes the stores there do not realize we were in a recession. The website had a link for their Brunch menu but when selected it displayed a Page Cannot Be Displayed page.

    We had their Morning Mess @ $14.00 and 2 eggs sunny side up with an order of toast and 2 coffees at a total of $26.40

    This would have been OK if the food was warm and at least good. I asked for jelly for my completely dry toast and they did not have any.

    We will not be back to either place.

  10. Valerie says:

    My husband and I went to Teresa’s Cafe last night based on reading many strong reviews. In a word, it was underwhelming. The menu consisted of fairly standard Italian fare. Our appetizer of cornmeal crusted artichokes was delicious and the highlight of the meal. The entrees we ordered however left much to be desired. I ordered the Linguine Pescatore and my husband another pasta dish with sausage, mushrooms and mozzarella. In both dishes it was apparent that the pasta water had not been salted and both dishes lacked seasoning. My Linguine boasted a saffron broth on the menu, however the presence of saffron was undiscernable, and the color of the broth was a grayish-orange, however all of the seafood was cooked to perfection. In my husband’s dish either the mushrooms were not fresh or they were washed rather than wiped off as they had a spongy/rubbery texture. I wouldn’t say the food was bad, but it lacked flavor and finesse. Dessert was just ok. Our waiter was friendly, but service was very slow and the place was so noise he couldn’t even hear questions we asked him about the specials and just left our table. They really need to put something in there to help with the acoustics because I was yelling at my husband all night and could hear conversations at the adjacent tables much better than my own. The seats at the tables for 2 are simply too close together. Given the rave reviews, overall it was a fairly disappointing meal.

  11. Ray says:

    One of the most consistently “good food” places around town. Obviously, it gets a deservedly good play, and that makes waiting an issue most of the time. The row of tables on the right wall are too small and too close together, and the decibel level is high. But, if you are looking for good food first, you’ll find it here.

  12. Adam Goshorn says:

    Three of us in for dinner on Friday and were waiting for a fourth. During that hour we ordered at least 10 cocktails and four appetizers while waiting. The waiter approached us and asked us to order entrees or to leave. Note we occupied the table less than an hour and when we decided to leave due the waiter being rude our bill was $100.00.

    We have been there several times prior and have hosted 8+ parties. Not again!

  13. dc says:

    What happened to this place???? We had dinner there on Friday night and the food was just slop. Their signature pizza was just awful and just plain old slop. I had a great meal here a number of years ago, but this visit was really poor. Service was below average which seems to be the standard on the mainline.

  14. Jennifer Simpson says:

    I think that this is the first review I have ever written re. a restaurant but I feel the need to share that the staff at Teresa’s is rude, just plain rude. Tonight I heard yet one more time a story about the rude comments made by people who work at Teresa’s cafe. In my own personal experience, I had staff who had just served my friends and me drinks, proceed to go to the back of the restaurant and loudly talk about us because they wanted us to leave so that they could go to a birthday party. The lack of maturity, and the passive aggressiveness was unnecessary. A simple “I am sorry we are closing” would have sufficed. I am writing this because I hope the management of the restaurant is reading this and will address the problem.

  15. GO PHILS!! says:

    GO CARDS!! I have to agree with you, I wish the Lobster Ravioli would go back on the menu. My kids love it!

  16. […] same management and located “next door” to Wayne mainstay Teresa’s Cafe. (Actually, they share an […]

  17. GO CARDS!! says:

    Lobster ravioli was back last night as a special. I wish they would put it back on the menu permanently.

  18. Suzanne says:

    Why won’t they take one table out from along the wall so there is at least another inch of privacy, and PUT UP SOME NOISE REDUCING PANELS!!

  19. Lexie says:

    I came here for dinner and it was pretty good. I had spaghetti in a spicy marinara sauce and it was nothing but delicious. The waiter was very nice and truly accomodating. Everyone else that I was with said that their meal was very good as well. I think that they might need to vary their menu with a little bit more selection then pasta but it was a good experience!

  20. Sweet Basil says:

    Husband and I went to Teresa’s Cafe on the strength of all these excellent reviews. We were a tad disappointed in the place. It was packed for a Friday night with a 45min waiting time at around 830pm. We had a drink at Christopher’s and waited in anticipation.
    Food: menu was kind of standard fare, nothing earth shattering or interesting – quite uninspiring. Did someone say that the menu was changing?
    Mood: is it me or is it too bright in the resto? it was noisy and far too bright for a relaxed dining experience. Not to be picky but there was no artwork or flowers or anything to break up the monotony of the place.
    Service: our waitress was rather spaced out and forgetful. we left unsure whether Teresa’s served dessert as we were served with the bill before tea/coffee or sweets.

    Teresa’s Next Door has a better menu and selection of beers and a more fun place to hang out than the original Cafe.

    Sola on the other hand was a sublime experience. Quite unparalleled in my opinion.

  21. LT says:

    New menu equals bad decision. Where did lobster ravioli go? I heard a lot of people complaining about the new menu on Friday night.

  22. Ang says:

    Stopped in for a quick meal the other day, ended up eating ourselves silly. the food is simple but amazing and the place is bustling and cozy.
    The service was great, and they have wine there now too. We didn’t have a bottle on us but they now have wine and beer, but are still a BYOB, which is appreciated.
    Try the pizza and the anglotti, both were amazing!

  23. Lori says:

    Absolutly Fantastic…i will return again and again! I can’t wait to come back to have the Eggplant again! Compliments to the Chef! Mwah!

  24. Andy says:

    My wife and I went to Teresa’s a few years ago, haven’t been back since, and found a green bug in my salad. I had to ask to have it taken off the check. The time previous I found a long black hair in my food. Again, I had to ask to have it taken off the check and did not receive an apology.
    I have dissuaded friends from going there with these stories. Never been back and never plan on going back.

  25. Alex says:

    I have eaten at Teresa’s Next Door several times since it’s opened and have never had a bad meal. As a matter of fact, the food has always been excellent!! The muscles there are some of the best I’ve ever had and their cheese menu is amazing. I can continue on about their burgers, salad, Cuban sandwich, ect.. but my recommendation is just go and try it all.

    I find the wait staff to be very attentive, friendly and extremely helpful, especially with finding different and new beers that are in line with my taste. Each time I go, it is always a pleasurable experience and, living in Chicago, I find it to be very reasonably priced for the type of fare they have. I have several friends who travel to Philadelphia for work and I strongly encourage them to make it a point to travel into Wayne and eat there.

    While the wait can be long at times, I believe that it’s absolutely worth it!

  26. Carrie says:

    I had dinner at the cafe and drinks at the bar before and after, and both were amazing. The wait was loooooong, but it was also a Friday night at 7:30, so it wasn’t really surprising. The food was great ( a pizza for him and the fish special for me) and so was the beer (some raspberry thing?) and the staff in helping figure out what I would like (fruity and white beers we figured out) . It’s great there because it isn’t a kiddie bar, full of 22 year old recent grads acting up. They had a very low tolerance for kiddie BS, which is refreshing on that street. We’ll be back soon for dinner on the bar side, I was dying watching the food come out while we were waiting.

  27. Brian says:

    I recently had a great experience at Teresa’s with my girlfriend and our parents. The food was amazing as we’ve come to expect, and the service was also outstanding.

    However, I feel I have to voice my disapproval of Teresa’s policy of not accepting traveler’s checks. My girlfriend’s parents flew here from Chicago to see her graduate and this evening out with me and my parents has been planned almost a month in advance. The evening was perfect until we discovered this unusual policy the hard way, as my girlfriend’s mother had already written out the checks to Teresa’s.

    A manager explained that the owner’s reason for instating this policy had to do with past trouble cashing traveler’s checks due to the name “Teresa’s” being spelled incorrectly.

    HERE’S A WILD IDEA FOR YOU, SIR – Instead of taking the easy, boneheaded way out, why don’t you make sure people have spelled the name right before they leave? Maybe train your servers to enforce this? Wayne is a big enough deal of a town to have its own hotel, which means its fair share of travelers pass through on a pretty regular basis. Teresa’s is within pretty good walking distance of Wayne Hotel, no? Then it stands to reason many of these people may be considering you as an option, and I’m sure a few of them are carrying traveler’s checks with them.

    My suggestion is that instead of creating a policy that will not only aggravate these people and most likely lose you future business, maybe you find a way to handle the problems you had in the past in a way that might actually require some effort on your part.

    I will give the manager on duty tonight (2/2/08) as well as our server (whose name I did not catch but who had a French accent) all the credit they deserve in being polite and accomodating to our situation. I feel bad that we had to be “those people” who raised a fuss over payment, but I stick to my opinion that your policy is really quite boneheaded and unnecessary. Had your manager not agreed to accept the checks, I can assure you we would have had no plans on ever returning to Teresa’s. Please consider that, and consider it again when you get yet another complaint about this policy (I’m very certain ours wasn’t the first).

    Also, this is probably out of your hands, but it might be possible to train your hostesses for “crowd control”. A gentleman from a party who was apparently waiting for our table made several appearances throughout our meal, poking his head through the door and giving everyone at my table dirty looks. I certainly don’t need that nor do my parents, my girlfriend, or my girlfriend’s parents, as we sit peacefully and attempt to enjoy ourselves. This person was literally giving all of us dirty looks and shaking his head in disapproval at us, as if we were inconveniencing him by being there. I made sure to say something to him on the way out, but really, could one of the hosts/hostesses maybe have kept him away from the door? Had our parents not been there, and had the dirty looks been directed towards my girlfriend, more than a comment would have been sent this guy’s way.

    Please keep in mind that while I have been longwinded in my complaints my overall experience at Teresa’s was a positive one in most aspects. But I hope you will consider my suggestion about the traveler’s check policy, and try as best you can to keep impatient guests from trying to ruin other guests’ experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We’ll be back!

  28. Angela says:

    Stopped in for a quick bite and wound up stuffing ourselves silly.
    We couldn’t decide what to eat so we decided to split an app, salad and then share two entree’s. and dessert…okay, two desserts and a cappuccino. The Pizza is great, we had the classic as an app, the salad was crisp and delcately dressed, not drenched, and the entree’s made me keep eating long past the point of fullness.
    Then the desserts, so much decadence delivered the final punch, we could barely roll out of there.
    The service was great, friendly and quick, and the noise didn’t seem overly bad when we were there and they were pretty full.
    I will be there again soon!!!

  29. Bob says:

    Four of us had dinner last night (8/82007)at Theresa’s. No real problem with a wait. One of our group arrived about 7 PM, reserved a table and the rest of our party arrived about ten minutes later. The service was excellent as was the food. Teresa’s is still a BYO, but your wine or beer must have been purchased in Pennsylvania as they now a wine bar next door. My only complaint, and one that my preclude me from returning, is the noise. It was very difficult just to hear the people across from our table. Apparently, noise is not an issue with the owners as the place was packed. No incentive to change.

  30. JAY GATSBY says:

    Well, after eating here for many years – sometimes once a week for months – it has come to an end.
    The NOISE. I know, I know – it’s not noise, it’s ambiance – well, no, it’s noise. And it seems that no one is willing to take a stab at solving the problem. How about a little quiet music in the background – or a sign asking diners to pretend that they are in church instead of at an Eagles game. And so, sadly, I say farewell to good simple food at a reasonable price and one or two servers who know what they are doing. Sayanora and – what, what? What did you say? I can’t hear you!

  31. Katie says:

    Bravo! My husband, and two friends of ours took a ride down to Wayne for dinner on Saturday night. We were hoping to get into Teresa’s but feared we would never get a table. Much to our JOY we secured a table for 4 and the hostess was sweet and pleasant right off the bat.

    We started dinner with salads, two Caprese and one Rucola…the fresh mozzarella on the Caprese melted in your mouth and the salad was seasoned to perfection. We each ordered a different entree: Fusili Salmon; Lobster Ravioli, Fusili with scallops and shrimp and roasted chicken with wild mushrooms and polenta cake. Each and every entree was fresh, cooked to order, piping hot and wonderful. I have to admit Teresa’s was very crowded so the entree’s did take a little while to come out but 100% worth it.

    None of us had room for dessert but we all had coffee and normally I would not comment on coffee but the coffee at this place should not be missed. FRESH, Tasty….a wonderful way to end an A+ meal, great service and great atmosphere!

    We can’t wait to go back.

    PS the couple sitting next to us ended the meal with an amazing looking ice cream Bon Bon….We are determined to try that next time.

  32. Scott L says:

    We had a table for five last night at Teresa’s and really enjoyed ourselves. We brought a few bottles of wine and had an excellent meal. The appetizers were great and everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the Bistecca (steak) it was cooked perfectly and was very tasty. My friend had the gnocchi and loved it, not too heavy, just right. We arrived at 7PM were seated immediately and stayed late. The service was excellent.
    We would and will go there again.

  33. Lisa says:

    Always a great place to go. Timing is imperative to get a table at Theresa’s. Go early or go late. Food always consistant and service friendly. It is loud, but that is part of it’s charm…it radiates great energy that people are having a great time, enjoying whatever wine they brought and anticipating someting good to eat. They do need to get better wine glasses. Sometimes I am tempted to bring my own from home along with my wine.

  34. Marina says:

    We went to Theresa’s last night (been there before and have never had good food, service or ambiance). I have to say, the food was good (exactly what I wanted)and the service was EXCELLENT (a first for this) but I still think it’s ridiculously priced ($16 for a basic pasta with marinara) and I don’t like the atmosphere/ambiance (very loud and crowded with a cold feeling). So although I got to eat exactly what I wanted and our service was good, I still give it a B and will not make this a weekly experience. Probably every now and then.

  35. in the know says:

    The future bar next to Teresa’s Cafe will not be an “English style pub.” It will be a bar featuring artisan and craft beers from local brewers along with selections from around the globe. The food will be designed to compliment the beer AND the wine selections. The wall between the two locations will not be coming down and the Teresa’s Cafe side will still be BYOB.

  36. Dave says:

    The expansion next door to the paint store is true; however, don’t fret. They will still be a BYOB in their current location. The expansion will be a English style pub serving a number of unique english import beers on tap.

    I can’t wait.

  37. Jen says:

    Can’t beat the Rucola salad, and the servers are just so sweet. A little loud, so don’t take people who get jarred by too much background noise. Consistent and tasty, but I hope they don’t forego the main draw in their expansion—Wayne needs this BYO.

  38. administrator says:

    From John (03/04): We go there for lunch very often. This cafe has excellent pasta dishes. Some of the best ones I’ve ever had. Their sandwiches are not bad either. Prices are reasonable, but not cheap. It’s decorated in nice modern motif with exposed brick and black and white photos – very trendy! The atmosphere is nice and a little European.

    From Mari (06/05): Things are changing for the worse at Teresa’s in Wayne – tried to go for lunch with 4 ladies at 12:30 on a recent Wednesday. I arrived first and asked for a table only to be told that we would not be seated until the majority of our group was at the restaurant. The second woman arrived and asked why we didn’t have a table – there were 6-8 tables open and a group of 7 other people waiting in the tiny doorway. It was 90+ degrees outside. A third member of our party arrived and we asked again to be seated – no, the general manager said, no partial seatings, but not to worry as he was “holding” our table. Again 6-8 tables are still empty. We all wanted to order a drink, given the heat outside but he would not seat us. In the meantime, 2 elderly people from the other group waiting in the doorway sat at an empty table next to them, just to wait for the rest of their party. Seven out of nine were there already. The general manager told the older woman to get up, she ! couldn’t sit there. Upon that, they all left. I turned to my friends and said this is “HORSE****. The general manager then flew into a rage and proceeded to scream at us and kick us out of the restaurant (we were already leaving but he accompanied us to the sidewalk, ranting and raving). Outside, we ran into the son-in-law of the elderly woman told to get up and he made the comment that this manager was losing alot of business that day. (In total 14 lunches walked out after being made to wait 15-20 minutes inside when there were plenty of open tables). The manager then proceeded to scream at him. We walked away when the last 2 members of our group arrived. After years of enjoying Teresa’s quite a bit – and quite frequently, I won’t go back and neither will my friends.

    From Mike (01/06): This is just to comment to Mari for her review on 6/05. I wish to apologize for the way the Manger Luke handled your group that day. He was completely inappropriate and rude. He is no longer with us anymore as of October 2005 for that and other reasons and that will never happen here again. I am sorry this happened if you would like to try us again you will notice that Andy, who was the manager here for years, is now back in that position again!

    From Karen (01/06): We recently had a very poor experience at Teresa’s cafe. My husband and I arrived around 7:45 p.m. on a weeknight. There were several 4-person tables open. However, the host told us it would be a 20 – 30 minute wait for a table. We questioned that given the open tables. He explained he needed to hold those tables for groups of four as he couldn’t lose revenue by giving the table to two people when he could potentially seat four. At 7:45 pm on a weeknight, I think this is ridiculous. Wayne isn’t center city – most people are not arriving to eat at this hour. Well, he absolutely refused to seat us so we went next door and had an “OK” meal there and will never return to Teresa’s again. When we walked past 45 minutes later after our meal, those open tables were still open and had clearly never been filled. I guess they really aren’t interested in maximizing revenue.

    From Caralee (01/06): I’ve enjoyed Teresa’s for 2 years now. The food is high quality, filling, but not heavy. I am also glad there is a quaint lunch place in Wayne, as Taquet and 333 seems a bit too MainLine-ish! Wonderful as take out.

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