JB Garrett’s, Rosemont

February 1st, 2004

Garrett Ave. & Conestoga Rd.
Rosemont, PA (Garrett Hill)

** JB Garrett’s has closed its doors. A sign on the door says that The Grog will open in the space sometime soon. **

Rating: 3 out of 5 silver spoons

Overview: Formerly the Brick Bar, Garrett’s has been redesigned into a more upscale bar and restaurant with a much stronger food focus.

Food: Solid “bar food” menu of burgers, wings, etc., but also an impressive entrée menu of pastas, seafood and steaks that, at least on paper, seems to be far more than upscale bar food. Both times I’ve visited, I’ve only had time for a quick sandwich — the burger is a solid choice and the pork bbq sandwich was tasty but as a sandwich was ludicrus — a fork and knife were required. Although I haven’t had the time to sample any of the entrées, I was impressed with the selection for a place known as a bar more than a restaurant (at least so far). There is also a rumor that Bruce Springsteen himself is a huge fan of the peanut butter pie… so much so that he has them sent to him in New Jersey. Don’t believe it? Ask your server about the autographed menu hanging on the wall.

Bar: Nicely stocked bar that is clearly aimed to attract a more upscale audience than that of the college-focused Brick Bar.

Ambiance: Totally different than the old Brick Bar. When you enter there is a small bar area to the left and a larger dining area off to the right. There is a removable shade separating the two areas — assumedly to keep smoke out of the dining area during the dinner hour.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 1
Payments: Cards
Bar: Full

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