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  1. So, a couple of months back, JD McGillicuddy’s took over the space on North Wayne Ave which used to house The Boathouse, a great sports/family restaurant in Wayne. Well, I have been to JD’s a couple of times since it opened and I can report that it is absolutely awful. First, the place has no crowd on two different trips; the wait staff outnumbered the paying customers. I will get back to the wait staff later. Second, the beer out of the taps was served in a warm/dirty glass. You should stick to bottled beer if you decide to check it out. Third, the food is terrible. Now, I am not a picky eater. If I am out for a couple of beers with friends or happy hour, normal bar food is fine with me, but what this place offers is barely edible. The potato skins came out cold covered in cheese whiz and the wings had more bone than meat. Now back to the wait staff. They seem to be more worried about hanging out with each other and who has a bigger hangover than actually serving the customers which, again, are few and far between. Bottom line, I would avoid this place at all costs. It is simply awful.

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