McKenzie Brew House, Malvern

240 Lancaster Ave.
Malvern, PA

Rating: 1 spoon out of 5

Overall: Brewpub in the Frazer area that features a fun bar scene, casual, family-friendly dining, pub-style atmosphere, well-crafted microbrews and outdoor dining, all under one roof. Unfortunately, the food and service are both consistently bland.
Food: The fare is varied, but generally unspectacular. We started with the seared tuna in wasabi dressing, which was surprisinly tender and good (sometimes this type of place can ruin fish — not the case here). The burgers are quite good — charred on the outside and a tender pink within, but the insipid french fries leave the entree lacking. The chicken pot pie is ok, but not something I’d order again. A turkey panini sounded good on the menu but left me disappointed.

A nice selection of everyday beers and a few specialty brews. My favorite was the Black Lab Stoudt, but I probably could have told you that before setting foot in the place. It was quite flavorful, and slightly but not too bitter, with a nice coffee finish. Amazingly, the buttery (seriously, like popcorn) light lager was another favorite, since I usually think light beers are boring. This one, however, was packed with flavor. The seasonal Irish Red was also quite tasty.

Ambiance: Loud as heck! Seriously, it was pretty loud almost everywere, especially in the upstairs and downstairs bars. Later in the evening there was a band, which seemed pretty unnecessary (and loud). The non-smoking dining area was slightly quieter, but not much. It’s a happening place though, so we didn’t really mind the noise. It would certainly be nice if one of the bars was non-smoking (at least until 10pm), so waiting diners didn’t have to deal with that nonsense. Also, there’s a good-sized outdoor area open in nice weather.

Service: Service has gone downhill — we waited in the entryway for a good few minutes before being greeted, and waiters are not attentive.
Value: Ran about $30 per person with an entree and a couple beers — about right for what we got. Nothing outstanding from a value standpoint, but hardly a ripoff.

Number of Visits: 3
Cards: Yes
Reservations: No
Bar: Full

64 thoughts on “McKenzie Brew House, Malvern”

  1. Out of country for some time and have not been to McKenzie since 2010 and glad to say my experience with quite good. Brews were world class (I lived in Brussels) and the food tasty (shrimp & crab mac and cheese awesome), obviously made with great care and service friendly and efficient. Really recommend dining on the patio with blazing fireplACE.

  2. When I have to go out to dinner with all three kids in tow, this is not a bad choice. Plenty of bland fried food to keep them stupified, and alcohol for the grownups. I could see it being a decent after-work destination as well. But no one should come here seeking some sort of special food or beer experience. The food is aimed at the middle of the spectrum, and it’s pretty clear they’re trying to keep costs under control, so quality is not the to priority. That’s not an evil thing, it seems like a conscious choice on their part. The beers are all sort of blandish, watery, dumbed-down versions of the styles. Nothing challenging. Which again, I suspect is deliberate on their part. So don’t take my comments as a criticism–I’m not saying they screwed up. But know what you’re getting.

  3. Another pleasant experience last night. I sat under the arbor on the patio and enjoyed cocktails and apps. Great calamari (order it with hot cherry peppers) and Greek sampler plate with tzatiki and hummus. Server was busy but was pleasant and informative. Highly recommend.

  4. The beers are good, the outdoor patio , deck and bar is great, the downstairs bar is great. The food is absolutely horrible, just plain bad. I would love to go back with the family just for the atmosphere and the beer but the rest won’t go, because of the food, and they are not picky eaters.

  5. Ambiance, pretty good on the deck/patio. Food, I would recommend the soups, and the caesar salad, but the mini kobe sliders are bland and flavorless, not to mention overcooked. Drinks (I don’t do beer), pretty good, especially the mojito. I would go again for cocktails and appetizers on the patio, but not for dinner.

  6. I gotta say, the place just isn’t the same beer wise since the dude(Scott) left.
    Food so-so and the beer is so-so too. Don’t bother.

  7. Here our take after four visits in the last year(2008)

    The food: Better than a national chain, but almost seems like it wants to be one(I think someone else made a similar comment). Overall, not bad and a decent value for what it is, don’t expect anything innovative.

    The beer: None of us get this. Believe me, we know our beers, but they failed in this department. The “Belgian” thing is way too much, and the beers are trying to be “cute” just don’t work. Most of the beer was very cloudy. Sorry, I’d rather see a beer I like on tap. We switched to wine after our second visit. Much better beer choices in the area, TJ’s or Teresa’s next door. A brew pub that doesn’t deliver the brew.

    Service: Service was pretty good, again what you’d expect from place like this. Not really attentive, but it was fairly decent.

    Atmosphere: If your looking for a family experience get there early, as it’s more for the younger crowd later in the evenings. It was pretty darn noisy.

    Overall we’d give it more that one spoon out of five. We all agreed on two and a half.

  8. Well, as promised, I’m reporting in about our dinner LAST Saturday night with our friends. All I can say is that it was wonderful. The food was extraordinarily delicious, everyone loved what they ordered, the service was great, and it wasn’t noisy at all! We were there between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. and sat in the room to the right of the bar. Actually, the waitress was thoughtful enough to suggest we order LESS food than we started to because she thought it would be too much for us to eat! And she was right, because we were pleasantly full with what we ordered.
    All in all it was a great experience, and we plan to go back again and again.

  9. Last Saturday, my husband and I came to Mc Kenzie’s on the recommendation of our daughter who thought it a good choice for us. We were seated on the outside deck which was comfortable and clean, and the food, (I had the blackened salmon salad, my husband the roast beef sandwich), was excellent! The service couldn’t have been better. The prices were very fair, and all in all it was such a delightful experience, that we’re bringing friends there this Saturday night. I don’t drink beer, but my husband had no complaints about the beer he had. I just hope that this week’s experience is as good as last week’s was. I’ll possibly write again for comparison. Stay tuned!

  10. I have gone twice and the service was fair to poor both times. All employees I interacted with were lackluster, uninspired and indifferent. Fortunately the dishes I ordered were good. I am sure some people may have had better experiences but mine were forgetable. This is a restaurant review not an immature commentary on other diner’s personalities.

    The food was fine, the service was not. Forgotten salads and drinks, disappearing waiters, bartenders who act like they can’t be bothered…I won’t recommend.

  11. Good Afternoon,

    I just wanted to provide you with some feedback from my dining experience after recently visiting your Malvern McKenzie Brewhouse. I actually have nothing negative to say about anything, only positive feedback. From the moment I walked in, to the time that I left your restaurant I was extremely pleased and look forward to my next visit. The design of your the place is excellent (very spacious – you don’t feel like you are sitting on top of others) and I was impressed with the outside deck and bar. The waitstaff/server/bussers were all friendly and accommodating. The table, booth, floors and even bathroom were all extremely clean. The food (as always) is excellent and very reasonably priced. The time that it took from ordering my dinner to the time that it was ready was very fast as well. Overall, I just wanted to say thank you for a great dining experience. Please don’t change a thing! And, hopefully you can share this positive feedback with your staff whose hard and detailed work does not go unnoticed.


    Keith C.

  12. Having read some pretty poor reviews here, I was not particularly enthused about joining a large family group for dinner here on the 4th of July.

    But – I have to say it was a very pleasant experience!. We were 22 people all told – and had a large seating on the deck. The two waitresses serving us did a fantastic job. They were attentive, got many drink orders and supper orders down pat. The food came pretty quickly for such a large group. And they kept smiling!

    The food was good, the prices were reasonable, the service superb. What more could we ask for? While the inside may be different – with a diffrent crowd – we couldn’t be happier with our “on-the-deck” experience.

  13. I’ll agree that the majority of the year round tap list lacks character. But believe Jeff when he tells you to try the seasonals. Always ask. I’ve had a more than a few brews there that were worth the visit. I’ve only ever been to the bar and had a few apps but the service has never been what i would consider poor. My only real gripe would be that quizzo is just painfull! Its like listening to Ben Stein read aloud from the New England Journal of Medicine. Was that too harsh? Anyway enjoy the beer. ….. my 0.02$

  14. F+ rating for this place. There is ONE reason and ONE reason only to go here. The $10 nachos are ginormous and really good. I try to choke down one of their beers with them while I’m there. Their beers are just really poor excuses for beer (I am a real beer nut and know my stuff). If you have to drink anything, get the stout or one of their seasonals on the special menu. The others are horrid. Anyway, the rest of the food is not good at all, their service is terrible, and many are criminals, as some have said here. At my last visit several months ago, I heard our waiter say to another waiter – “Oh, John? He doesn’t work here anymore, he’s in jail now.” and we went on and on about how many former employees were now in jail. Nice!
    It is a shame there are enough people with bad taste in food and beer that the place remains packed night after night. I mean, Maddies was pretty darn poor and deserves the 5 cars in its lot now that McKenzie’s is there, but, this place is still booming??

  15. I’m not from this area but a friend took me to McKenzies in Malvern. We had a very nice lunch in the back patio. The service was fine. Not knowing what kind of beer to drink they brought out a sampler. I had a very nice citrus beer, very close to Blue Moon. My lunch was nice. I had a hamburg done just right,Wish they offered a smaller version a person with not a big appetite. I don’t know where the other comments came from as my experience was very good and i would definatly return.

  16. I was meeting friends for a birthday celebration. I had about five large bags in my arms with gifts in them. After finding NO parking on a Thursday night except in a lot next door, I struggled in with my packages. Three hosteses watched me struggle with two sets of double doors and giggled to each other. When I finally made it in the doors they looked at me like I had three heads. I asked where my party was by name I was pointed to, “back there.” What? Back where? The waiters weren’t much better, but I have to say the food wasn’t bad. It was average. So if you don’t mind rude service, go for it!

  17. I used to work for the owners when it was Cafe la grande and it was excellent then as they would have it no other way..i miss the old place but i have eaten here dozens of times and usually still do about twice a month and i have never had bad service and being in that line of work i am quick to pick..i have never had less than great food and i am not a drinker or no longer into the party scene but as packed as it gets i think it is divided nicely and doesn’t interfere ith dining..i am sure as ith anywhere there can be an off nite but i am also sure they ould handle it right if someone as not any case these negative reviews are a small percent of opinions because just last week when i went they had a guy directing cars to open spots when they came available in the parking lot because they are packed every if you never ate there before,take a chance,my bet is you will be happy

  18. McKenzies is a horrible place to take your money. The food is mediocre at best. The service is worse than the roughest dive bar from my college days. The management hasn’t got a clue. I once returned a calamari to the kitchen because it was obscenely salty….the manager brought back the SAME plate to me and told me that the chef had tasted it and that it was fine. The “chef”?? Then my server and I argued about the free beer that was supposed to be offered with the prime rib special. He said she didn’t get one……the tabletop display said yes. He finally brought it to her with great disgust. A moment later we watch our server and the manager have a very excited conversation while actually pointing at our table. Some angry words, some laughter. All this while we had all three courses of our meal sitting on the table at once. Learn how to fire your food. He actually asked us about dessert while salads and entrees were still on the table.


  19. I have never felt so strongly about a bad dining experience. But my recent meal at McKenzie’s Brew House in Malvern was so terrible I believe I have to say something.

    Our waiter’s attitude was the first clue. He clearly hoped to turn our table over as quickly as possible. He rushed throughout the service (it was early in the evening and the dining room was not full), and my guess is he knew that his only way of making any money is by volume. But he was generally polite.

    The worst thing about our experience, by far, was the food. It was disgusting. Nothing appeared to be fresh except the special. And this was a Saturday night. Unfortunately I know that a fruit fly in the dining room is a clear sign of many more in the kitchen. My wife’s chicken sandwich was undercooked, bland, and ridiculously smothered in bleu cheese sauce. All she could eat were her french fries. With the exception of the special, everything about my meal was badly seasoned, clearly not fresh, or both. I don’t mind being served food that is not prepared all that well, but to pay for something that clearly shouldn’t even be SERVED is a disgrace.

  20. just for public knowledge: McKenzie Brewhouse is not a chain. There are two locations, family owned and operated.

  21. it seems that people only write negative comments in here. First of all, the chaddsford location, client wise, is nothing like the location in malvern. To say that “the club culture,” contributed to the shooting of a man with a criminal backround is preposterous, not to mention that half the people that frequent any establishment, right over the DE/PA border, after 1 AM are already tuned up and looking to get drunk. When people who have differences drink there is bound to be some trouble.

    Given the countries current economic woes, as a business owner, I don’t think anyone can afford to turn away business from anyone. i think you have to give people the benifit of the doubt. I’m not really sure what club culture refers to.

    I frequent the malvern location and love the food and service. Occasionally, in any establishment, you are bound to have a bad experience at some point. it is the law of averages, but i feel that McKenzie Brew House is quick to appologize and make up it, in these cases.

  22. What a shock….Have you seen what has been going on in that place lately? Not a surprise in the least. Downhill…and quickly….Someone call the the LCB..and FAST

  23. For those who wonder what this place is like and why some on here seem so quick to bash it, the club culture that they have cultivated led to a shooting outside of the est off 202 which left one man dead.


  24. Listen folks, it’s a waste of money, really. It’s a trashy establisment, that has no class. We’ve been there a few times, if you you like MEDIOCRE, then ok. The service is bad, as many posts above state, the food is ok at best, and if you want to call it a strong point… As Stephanie above says, the beer is a horror show, it’s just bad… And from recent news reports, it’s not very safe either. We won’t be back, and neither will our friends or family.

  25. Listen folks, it’s a waste of money, really. It’s a trashy establisment, that has no class. We’ve been there a few times, if you you like MEDIOCRE, then ok. The service is bad, as many posts above state, the food is ok at best, and if you want to call it a strong point… As Stephanie above says, the beer is a horror show, it’s just bad… And from recent news reports, it’s not very safe either. We won’t be back, and neither will our friends or family.

  26. Listen folks, it’s a waste of money, really. It’s a trashy establisment, that has no class. We’ve been there a few times, if you you like MEDIOCRE, then ok. The service is bad, as many posts above state, the food is ok at best, and if you want to call it a strong point… As Stephanie above says, the beer is a horror show, it’s just bad… And from recent news reports, it’s not very safe either. We won’t be back, and neither will our friends or family.

  27. We decided to stop up to McKenzies after shopping. After spending an evening at Sly Fox a few nights before i was anxious to test the beer. If i wrote awful in huge capital letters it wouldnt be sufficent to describe what i was served. FLAT ( light lager) Boring ( Black Lab stout) Service was good ( we were at the bar)
    Wait staff looked extemely sloppy. Might go back for lunch and order an iced tea. Wont waste my time with a happy hour there, Work on your beer and have your wait staff tuck in their shirts and maybe boot the old hag who hovers around the lobby. I’ll take the trek to Phoenixville (Sly)or Downingtown to Victory anyday.

  28. I have been there 6 times so far since it’s opening and have never had a bad meal or drink and the staff is very, very friendly!!

    I think all of the negatives that Mckenzie has received have been from people who are negative people to begin with and are jealous that McKenzie is a great place to eat and have fun!!

  29. We went this Friday, and after 3 visits I think for beer friendly folks like us, Teresa’s next door is the choice. The beer really is not that good, as we tried the sampler again, and some of the beers, were just BAD. Award winning brews? They were in the past, but not now. Don’t bother with the beer. Anyway, the service was disjointed, but nice enough. Food? It’s OK for what it is, brewpub chain food. If you like that, it’s better than most. We’d possibly go back for food, but the beer is just…not good.

  30. I have been going to Mickey K’s Malvern for a few weeks now and have found it fairly enjoyable for whats around us (Its right up the road.) Like it better then Maddies by far (right down the road) lol. But it’s just a bar- The food is ok… sometimes quite good but even at my favorite places you try something new not to happy about it and go back to what you like best. Now if my favorite philly bars were down here no I would not be going. But since they are not this is the best I can do. If I want good food I’ll go to a resturant like Carrabbas. I want a drink, smoke, play the game at the bar and a snack Mickey K’s al work. Now I dont drink beer so dont know about that but the martinis work for me. Not my first choice but certainly NOT my last. But would never take my FAMILY especially my MOTHER! Oh and by the way service is NOT AT ALL that great it does need work.

  31. Just got back from the brew house and had a great meal. We arrived at 8pm and it was a little loud but it seemed to calm down around 8:30 when some of the partons had left. AS far a smoke goes the only place it seemed smokey was in the bar. I was actually surprised at the quality of the steak i had. mabye they have changed things since all of these bad reviews. The waitress we had was very friendly and stopped by often. had the beer and no sore throat. I will be returning again.
    just my 2 cents.

  32. Brought Mom to dinner last night and ate on their outdoor patio… it was the nicest outdoor area I’ve seen along the Mainline. Outdoor bar, fireplace roaring (bit warm though, last night) really nice… martini was excellent as well as the pork chops with chutney. Mom even liked the beer and she’s picky.

  33. I hate to continue the negative vibe but I have to agree with the majority of the reviews. McKenzie’s in Malvern is just not worth the trip. I’m a true beer geek(No Bud, MGD or Coors for me)and enjoy a great meal to go along with my beer. I spend some of my spare time traveling to breweries and beer bars in and out of the area. I even enjoyed the McKenzie’s in Chadds Ford a few years back. Its sad that the Malvern location is so subpar. They got rid of an award winning brewer and their tap offerings show it. Nothing that makes you go WOW, its all very generic (think a Friday’s with a brewery). With places like Victory, Sly Fox, Iron Hill and even John Harvards you can do much better for food and beer. For that matter you could find more interesting flavors down 30 at TJ’s or Teresa’s N.D. As for the criminal element or staff issues I have never had any direct problems. But, the smoke was an issue the last time I was in. For the time, money and enjoyment there are far too many places in the area where you could do MUCH, MUCH better.

  34. had a good experience in April – last night was there and food and service were disapointing

    not sure we go back there

  35. I really must be amongst comedians!

    McKenzies…poor service? Never! Every waiter/ waitress is very attentive and full of cheer! Not something you find in most establishments these days. I just took all my kids and I must say my husband and I were quite pleased we were in an establishment that really knew how to help teens enjoy themselves and helped with the menu selection. I believe if you are going to be disgruntled…then why try it a second and third time? Who’s fault is that! More than likely we have several chicks posing as men and vise versa because, they had an awesome waitress and received wonderful service along with really great food!

  36. Some truth to the service complaints but some of the food is pretty good, esp. for snacks or lunch. Love their salads.

  37. Good times. Like to sit out on the deck, not as loud. Never had bad service so far, and I have been there a few times mostly the lunch crowd. Wait staff, no problems there. Did not like the menu, but you can always find something to eat.

  38. have tried numerous times. here’s my take: not a family place, as it’s a loud obnoxious bar. The staff is completely incompetent, from knowing what’s on the menu, to even telling us the normal everyday beer they have(forget about specials, food or beer!). Food is barely OK, beer is the worst brewpub in the region, when it tastes like metal, or sour, it’s bad folks! IF you like a nite club, this may be the place for you. When people post comments like “Don walks like a bodybuilder” “sleaze ball guys downstairs” I should have known better.

  39. I have nothing but good things to say about that place, besides the cheap people at lunch that cant tip at lease $5 on a bill. The beers are always good, the atomsphere is always fun, however downstairs can be a bit smokey…. Don walks like a bodybuilder!!!

  40. HAHAA

    Nice try “Lucy and Sarah” Your post screams Im from McKenzie’s and i cant take the honest heat……

    That place sucks……And i’ve heard about the criminal element..A co-worker had one of the servers “change” the tip and bill amount on his CC slip…. Nice…

    1. Honestly Darrin, it sounds like YOU’RE the one from McKenzie’s…. how the heck would you know about something like that? McKenzie’s a GREAT place to go. They have an AWESOME staff and their brews are great, especially the light lager. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to hangout and have a good time.

  41. Well I kinda like this place and go there maybe once every week and a half. Staff are friendly and they always say hi and try find time for a talk whenever they can. There is a good selection of food there and its reasonably priced. The service can be a little bit wanting at times though. The beer? Well its a brew house so they won’t have the stuff thats available elsewhere – the stuff I like is the Unicorn – I’ve tried the rest of it (A pretty small selection really) and didn’t like it too much.

  42. I have to say, I’m very disappointed with the posts I’ve seen on this website. If you dont like the food or the service the 1st time, why go back? My roommate and I been going to McK’s since it opened. I have NEVER had bad service or experience, horrible drinks, or rude employees. In my opinion the reason these above people haven’t had a nice time there, is probably because they either are not social enough or give the abrupt, gruff attitude that I’m seeing in the posts. I could also be that they are family and friends of fired employees, this website is for reviews, not vengence. Let those personal attacks and complaints at the door.
    Casey, James, Marc, and the girls at the bar are amazing and we’ve always been impressed with the surprise drinks and service. The bouncers (JP, Tully, and Max) have always been nothing but accomodating and protective or the sleeze bag guys that frequent the downstairs bar on the weekends. I have much respect for those guys to deal with the stuff they do.
    As for the management, Matt, Don, Gary, and the others have always been so nice to us, I would never say a bad word about them.
    So if you dont like McKenzie’s in Frazer/Malvern, don’t come back, because chances are, you’ll have a bad time no matter where you end up and the fun loving people who go there and DO enjoy themselves won’t appreciate the negative vibes you all send anyway. Find another hangout.

    McKenzie’s Brew House… we love ya!

    Lucy and Sarah.

  43. When this place first opened they had good beer and great food. There are several reasons not to go back though. They lost the brewmaster and the excellent head chef. No wonder the food and beer have gone down hill. And a convicted felon working in the kitchen? By definition, a felon is someone convicted of a serious crime, i.e. agrevated assault, robbery, murder, rape among other crimes. I would imagine that would be some cause for concern, particularly among female staff and patrons. I guess they either don’t have to do background checks, or simply don’t care. A word to the wise: why subject yourself to mediocre food and brew (among other things) when there are so many other excellent places? Why risk it?

  44. I’d have to agree with the majority here, and dismiss the reviews by “Penny” and “Steven Shea” as to me, they sound fishy.. As for my review, why is all the beer cloudy? Looks nasty, but just average at best, truly uninspired. They should just give it up and serve better beer like Sly Fox or Victory. The food is similar to a Friday’s or a Ruby Tuesday at best. Service was POOR. On a Wed. night it took us an hour and a half to get in and out. John Harvard does a much better job! Agree with Kirsten, won’t be back…..

  45. They sure did fire the only reason to ever go there… They have the worst management staff in the world..One is on work release, another manager in prison for another 7 months, another manager who had the police show up at Mckenzies to arrest him..and now we hear they have another convicted felon working in the kitchen…And they fire Scott?

    Good move getting rid of the one person that actually cared about McKenzies….

    I will never go back to that place…

    Word is getting around……

  46. Really surprised by the excellent selection on New Year’s eve. Had the pan seared scallops with pomegranate glaze–yummy. Also enjoyed the latest Belgian Saison – unfiltered lots of flavor. The service was spot on! Cudos for a job well done. My friends and I will be back soon.

  47. The location and atmosphere cannot make up for the poor quality and uninteresting selections of the brews served in this brewhouse. The food was ok as well as the service.The handful of times I have been there the noise is almost too much to have a good time and forget having more than one of their stale tasting beers. The only beer with remotely good qualities was the chocolate lab stoudt. There are much better places around the area to go.

  48. They fired the only reason to go there. The award winning brewer. The seasonals were the only real nice beers to drink that he took pride in making. What’s with all the smoke and I don’t appreciate being given the once over by the doorman.

  49. I’ve got to laugh at some of the negative reviews above. I’ve been frequenting McKenzie since it opened and have never had a poor experience. I find the staff cordial, the food consistently good and the atmosphere clean, modern and comfortable and the prices are on target. It’s probably one of the busiest restaurants along the mainline — my guess is that there’s a good reason– they do a good job.

  50. tried mckenzie for the last time. the service is some of the worst i’ve seen, and the manager(we think) was quite rude, an older lady with glasses. they forget the old saying “the customer is always right” Cold food, beer was terrible(it was very good, what happened?) and again, poor service.they made it seem like it was our fault. I’d be surprised if they are open for another year. as stated from a earlier post AVOID MCKENZIE.

  51. Way too smokey downstaires..and did not have such a great barstaff upstaires… I had to wait for my tab 20 minutes on a monday night because the bartender was too busy sitting with some ladies at a table. Instead of getting my tab like i asked..He kept making retarded shot drinks that tasted horrible that nobody wanted or asked for anyway-thank god we didnt have to pay for them…Lazy…..Lazy….Lazy….and what happened to the Quizzo? This place has gone downhill QUICKLY!

  52. 1st off. DO NOT DRINK THE BEER. You will go home with a soar throat. I have been there 3 times. soar throat after u drink the beer. Same thing goes for my friends. What is the deal with the basement bar? So smokey i could not see across the room.

  53. Went in after some friends from work raved about Quizzo on Monday nights…Huge beer selection..loved the stout which was our bartenders choice…Both girls were extremely nice and friendly (even helped us out on Quizzo) Ordered some appetizers Wings were undercooked-The bartender apologized profusely-took them right back to the kitchen and returned with a new batch -which were great. The girls knew the menu inside and out..Went with the redheads recommendation of the filet…Good choice. Took a trip downstaires-which smelled really bad and filled with smoke and poker players. Went right back upstaires…Nice evening..Great service…Will def go back

  54. Stopped in after kennett brew fest for dinner. We agree that service left a lot to be desired. The food was good,but typical for a brewpub, beer was good, what they had at the brew fest was amazing. Only 5 beers on tap! We will try Again next year.

  55. Visited Friday October 6 @ 8:15. Nice spot very airy, comfortable, nice assortment of appetizers, sandwiches and
    dinners. Enjoyed Asian lettuce wraps and the New England Clam Chowder. My boyfriend went for the BBQ Meatloaf which was great! He loved Unicorn Amber Ale and my favorite
    was the specialty Ocktoberfest. Service was attentive and knowledgeable.

    We visited the downstairs bar after dinner they call the Underground Pub and really enjoyed playing pool and shuffle board afterwards.

  56. Not a good experience from the get go. Poor service, waiter had no idea what was on draft, and the food was cold. We both thought the food was truly unispired, and the beer seems better at the other location according to my husband. We’ll stop by for a drink, but that’s it. There are much better choices in frazer.

  57. The first and only time I visited your facility; I was given $10.00 less than I should have gotten in change. Waitress at the time said sorry it took so long we were trying to find change. Since it took so long; we took the change LEFT A TIP and left. When we got back to work I realized the error.

    I called the resturant the next morning and gave all details to a gentleman answering the phone and he PROMISED to call me that day.

    Well it’s been well over a week and NO RESPONSE So that is my first and last time to your facility -very dishonest and no integridy or customer service. To the 4000 employees here in our Malvern location; I will not recommend.

  58. Had dinner and drinks. The waitress was very rude and left before we received the check without telling us whe was leaving. After waiting a half an hour, I found our replacement waiter. He said he couldn’t find us to ask if we needed anything else; as if we moved.

    After leaving no tip for the lousy service and mediocre food, the replacement waiter called our home at 12:45am to complain stating “What did we do wrong to deserve no tip? You have left a bad taste in our mouth here at McKenzies for not leaving a tip.” The audacity of a waiter calling our home for not leaving a tip? The manager said she would comp us for this behavior and our complaint; nothing received in over 3 weeks.

  59. Tried it 3 times and left each time disappointed. 2 nights ago I went with the server’s favorite dish – Seared tuna on a bed of salad with mango & fresh fruit. 1/2 of the tuna was not edible – it was very sinewy. They did comp the meal, but the whole process of sending it back is embarrassing and taints the dining experience. Outside deck is nice, but you are looking at Lancaster Ave and a parking lot. Best they could do in Malvern I guess. Dark stout was GREAT. I would go for a beer and appetizers with a group. Skip the dinner.

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