Maya Bella, Conshohocken

119 Fayette St.
Conshohocken, PA

(610) 832-2114

Rating: 3 out of 5 silver spoons

Overview: Popular new BYOB eatery in the heart of Conshohocken.

Food: Eclectic continental cuisine that borrows from various regional influences. Dishes include filet with wild mushrooms and fingerling potatoes, lamb with summer squash and spinach in rosemary oil and grilled trout with spring vegetables. The most appealing dish was the pistachio-crusted salmon over Israeli couscous with bok choy. Although I ordered the fish medium and it was served much closer to rare, it was very succulent, highlighted by the roasted chunks of pistachio. Overall the menu was a bit limited — only 5 or 6 entree choices (also some pasta choices available). Unless they expand the menu, a dining experience here in the future could hinge on the specials that night — unfortunately neither of the entree specials this particular night were appealing to our party.

Ambiance: Very loud, very dark room — similar to a chic old city lounge. Summer diners beware — it was a humid night outside — and in. There is also a nice sidewalk dining area, gated off with several wooden tables — a big addition to the Conshohocken dining scene.

Service: The restaurant had only been open a few weeks, and they clearly were still growing into their sudden popularity. We had to wait a good 10 minutes before a waiter approached our table to open the wine and serve water. (This is a pet peeve — I don’t mind waiting to order, but PLEASE open my wine right away — once I’m sipping the sweet nectar all is right again!) On the other hand, we were seated for our reservation immediately (although it is a sad commentary on the restaurant business to say that this was unexpected), and everyone was extremely nice and courteous.

Value: Entrees are a bit pricey — an alarming trend at suburban BYOBs — but it is still a BYOB, so value is decent. Filet runs $29 and the Lamb is $28, although the fishes were in the low $20s, a bit more reasonable. Although we did not order a salad, I did notice that their prices were exorbitant, upwards of $12 for a simple romaine. Pasta starters were more reasonable, around $8.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 1
Reservations: Yes
Payments: Cards

4 thoughts on “Maya Bella, Conshohocken”

  1. Food & service were absolutely dreadful! It probably didn’t help that our waiter was a meathead. Small place, pricey entrees ($20-$30). My party of 6 arrived a little before 8 on a Saturday night. We were immediately seated (reservations, although the place wasn’t full so they probably weren’t required on that specific night) and notified that they were out of certain items (there are only about a dozen entrees on the menu). Upon ordering, the waiter said they were out of one entree (apparently he had mixed up the out of stock entree at the beginning). We huddled and came up with our new orders. A few minutes after ordering, he came back and said there was only one filet left (we had ordered 3). So, we had to re-huddle and figure something new out. Oh, and the waiter said if the chef told him they were out of anything else he’d “punch him in the face.” Food arrived in good time. I ordered the salmon ($25-ish). Salmon was small and had absolutely no flavor other than the parts that had been in direct contact with the grill & were burned. Rice was good, but tasted like it was flavored with salt & butter. Greens were ok, but there were hardly any on the plate. If I had paid $12.50 at TGI Friday’s I would have been upset, let alone $25 at an “upscale” Conshohocken BYOB. I could have very easily made a better dinner at home in about 5 minutes with my toaster oven and Betty Crocker. The lone filet was reportedly bland. Other people in my party weren’t thrilled with their meals either. We came to an agreement that the secret ingredient in all of the dishes was salt. Most desserts only had one or two slices left. I didn’t have any, but my other party members said they were OK. Did I mention that the waiter knocked one of our straws out of a friend’s glass and onto the floor? The waiter immediately apologized, picked the straw up off the floor, and re-inserted it in my friend’s glass. I guess the five second rule does indeed apply to trendy BYOBs.
    I do not recommend. I wouldn’t go back even if the entrees were $8.

  2. My guest and I had a most horrible experience at Maya Bella. From the moment we walked in till the end of the meal, the only thing was was good was the coffee. The service was inattentive- as if the host didn’t know how to greet customers. The 10 oz, $12 dollar burger that I ordered was burnt to a crisp. I asked for it medium well, no pink. I have had a better burger at Ruby Tuesdays. The Salmon fennel salad that I ordered after I sent the burger back was greasy and the flavour uneventful. On top of that the Salmon was over done. Then to top things off, they over charged my visa and refused to correct it. When I spoke with Angela Shapiro, co-owner and the wife of Ken Shapiro, she was incredibly rude, denied that her husband or staff could have possibly made a mistake. I will never be going there again and will be telling all of my business and personal friends to steer clear of this restaurant. I will also be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau!

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