Lourdas, Bryn Mawr

December 12th, 2003

50 N. Bryn Mawr Ave.,
Bryn Mawr, PA
(610) 520-0288

Rating: 3 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Quaint little BYOB serving simple, consistent Greek food.

Food: Many traditional Greek dishes such as souvlaki (filet, lamb or chicken skewers on a bed of rice), gyros, and fish prepared Greek-style (oil, tomatoes, peppers). While the food at Lourdas won’t ever astonish, it is unvaryingly a solid meal.

Bread: Warmed Pita with Hummus — different and great.

Ambiance: A small, very bright room that is both casual and comfortable. Decorated with lots of white and blue — a strong Greek motif.

Service: Staff is young, energetic and enthusiastic.

Value: BYOB with very reasonable prices.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 5
Reservations: Yes
Payments: Cards

11 Responses to “Lourdas, Bryn Mawr”

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  1. Andy King says:

    I only have one gripe with Lourdas, but for me it’s a big one. On 3 occasions in the past year I have driven a considerable distance to dine there, and was told after arrival well before the posted closing time that “the kitchen has closed early since business was slow tonight”. I’m not going to phone them and ask how business is tonight before driving over, so I guess that’s it for me. I should think that a restaurant should be required to remain open until their advertised closing hour.

  2. mary says:

    The food is good but the ambience can be horrific. Yesterday our family of five–including my elderly mother was seated beside a table of 6 women with 6 bottles of wine. The lack of carpets meant that the room reverberated with their loud voices and laughter. The couple next to us was equally annoyed by being unable to have a conversation in anything close to a normal voice. We had to shout to have any conversation at all–eventually we just ate in silence. I couldn’t wait to leave.

  3. John Barnes says:

    Our party of four had dinner at Lourdes recently. The food was reasonably good. However the service was remarkable for its unpleasantness. This restaurant is recommended only for masochists.

  4. Kayte says:

    We also had a similar experience to the gentleman that had the manager ask for a greater tip then what we had left. After finishing our meal, we left an 18% cash tip and were questioned as to what had been wrong with our service. We were then told that they expected more – that had there been a problem, we should have “spoken up.” This was all done loudly in full view and earshot of the other diners. It was tacky and shameless. I, and everyone else I’ve shared this story with will never return.

  5. I enjoy eating at Lourdas. Marion , Theo, and Tony are a lovely family. They treat everyone kindly . The food is wonderful and Marion has a beautiful place. My son Jordan loves Marion . She has always treated him so nicely. Visit as soon as you can and when you are finished come see me for a massage, facial, or electrology. Kathleen Mullen

  6. Susan says:

    We ate there once, had a nice enough dinner, and left cash with a generous tip (no credit cards) on the table. We left, walked around town a little bit and on heading back to the car, the owner or maitre’d found us a block away from the restaurant and wanted to know why we had not left a tip. We knew we had, but were pressured into giving another. We felt we had been scammed. Lesson: Never leave cash on the table, always hand it to the waiter.

  7. Richard T says:

    We’ve been to Lourdas many times. We’ve always had an excellent meal and attentive service. Never unhappy with anything there. The owner is in the kitchen concentrating on cooking and not out socializing with the customers. Her son is the Maitre’d. It can get quite busy, so reservations are recommended.Also, may I recommend the “pasticcio” (spelling?) it is the best around! Also, as of the last visit they are NOT accepting credit cards.

  8. John Giannini says:

    My wife and I ate dinner here tonight based on what we read on the web sites. My wife’s entree: Leg of Lamb $23.95 was very disappointing. The first plate came out mostly fatty and she sent it back. The second plate consisted of 4 thin sliced, tasteless, and greasy pieces of lamb. Included were 3 wedges of a potatato, and a small clump of baby spinach, enguled in the greasy lamb’s juice. My chicken breast, halved $15.95 came with the same vegetables. The lentil soup and small wedge of feta cheese appetizer at $4.95 each were very good. However, the feta cheese had only 6 red grapes with it. All considered, we would not return or recommend. It’s rather over priced and over rated.

  9. roxanne says:

    One of the greatest byo’s.Always have fresh fish and delicious meals, especially the moussaka!Best little Greek restaurant all over!!

  10. Martin says:

    I’ve been going to Lourdas for about 4 years and my friends and I love this place. It’s a small place and can get noisy on a Saturday night, but our reservations are always on time – we have never had to wait. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable about their menus, and the food is wonderful; and so is the coffee. Did I mention reasonably priced, too? I wish there were more places like Lourdas, but then I’d have a really hard time deciding where to go …

  11. Marc says:

    Warm Pita with Humus – SO good. The sampler plate was a little much for only 2 people. Valentines day and it was dead in there, but food was 3 out of 5. Chicken was a little dry and I had ordered the Lamb rare and it came out medium. Service was excellent. Prices are also a little high for the food and the environment.

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