Restaurant News Roundup

Wow… lots of restaurant news as the year comes to an end. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Ella’s American Bistro has opened in Devon Square (Acme Shopping Center in Strafford)
  • McKenzie’s Brew Pub is now open in Berwyn (where Charlie Brown’s used to be, near Barnes & Noble)
  • Jake’s Wayback Burgers is open in Strafford (near the Farmers Market), and 5 Guys Wayne (in the old Acme shopping center) should be opening shortly
  • So Fun! Frozen Yogurt has also opened next to 5 Guys in Wayne
  • The bar at Restaurant Alba is now fully operational
  • Pattymac’s in Berwyn is now EmJ’s (under new ownership), and is also serving dinner on Thu and Fri.
  • Saxby’s in Paoli is closing this week.
  • Flavor in Wayne closed this fall.

6 thoughts on “Restaurant News Roundup”

  1. Looks like a new restaurant coming to Wayne, in the old Gourmet Kitchen spot. Jules Thin Crust with locations in Bucks County is coming here in early March, per their website. Looks like they use only organic items in their pizzas, salads, and soups. If the food is good , it should do well, there is a definite gap around here that needs to be filled for healthy/organic ‘fast’ food!

  2. The Paddock shut down without warning on Saturday night (Jan 7th). Why? It was not a happy partnership between the owners and the kitchen and servers could never seem to get a good rhythm going. Greatest bar in town, though.

  3. EmJ’s, went there 1/6/2012 for dinner (4 people). The selections were quite good; choices change each week but you can view in advance from the website. The chef is quite adept at cooking risotto. Service was also friendly and very good. The “food auction”, so typical of Philadelphia area restaurants, was a shortcoming of our waitperson. I fail to understand why wait staff can’t seem to remember who gets what so when they bring a dish out it is alsways “who gets the xx”. This doesn’t seem to happen in other areas of the country.

  4. Starbucks to Villanova? There’s an ad on Craigslist for a Starbucks store manager in Villanova. There’s a store in Wayne and another in Bryn Mawr but nothing in between….Is Starbucks coming to town?

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