Hong Garden, Paoli

36 Chestnut Rd (Chestnut Village Shoppes)
Paoli, PA 19301
(610) 296-9426

Overview: Standard Chinese eat-in / take-out… a step above places that have pictures of the food on the menu, but a step below Margaret Kuo and Yang Ming.

Food: All the basics that you’d expect. Our only “beef” with Hong Garden is that they use way more filler than beef, so an order of Hunan Beef, for example, has far more water chestnuts and bamboo shoots than actual beef. (This, of course, is a common occurrence these days at any Chinese restaurant, so it should be noted that Hong Garden is no worse than most of the rest.)

Ambiance: A little dated, but open with lots of windows. Large fish tanks with ginormous goldfish will keep the kids and kids-at-heart happy while they wait.

4 thoughts on “Hong Garden, Paoli”

  1. I have to completely disagree with the other reviews. I would not recommend this place at all. The food is average-at-best and overpriced, the service unfriendly (Once went with my elderly grandmother who was asking what vegetables came with a dish. The server gave a curt response and then grabbed my grandmother’s menu before she could consider another option.) My advice: drive to Ardmore and right on Lancaster Ave there is a Chinese Restaurant called Chung Sing. No fish tanks but otherwise blows Hong Garden out of the water. Generous portions, very reasonably priced, and super fast service.

  2. This place is great – cozy and friendly atmosphere. I love getting together with friends here. The food is superb as well, not your typical Americanized Chinese food, definitely up a notch. I know lots of people who are regulars here – and all in all, would recommend this place in a heartbeat!

  3. GREAT CHINESE FOOD! The reviewer obviously would prefer Outback steakhouse. Hong Garden is a great neighborhood Chinese restaurant that I have been going to for more than a dozen years and never had a bad meal. Their hot and sour soup is the best and their shrimp with garlic sauce is tops. THeir noodle bowls are just the thing on a cold Winter day. And there are fewer pretensions and lower prices than the other places mentioned above.

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