Jake’s Frozen Custard Coming to Paoli

July 12th, 2010

UPDATE: Jake’s opened on September 14, 2010.

First Whirled Peace brought frozen yogurt, now Jake’s is bringing a new concoction known as “Wisconsin-Style Frozen Custard” to the center of Paoli (in the building just east of Saxby’s on 30).

We don’t know what this custard is, but according to Jake’s, “Once you’ve tried genuine Wisconsin Style Frozen Custard, it is difficult to go back to regular ice cream, almost impossible to soft serve.”

In addition to frozen custard, Jake’s will serve “hot off the grill Brats, Deep Fried Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds and the Best Burgers in Paoli.” (According to them at least!)

There’s plenty more info at Jake’s website. (Special Kudos to the people behind Jake’s for having a website launched and functioning when they put their sign up!)

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  1. Jen says:

    We went to Jake’s for the first time this weekend, wasn’t sure what to expect but wanted to take the kids somewhere different for ice cream. I’ m so glad we went. The owner was there and explained that she makes all the custard – and you can tell. It tastes like fresh, homemade ice cream, none of the artificial flavors that alot of other custards have. I got a brownie sundae and even the brownies tasted homemade, a nice surprise. The portions and prices were about even with any other place in the area. We didn’t get food but will definitely go back for a casual nights’dinner – they get the meat for the burgers fresh from a butcher shop in Malvern and their rolls from a local bakery.

    • Missy Shaw says:


      I’m SOOO pleased you and your family enjoyed your first visit to Jake’s! Thanks too for taking the time to share your thoughts and impressions here on Main Line Dine.

      The staff and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

      Missy Shaw

  2. Mike Harper says:

    We ate at Jake’s Custard for the second time and recently went to there Friday Fish Fry. We loved the two large tender pieces of haddock along with fries[enough for two] cole slaw and a large piece of rye bread. The Burgers were outstanding along with the Brats we ate the last time.
    I missed having custard having come from Madison WI and was glad to find out there was a restaurant that served it-it was a pleasant surprise -authenic-delicious! We always have dessert-my favorite is banana splits!
    The place is bright-with a friendly staff who go out of there way to accommodate you. Its nice to see the owner stop by and say hello and make you feel welcome.
    Try it-You will love it!!!

  3. Sandy says:

    Several friends had told me I had to try a burger at Jake’s. I said I thought it was just Frozen Custard. Was I wrong and do I wish I had stopped in sooner!

    I had a Black and Blue burger which was out of this world! Real blue cheese crumbles and just the right amount of spice.

    Who would have thought I could get a great burger AND delicious Frozen Custard under one roof in Paoli?!? I’m going to try the brat and cheese curds next time.

  4. Wiley Boon says:

    Wow! The brats were just like home! No wait-very friendly service! I will be back many times.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I waited eagerly for Jake’s to open and when it did, I realized it was worth the wait! Great custard (favorites include dulce de leche, vanilla, mint choco chip, well frankly every flavor I’ve tried so far). Also tried the burgers (very tasty!) and fried curds (large enough portion to share with a friend). Have never waited long for my orders. Makes me wonder if the “anonymous” reviewer who complained about a long wait and small portions really went here or confused it with another establishment.

    Support our local main line shops, especially the GREAT ones like Jake’s!!!

  6. PinkPanther says:

    I just came here to give Jake’s high fives for serving up GREAT frozen custard–then I read the two previous reviews–HUH? Were we at the same place?

    Since Jake’s has only been in business for two weeks I’m wondering if those reviews were just a couple of sneaky torpedoes lobbed by a competitor? Seriously, if I had those same problems I would have immediately reported my views to the owner rather than dissing the business later online. I would be curious to learn if these “customers” had actually communicated with the manager.

    Suffice it to say, my experience was the opposite: I’ve been to Jake’s twice already…had a delicious mint chip cone and a dulce de leche concrete with Snickers mix-ins. The portions were quite generous, the mix-ins were abundantly distributed through-out the concrete and the prices were very reasonable. Staff was polite and eager-to-please but admittedly still a bit green as one would expect with a new startup.

    So…I say go to Jake’s and check it out for yourself!

  7. Diane says:

    I stopped in for my first visit last night and found just the opposite. Friendly, quick service and generous portions. The Banana Fudge Nut was creamy and delicious and had alot of fudge and almonds mixed in. I’ll definitely be back to try other flavors!

  8. Maggie says:

    Stopped in last week with my husband for two cones. Had to take a number and then waited at least 15 minutes for the cones. We both had double scoopes of custard which were very small for the price. We saw other people also waiting for their food and or custard. Won’t be back again.

  9. Not coming back says:

    Stopped in Friday night with my wife for burgers, fries, onion rings, and custard. The food wasn’t bad but it literally took 25 minutes for our burgers and another 10 for them to put some custard in a cup. Got about 5 small onion rings in the order so it was almost a buck per ring?! So this definitely isn’t a place to go for cost conscious folks either (or people who prefer average portions). My wife ordered Oreo custard and literally it was 2 scoops of plain vanilla custard with 2 Oreo cookies crumbled on top. They also literally measured each scoop which felt tacky at best. I suppose it would have taken an extra 15 minutes to mix them in? The place wasn’t crowded but we weren’t the only ones in there who had issues. So if you like mediocre food, poor service, and high prices, stop in. If not go to 5 guys and/or dairy queen…trust me you will be more satisfied.

  10. Jeff says:

    We got several different custards and they were all delicious. Very creamy, great flavor and nice variety. Well priced at less that five bucks a pint too. We’ll definitely be coming over for some more moral boosting treats.

    • Missy Shaw says:


      Thanks for stopping in AND for taking time to post on MainLine Dining!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed your custard!

      We’re making Elephant Trax today, Sat., Sept. 25th (it’s chocolate custard with fudge, peanut butter and peanuts scattered throughout).

      Hope to see you again soon!

  11. Missy Shaw says:

    Thanks for the pre-review! This is Jake’s, and we’re looking forward to opening and serving you some authentic Wisconsin fare later this summer. Updates can be found on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jakesfrozencustard. See you then!

  12. thedogatemyhomework says:

    Go Badgers. When is Jake’s supposed to open?

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