Seafood USA Now Open in Paoli

Many years ago, before the Wawa was razed and rebuilt, there was a Seafood USA store in a strip mall in the center of Paoli. When it closed (and the mall was torn down), there was no seafood store between Wayne’s Seafood USA and the Hill’s in Exton. Recently, however, Gadaleto’s opened in Frazer, bringing high-quality seafood to the Western Main Line for the first time in quite a while.

Now, Seafood USA is back in Paoli — they have just opened the building just east of the former Fellini CafĂ©.

6 thoughts on “Seafood USA Now Open in Paoli”

  1. I must say the food at Seafood USA is GREAT. There is a chef there named John. He is such a great help and really knows what he is talking about. He always give such good advice. Every time I prepare my seafood the way he told me to it turns out GREAT. He is very friendly and kind. The whole staff is really nice. They have a great selection of seafood. I will keep coming back.

  2. Visited the store last week! What a great addition. I used to go out of my way to hit the Wayne location.
    Great variety of fish. What I really like is that they always have whole fish. I enjoy cooking a whole fish and fileting it prior to serving. Great Bronzino and Red Snapper.

  3. fisrt off wawa was not razed and rebuit but expaned in to the stores next to it
    and it was not a strip mall it had 2 buildings one with wawa and one with seafood usa next to wawa were 2 other stores.
    that’s it.
    they made a bigger parking lot by tearing down the building seafood was in

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