Mayuree Cafe, Devon


Rating: 3 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Cozy Thai BYOB gem serving excellent steaks and Thai cuisine.

Food: Although there are many traditional Thai dishes on the menu, two menu items steal the show: Filet Mignon and the red curry sauce. First off, you can order the filet several ways: red wine reduction, green peppercorn sauce, and of course with the red curry sauce. Although they are all excellent, the red curry filet is a must have dish — a wonderfully prepared steak in one of the best Thai curry sauces you will ever find. Save some bread from before the meal — you will need it to mop up the excess sauce. By the way, the crispy duck also comes with red curry sauce and is excellent. The food can falter when the restaurant gets extremely busy — even my treasured curry sauce once came out a bit powdery.
Bread: with butter. Save some for later. Trust me.

Ambiance: Not sure about the new location!
Service: The hosts/owners mean well, but can come off as gruff, especially when they are busy. For some this is enough to stay away — for others, this is just a quirky part of their neighborhood spot.
Value: BYOB, great food = great value.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 5
Reservations: Yes
Payments: Cards
Restaurant closes for an extended vacation at some point during the year (I believe in the summer)

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  1. At one time our family used to have dinner at mayuree at least once a week and on occasion multiple times. I lost track of them in 04, and it will be a pleasure to make the reacquaintance. I agree it is the best kept secret on the mainline.

  2. Best kept secret on the mainline. They cook fabulous food from scratch everything with fresh ingredients and wonderful sense of how to use spices an flavors that are complimentary. Very authentic and gourmet at low prices.

  3. We had a delicious meal at the Mayuree Friday evening 8.29.08. Dinner for 2 under 70 with apps. Finally an extra person to help the owners with serving customers. That helped!

    We enjoyed a plate of dumplings before our entrees and each ordered a soup.

    The Lamb with green curry was done perfectly; quite generous portions both our plates. I had a ginger, chicken shrimp & veggie combo, (meats a bit too well done) . My Healdsburg, CA Gewurztraminer went well with both meals!

    We always enjoy dinner at the Mayuree.

    VanMosk 8.08

    1. I drove by the restaurant last night after not getting through by phone and was very disappointed to find that it had closed. Does anyone know if they are opening up in another location?

  4. We went to Mayuree last week on a weeknight and it was packed. I was happy to see that, although Mo was run off his feet.

    We had dumplings, Pad Thai and the rack of lamb. We practically always order the same thing because our son can’t stand spicy food. Maybe next time we’ll get a Pad Pug (all veggies, not spicy) for the little guy and order something spicy for us grown-ups. No desserts. Tiny bill. The food complemented our wine nicely.

    Love Mayuree. I hope they don’t become so overrun with customers that I can’t get seated… but they’re so low-profile I always worry they’ll hang it up, and then where will I be without them?

  5. Went there for takeout recently. Had the shrimp with ginger and mushroom. Excellent. Vegetarians could order this w/out the shrimp or chicken and have a great dish, given all the vegs.

    This charming, odd place is a marvelous find. They gave me, a single order, enough rice for five. Typical of their eccentricities.

    Go and enjoy.

  6. like the people above, I
    I have also been going for many years. There is no word to describe the food because it so delicious and superb. So what If one has to wait longer then the avg. Nice resturant? That’s what one gets for better quality of food. All in all the resturant is 277736363 silver spoons out of 5.

  7. We have been going to Mayuree for many years, the food is consistently good and our favorites include the rack of lamb and the tilapia. The new digs in Devon are much roomier then in Wayne and we recognize a lot of the former Wayne customers have made the switch to Devon. The restaurant is always extremely clean and the owners very hospitable. Try the new steamed dumplings appitizer. Mayuree is still the best eating value on the Main Line.

  8. I go to Mayuree Cafe almost every week for several years now. The service from the owners can be slow when they are busy, but the food is well worth the wait. The price is low . .just bring along a bottle or two and you will be guaranteed a great meal and an enjoyable evening! The Panang and Gang Garee Gai have been mentioned . . don’t miss the Pad Thai or the Tofu Tod appetizer . .you won’t be sorry.

  9. I go to Mayuree Cafe almost every week for several years now. The service from the owners can be slow when they are busy, but the food is well worth the wait. The price is low . .just bring along a bottle or two and you will be guaranteed a great meal and an enjoyable evening! The Panang and Gang Garee Gai have been mentioned . . don’t miss the Pad Thai or the Tofu Tod appetizer . .you won’t be sorry.

  10. My boyfriend and I go to the Mayuree Cafe often and LOVE it! The prices are so low for the quality of food served. We have tried most of the apps and soups and love them all…the shrimp toast is to die for. I’m crazy about the red curry sauce so I always get the Chicken Panang-it’s so addicting! The service is not so great when they are busy, but it never bothers us b/c the food is so good, and cheap and not to mention, it’s a BYOB. Definitely would recommend it!!

  11. My husband and I visited Mayuree Cafe on Friday May 20th at their new location in Devon. We had never been to their Wayne location and were shocked to find out that they have been in existence for 9 years and no one we know has eaten there. I was expecting a very small restaurant where we would be rubbing elbows with other diners. Instead we found a two room restaurant – and we were seated in the second room and were the only two in that room the entire night. The first dining area to the left seemed very full and the owner thought we would be more comfortable in the other room. It was nice for me since I sometimes get that claustophobic feeling in restaurants.
    One note – bring a sweater because I was freezing cold in a short sleeve blouse. Also – bring sunglasses in case you are in the window seat facing west on rt.30.
    We ordered three appetizers – a soup, shrimp toast, and some crispy wontons. All of which were good and came out timely. For dinner I ordered the Filet with the red curry sauce because of the review I read on this site. It was unbelievably delicious and I almost licked the plate. My husband had the rack of lamb which was also good – but not as good as my dinner which he loved as well. I usually love to share…but this was so good I didn’t want to. But I did and he loved it. :)
    I wanted a dessert – it was a rare night out without the kids – but they only had a coconut sherbet which I read great reviews about – but I was too cold for ice cream. The only complaint we had was that they forgot about us when we were finished and we finally had to get their attention to get the bill and be offered dessert. I think this is because we were alone in the back room. The owner was very friendly and busy, and there was another girl working there helping with everything. We never saw the wife.
    Oh – another note – there are soooo many entree choices! I think you need to go in there knowing what meat you want and then it won’t be as overwhelming.
    Overall – we loved the food and the experience and we will most likely go back again and bring friends.

  12. Thanks a lot Mawrter! I’m looking forward to going this weekend. I was travelling for work this week and haven’t had time to go. Thanks again for the directions and maybe we’ll all see each other there one time. But how will we know? ;)


  13. Just had dinner in the new location. It is almost exactly the same as the old – same pink everywhere, same soft lighting, same *excellent* rack of lamb, same harried-but-friendly male owner waiting on too many tables, same really good prices. Lots of happy customers enjoying wine they brought, as well as all the resto had to offer. I’m thrilled they’re in my neighborhood now!

    I wanted to correct my directions – the left turn off Lancaster is onto FAIRFIELD (not Arlington as I said above). Then turn right into the driveway, etc. I don’t think it’s a whole three miles from their old location.

  14. OPEN TONIGHT! New location! Go there now! :)

    Still BYOB. Hoping they’ll have a “renaissance” with the new location, since I’d heard they had slipped some in Wayne.

    Alex, if you are coming from Wayne, go west on Lancaster Avenue. Pass the Devon Horse Show, and go through the next light at Waterloo Road. At this point get into the left-hand lane. Pass the Mercedes dealer, pass Anro, then turn left onto the very first side street – Arlington, I think it is. Anyway, turn. Take the very first possible driveway on the right. Go behind the building and park on the other side – the new location is the westernmost storefront at this little dive-y almost-a-strip mall.

    If you pass it, you will go uphill and be in the middle of a bunch of car dealerships.

    Hoping it will be a new jewel. I loved the pretty decorations in the old place, and of course, the FOOOOOOD!!!

  15. Agreed with Alex, the yellow curry chicken is incredible — it must have addictive drugs in it or something! It’s just the best Thai curry I’ve ever eaten. We were distraught when we heard they’d closed in Wayne, but pleased they are coming to Devon. Regarding the service: the place is TINY (or at least it was in Wayne). so they only had two people working there — the owners. The husband waited the handful of tables while the wife cooked. So yes, things would get out of hand sometimes, and you should NOT go to Mayuree if you are starving and want to eat quickly (you sometimes can’t even get them to bring you bread and water for twenty minutes!), but I have to say, it really is worth the wait. Looking forward to the Devon opening…

    (To the person asking about the location: the Devon Lanes bowling alley building is on Route 30 in Devon, right where it curves, a few blocks west of Waterloo Gardens, on the south side of the road.)

  16. I have been dining here for many years. My favorite dish (Not just here, but period…) is Gang Gareei Gai (sp?) It means Yellow Curry Chicken. But it is out of this world. The owner is not gruff at all, and the wife is pleasant. I’m sure the reviewer that ripped her a new wound doesn’t realize she does all the cooking. You might be a little off if you spent the entire night in the kitchen. Give them a break…the prices are SO LOW and the presentation is something you’d find at MUCH more expensive restaurants. Great food, great people. Does anyone know their new address? Where is the Devon Lanes building?

  17. I have eaten at the Mayuree many times. The food is so good that it more than makes up for the sometimes uneven service.

  18. From J Quest (2/04):
    Rating: 0 silver spoons out of 5
    Service: Extremely poor. The hosts are rude beyond belief. French waiters might be considered polite in comparison. The fact that they are still in business is surprising.

    From LRV (11/04): We have eaten at Mayuree several times. Certain dishes are excellent. However, the quality of service wavers. I have found the male owner to be extremely polite and attentive when the restaurant is not too busy. However, his wife (who served us on two occassions) was very indifferent almost rude and would not oblige any of our requests. That made our whole experience very unpleasant.

    From Jim (11/04): My wife and I have eaten there once together, and then she had dinner with a friend there two days later. Both experiences were fabulous. Mayuree is a real find! We are making plans today to go back again.

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