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the sliverspoon wayne

Ever since it opened in 2005, The Silverspoon (Cafe) has been a quaint place to get interesting and healthy breakfast and lunch. A recent move/expansion to Eagle Village Shops (Spread Eagle Village), however, combined with the addition of chef Ron Sliverberg (son of owners Rich and Ruth), has allowed this little neighborhood cafe to reach new levels of food and service.

The Silverspoon is committed to focusing on local and sustainable meats, as well as whole grains and seasonal vegetables. Touted by the owners as a casual, “bouchon-style” atmosphere, the restaurant is housed within an open, airy room that’s both casual during the daylight hours and elegant after dark. There’s also a great patio out front when the weather is optimal.

Breakfast and lunch are consistent with the experience from the other location, if a bit more elaborate. On brunch special one day was a pulled pork hash – a saute of potatoes and baby spinach, mixed with house-smoked pork shoulder and topped with a couple fried eggs. The dish was rich and extremely flavorful. More traditional options include some interesting omelettes and multi-grain pancakes or french toast.

On the lunch side, we tried the “Cape May” panini (turkey with strawberry mustard, cheddar, and slaw). Though the slaw was somewhat overpowered by onions (a no-no for me), the sandwich was still light and tasty. Sandwiches change seasonally but always feature fresh, interesting combinations.

Coffee lovers might also take note that The Silverspoon serves perhaps the finest espresso in the area – topped with a wonderful crema, it is intense and robust without any burnt aftertaste.

Though brunch and lunch are nice experiences, dinner is truly where The “new” Silverspoon shines brightest. The seasonally-appropriate dishes are inspired and unique. Our meal kicked off with a cold avocado “soup” amuse, a decadently creamy concoction mixed with crispy guanciale (pork jowl bacon) and drizzled with chili oil. The savory flavor and crispy crunch of the Italian delicacy was a perfect addition to a nice meal starter.

A basket of fresh bread and a plate of piquant extra virgin olive oil was also served while we waited for dinner – though nothing out of the ordinary, the freshness of the bread and wonderful flavors of the oil didn’t require any additional tinkering.

As an appetizer, we shared the duck confit risotto with sprout leaves, baby bellas, and pecorino chip ($12 – also available for lunch). The entire dish was drizzled with basil oil, and the combination of the fragrant basil, pungent pecorino, and amazing earthiness of the local mushrooms almost made the duck unnecessary. But who’s going to turn down duck confit?

The entree that jumped immediately off the menu was the cider-brased berkshire pork osso bucco, pumpkin grits, truffle duxelles, grain mustard jus ($24). It sounded like Fall in a bowl, and the actual execution did not disappoint. The sweetness of the cider and pumpkin was a perfect foil for the with the richness of the fork-tender meat, creating an amazing balance and resulting in a completely clean plate.

We also tried the seared grass-fed angus beef striploin, served with marrow quinoa, broccoli two ways and a sage demi ($29). The meat was simply perfectly cooked – charred on the outside and a deep-pink medium rare within. Getting temperatures correctly is a somewhat lost art, and this was execution at its finest. Interestingly, broccoli was perhaps the most dominant of the dish’s flavors (though I didn’t see exactly what the “two ways” was). The marrow quinoa had an earthy, rich – if slightly strange – taste.

Adventurous eaters might want to visit The Silverspoon on Wednesday nights for “World Tour Wednesday”, when they offer a constantly-changing menu focused on interesting dishes from around the world such as Brazilian pork ribs, Hungarian molasses duck or Moroccan coconut cake. Follow on Twitter for each week’s menu.

In our original review (in ’05), we described the service at the Silverspoon Cafe as having a slightly weird vibe. We were unable to put our finger on exactly what it was, but it was something. Our lunch experience at the new location continued that feeling — I couldn’t tell if our waiter had a bit of an attitude or just a unique personality. At dinner, however, service was both friendly and professional, somewhere between a cafe and fine dining experience.

All in all, The Silverspoon’s decision to expand and add dinner service has been an excellent one for the area. They offer creative, innovative and sustainable cuisine, a seasonal menu, and a comfortable atmosphere for a casual or even romantic meal. Best yet, the BYOB policy makes it a great value.

sliverspoon wayne pa sandwich
Cape May Panini
silverspoon wayne pa brunch pork hash
Pork Hash

The Silverspoon
Eagle Village Shops
Wayne, PA 19087

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  1. I had dinner this week at Silver Spoon’s new location. The new space is lovely. They did a great job. I had never been to the old location for dinner so I looked on-line at the dinner menu. I was very disappointed when the menu presented was different. I would expect a small place to have a limited menu but I very surprised that the menu was even smaller than avertised. It had a “bait and switch” feel. The service was good, my salad was great. I took the time to discuss the cooking of my fish with the server and was disappointed that the center of the fish was under cooked. I’m sure they thought that the fish would continue to cook when removed from the heat but that was not the case. The flavor was good but I had eaten about a third of the meal when I found the undercooked fish. I get that many people like it this way, I don’t and since I was paying the bill, I think I deserve to get it my way. It’s unfortunate since I will probably not return. It could have been a good neighborhood find.

  2. I am shocked at some of these reviews. The main line has been in need of a great lunch place for a long time. The food is fresh and healthy. My 6 year old daughter liked her meal as well. There is no way the Wawa could compare. People who say so are cheap and have little taste in a quality meal.

  3. I have to say I am SO EXCITED Ruth & Rich decided to open up for dinner. The dinner is fab everyone must go!

  4. The food at Silverspoon Cafe is delightful, the people are friendly and make excellent food. I tried their dinner menu the other night and it was fantastic. My wife loves their daily soups, and they are very kid friendly. They even did a gluten free sandwich for my daughter.

  5. I have to disagree with the bad reviews. Silverspoon is by far one of the best places to get omelets. Every time I go before work I get an omelet and they are out of this world. Their sandwiches are amazing as well. Definitely worth checking out or giving another chance.

  6. Silver Spoon is my favorite lunch place to meet friends. The parking is great and the food is always fresh and tasty and very reasonable. The owners are friendly and I never feel rushed.

  7. I love the Silver Spoon Cafe. The chicken salad is great and so are the “choose your own ingredients” salads. The dressings are great too. Prices for the salads are reasonable. Soups (hot and cold) are wonderful in all seasons.
    It is a family owned and operated business. That’s what keeps the quality high. if you have an issue with waiting more than two minutes go at 11:00 or 2:00.
    The owners are friendly and the food is healthy and delicious!

  8. DONT EAT BREAKFAST HERE ITS A RIP OFF ,,INSTEAD OF AN Omelette I got a terrible half cooked scramble with the innerds outside,,i ordered a bacon egg and chesse ,,i couldnt believe what they gave me it was 4 bucks should have been 1 dollar i wont go back ,i felt cheated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. It was a wonderful exprience eating at Silver spoon their food was well priced for its quality and the service couldn’t be better.

  10. i work nearby silverspoon cafe. i had a bad experience recently. i am a loyal customer to silverspoon. recently i ordered a sandwich i was not satisfied with and brought it to the owners attention. knowing who i am and the business i give them, they disregarded my situation and charged me for a new sandwich. i am not happy with the way they handled this at all. i do not like the vibe in there either. its very stuck up and snobby. i will not give them a penny again and neither will my coworkers. we are boycotting silverspoon and cant wait for wawa to re-open!

  11. I live in Wayne. I have to say that Silver Spoon is my favortite lunch spot for a quick bite. The vibe here is fine in my opinion. It’s a small little sandwich shop, one person at the counter and one in the back cooking. The prices are average for Wayne. I have never had a bad lunch there.

  12. The food is terrific. Homemade soups are excellent and if you have not had their chicken salad you are missing out. Great, friendly service, they really value their customers here. If you are in need of catering, they have an extensive menu.

  13. Never crazy about the vibe as noted above. Seems overpriced, and I will go to Johns or even the WaWa nearby for similar quality food. They need to cut the price of the salads in half.

  14. I work down the street from the Silver Spoon and find it a great place to get a light and healthy lunch for not too much money. Their veggie wraps are just the ticket – half or whole depending on how hungry you are. The service is always personable like a good locally owned store should be. They’ve been around for at least a year and I’m sure that once more people in the area discover them that they will be around for years to come and maybe even expand as they hope.

    Just say no to Wawa.

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