The Flying Pig, Malvern

121 E. King St.
Malvern, PA

Rating: 3 silver spoons out of 5

Overview: Great little dive bar in the middle of Malvern.

Food: Standard Pub Fare — Generally high in fat and cholesterol, but so tasty. The pepperoni rolls (slabs of pepperoni rolled up in oily bread) are a sentimental favorite, and the burgers are quite good as well (though a recent one was overcooked). We tried an artichoke and parmesan “dip” appetizer recently that was quite good. Unlike most brewpub style artichoke/cheese dip, this was more like a spread (think bruschetta) and was quite unique and interesting. I also had a sandwich called “The Veal Deal” (or something kitschy like that) which was sauteed veal medallions with peppers and onions on a hoagie roll, all smothered in provolone cheese. The roll wasn’t really “crusty” as promised, but it was still quite a sandwich.

Beer: The Pig is definitely a “beer bar” with a great seasonal selection on tap — during a recent visit I tried Anchor Steam Spring Bock, Troegs Sunshine Pils and Lucifer Golden Ale. The selection of bottled beer is even more extensive.

Ambiance: Small, dark, and somewhat noisy, but the type of neighborhood pub where you can really get comfortable. To be avoided when they have bands — it is way too loud and really ruins the whole point of going there in the first place, which is to relax with some friends and some beers.

Service: Not great, but it doesn’t really matter.

Value: More of a bar than a restaurant, so pretty cheap.

# of times we’ve eaten there: 5+
Reservations: No
Payments: Cards
Bar: Full

54 thoughts on “The Flying Pig, Malvern”

  1. Such the worst place to stop if you are only a party of two and visit them during after 5 PM. My friend and I went for dinner, and we sat at a four chair table. The server told us we had to move to a two chair table. Are you serious? Are you going to tell us that we have to sit at an even smaller table in a very uncomfortable spot and give you our money? My friend and I stared at each other, and we said we did not like the table he was offering. He said we have to move because they were expecting a bigger crowd to come in any time soon and left. We woke up, started walking, but before I left I told him he could have his table back. He then started chasing us asking us to forgive him and not to go. Then he said we could sit anywhere we wanted. What a &#$@^&!

  2. Stopped in the Pig last night. For the second time, we were ignored. Bartender were too busy on their cell phones. Odd because one of the owners was sitting at the bar socializing with a group of women. We went to The Great American Pub, service was great. You have lost my business Pig. Never again.

  3. Seems like some of you have never really been to a true ‘dive bar.’ Try going to Stables in Phoenixville–now that’s a dive. The Pig is just a small neighborhood sports bar. The beer selection is great. So the service isn’t so wonderful–well, it’s not the Dilworthtown Inn you know. It is about the beer isn’t it?

  4. This is hands down..the most awful place in the state of Pa, maybe even the east coast. I have never in my life been treated so rudely by bar OBNOXIOUS just because he’s allowed to get away with it slag..I will NEVER go back..I dont care how good the soup is supposed to be…

  5. It’s a pub! Expect some attitude but it’s worth it. I only wish they still allowed cigar smoking so I could still joust with the liberal elite.
    It’s not a joint for the wimpy!

  6. Tonight my group was overcharged. When we inquired we were threatened with the police. They said they were going to ‘flag’ me after I said we were being overcharged. They required a 20% tip on my party of 4. We had already closed out a tab 1 hour earlier and tipped over 30%. DO NOT GO! Unless you are a regular they do not want your business.

  7. Well, where do I start? I’ve been the Pig many times in the past few years and I must say the food has NEVER been good, the waitstaff has ALWAYS been rude and unfriendly but recently I had a very memorable experience. I stopped at the Pig with friends on New Year’s Eve to stay local and enjoy good times with friends. After being in the bar for an hour and being served 3 rounds of beers to our table I questioned if song requests were available and our ONLY friendly waitress advised me to ask the bartender because he was in charge of the music. When I asked him, he told me to write down the songs I wanted to hear and if he had them he would play them. Before I could write 2 words on the napkin I was pushed forcefully by a woman and demanded to show her ID. When I asked if she was an employee at the bar she once again demanded my ID. I went back to the table where my friends were seated and took out my ID for her to see. Before she could even see my date of birth she rudely yelled that I was flagged and we were done drinking there. I gave her no trouble and I informed her that we would be leaving after we finished our THIRD beers and paid our tab. At that time the woman physically grabbed my arm and attempted to rip my beer from my hand while I was trying to drink from it. She continued yelling and was clearly trying to start a physical altercation inside the bar. She was pulled away and I immediately left the bar in shock with my friends. When I arrived home and settled down about 40 minutes later I called the bar to request to speak to the owner regarding the treatment I received there. The bartender cursed at me and told me I could not speak to the owner and if I tried to call back or make anything of the incident they would say I punched someone in the bathroom. Followed by a few more obscenities yelled at me he hung up the phone on me. So, long story short, I was nowhere near intoxicated, I was causing no trouble at all and I was physically assaulted and threatened by the employees at this bar. No wonder everyone is complaining about the service – last I heard “acceptable friendly customer service” didn’t come in the form of a disgruntled, abusive woman named Anitra or a threatening, power-tripped bartender!!!

    1. My husband and I were there on New Year’s Eve as well – although early in the day. We had excellent food and excellent service. We go fairly often, one of the few places we can bring our four month old without the owner flipping out (ahem, TJ’s) and the food and service have always been excellent.

      1. Interesting…I guess you left before I was unjustly assaulted by their power-tripping psycho manager err…”excellent service” as you called it :)

      2. We bring our baby to local bars like the Pig for early dinners all the time. We see others doing the same. It’s completely normal.

  8. I’ve been here several times and I love it. Love the beer selection and have enjoyed the food (keeping in mind that it’s bar food). I don’t think the bartenders or owners are rude or obnoxious (ie Ren and Stimpy) at all. I think they’re just blue collar guys that like to bust people’s chops. If you don’t have thick enough skin to deal with it I really don’t think they care if you come back. Their attitude may push you out the door but it also tends to bring people in. I get irritated with servers kissing my ass everywhere else I go so I find it to be a breath of fresh air – as well as totally entertaining!

  9. Rudest Bartenders I have ever met. I just moved to Malvern and found the only bar in town. I was happy because finding a good neighborhood bar is great. My happiness quickly changed as soon as I ordered my first beer. EVERY BAR TENDER WAS RUDE. NO SMILES. NO SMALL TALK . The one bar tender actually started complaining to me because I ordered a beer from one of the different bar tenders. Needless to say I only left 1.75$ tip. I really wanted to leave nothing because of the horrible service.
    From now on I will make the extra drive to another bar, because other bar tenders actually smile.

  10. For a dive bar, not bad. But he comments about the staff are very true…Bad service and the owners, Rem and Stimpy act as if your lucky you are allowed to sit there It fun to see the the short fat one to get drunk and start insulting customers. On the serious side, this is a DUI hot spot and the local police watch how long cars are parked, if you lucky to get a parking spot within a mile of the place. The comment about the local police calling it a loser bar is true, but thats why its called a Dive bar.

  11. The Flying Pig is a great place to go and hang out either on a week night or on a Saturday afternoon when there’s nothing else happening. I’ve never had a problem with the staff even when its been super busy. It’s a fun time and you really can’t beat the prices.

  12. I enjoy the Pig frequently. There is one bartender in particular that works there that is especially rude everytime i go in. All the locals know who it is. If the owners want re-peat customers they should get rid of Mr. Attitude…..Im not the only person who feels this way. I have spoken with people who work there and they feel the same way about him

  13. It isn’t smokey now! Whoohoo…the PA Senate act 246 is helping with that :-) All of a sudden I want to go there more often instead of Victory or The Sly Fox (the original smoke free beer places).


  14. the pig is great. it does get a little smokey, but that’s part of being at a pub. excellent beer selection, but the service is def the worst i’ve seen in a loooong time of drinkin.

  15. I would never expect this place to be anything more than it is, a neighborhood bar. I only ate there once and it was OK, but to hang out after basketball and have a few drinks (with no band) it works for my friends and I. Very nice beer selection as has been mentioned already.

  16. Just got back from here! Went with two girlfriends and it was great. The service was terrific and the food delicious. The beer list is very extensive. It was a little loud for a wednesday night. We had a very hard time hearing each other at our table. We will definetly go back sometime soon.

  17. I go to The Flying Pig fairly often. At least twice a month – sometimes more.

    I never noticed bartenders scowling at me or anybody else. Maybe I just didn’t notice?

    Service IS slow so I don’t go to the Pig if I need to be out of there any time soon. But if you know that ahead of time, then you plan accordingly. If it’s a night where I HAVE to be somewhere at a particular time, then I don’t go to the Pig. If it’s a night where I have all the time in the world to chill out, have a drink, and a leisurely dinner, then there’s no place better, IMO. It’s a simple solution.

    If it’s crowded, it does get smoky. I open the window or ask if I can open the rear door. Another easy fix.

    It’s not a “loser” bar. It’s a neighborhood pub as it should be. Very good food at a reasonable price (I think they have the absolute BEST chicken cheesesteak anywhere) where you’re not being pressured to give up your table, where you’re not crammed 6 deep at the bar, and where you can get an excellent selection of beers to try.

    I also like their mixed drinks. They make a FABULOUS Black Russian, and their martinis are excellent too.

    I highly recommend it. I just don’t recommend it if you’re in a hurry.

  18. I have heard about The Flying Pig from some friends… I am headed there tonight and was checking it out…

    I just read the reviews about the lousy bartenders so I am bringing a neon sign tonight that will let them know when I am ready for another beer. This way there will not be any confusion to when I need some service!!

    I will post again after seeing what The Flying Pig is all about tonight…

    I wonder if the owners… Referred to as Ren and Stimpy by another patron ever look at this website for constructive criticism…

    Bring on the PIG

  19. My husband and I go to the “pig” often…Great pub grub…Excellent beer selection…it is smokey(I recommend investing in a smoke-eater).I find the staff very cordial and as a long time “Malvernite” I am glad it is there!!:)

  20. I agree with everything that Beck said. She is absolutely right. They are laughing all the way to the bank, and the bar holds a lot more than 8 people. I have never been treated badly there, it is an extremely fun place to hang out, and they have great beer! Not to mention the hot waitresses to boot. Try going in on a Friday night, the two waitresses that regularly work are great and sweet on the eyes.

  21. I doubt they are laughing all the way to the bank. The bar can hold 8 people. They have more taps than stools. Once again..Get rid of the rude bar staff..The loud bands….expand the bar.Keep the great soup Great beer..You will get more business. PERIOD…

  22. Let’s hear about the Pig from someone who has actually been there more than twice. Try and admit to yourself that everyone can have off days and dealing with trashy, snotty, or drunk people is obnoxious. I admit the Pig gets smoky, mostly due to people like me who smoke a lot when they drink. The bands can at times be too loud, however, all a person has to do is ask and the owners will have it turned down. The owners, not Ren & Stimpy at all(what a stupid reference!) -are laughing all the way to the bank. They are actually smart guys or the Pig would have closed a long time ago. I do LOVE the comment about the decor. Put up some balloons? Are you kidding me? This isn’t Chuck E. Cheese, it’s a damn bar! It’s called the Flying Pig so there are Flying Pigs everywhere. EVERYONE is carded if they appear to be too young because it’s the LAW(which I would think is a compliment). As far as the Malvern Police Officer goes, everyone makes fun of the Malvern Police because they do absolutely nothing all day and as a professional who has been to the “loser” bar many times, I can assure you that while there might be a few “less than desirable people” there at times, the crowd is mostly young to middle age professionals. I am noting the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that says reviews will be removed for personal attacks. Well, almost all of those people before me attacked the bartender, waitresses, and some even named them and their reviews are still there. So maybe this review won’t be removed and people will realize that if you can’t lighten up and have some fun, the Pig’s not for you. It’s a neighborhood bar that’s relaxed. If you don’t like it, go to Fridays. And oh p.s. “Mavlernite?” Learn how to spell Malvern.

  23. I have to agree w/ a lot of the posts about the bartenders being surly. When I got carded (I’m 34) it felt more like an attempt to not have to be bothered to serve me than in keeping w/ LCB regulations. Huge and yummy beer selection though.

  24. This place should be called “The SMOKING Pig” rather than “The Flying Pig”. We walked in, looked around for about 3 minutes, our eyes started watering and it was hard to breathe so we had to leave. Our clothes and hair reeked of smoke even though we were there only a few minutes. Truly, unless you smoke a pack a day or want to inhale enough second-hand smoke as if you did, don’t try “The Pig”.

  25. The comments posted here are accurate to a T. Good beer selection with lousy service; the bartenders greet you with a scowl and the waitresses take forever to get one’s table.

    If you choose to sit at the bar, good luck getting a drink from Mike or Tom, hands-down the 2 worst bartenders I have ever come across. They, like the waitresses, get annoyed when they have to do their job and act like you are an inconvenience to them. The horrors! And as it has been remarked, tipping does NOT improve the service or friendliness.

    A Malvern Police Officer summed it up best: ‘it’s a loser bar’

    This is an especially poignant remark considering that it comes from someone who has to deal with the bar’s patrons on a regular basis.

  26. I have to agree with the comments about the very good beer selection, and that is probably why I went there more than once, but that is where the positive comments end. One look at the extensive beer selection gives one the impression that he is in a quaint, “cheers” like neighborhood pub. Then the wairess comes to the table and the facade becomes apparent. While I will concede that the bartenders are generally polite and efficient, the service provided by the waitresses is appalling. An accurate depiction of the service would be Carla, but without actually getting the drink thrown on you. Then again, at least Carla actually brought a drink to the table. Ordering a second round is a chore, and it appears that unless you are a regular and screaming for service, you’re better off getting your beer to go. There is one silver lining in this dining disaster, a brunette waitress named Maura was cordial and knowledgeable of the extensive beer list and even provided me with some excellent Belgian selections. I hope someone in a position of authority will consider my candid remarks and realize that (s)he has a gem of a bar that is being undermined by the surly staff.

  27. BEWARE! If you get the blonde waitress BEWARE! She is awful. This is the second time I have had her as a waitress. She improperly cleaned the table from a previous costumer, leaving dirty napkins and food on the table. She seemed annoyed when asked about the menu. She also seemed annoyed when asking for another beer. Last time I checked I was in a bar, I’m in there to drink. So naturally I will want another beer. She’s a smart A$$. If you don’t want to enjoy the great selection of beers offered, or have a good time at The Fly Pig, request her as a waitress.

    The Bar Tenders and the brunette waitress are fantastic!!

  28. I dig the Pig. First I have to admit I have yet to eat here. I seem to roll in after having already put down a big meal. So this is a drinking review and the Pig is a great place to do that. The atmosphere is classic neighborhood bar no frills and gimmicks here. This isn’t pulling up a barstool at Applebees. On a recent busy Friday night I arrived with a group (6 total), got a table no problem and we all soon had our pints. The BEER is the reason for any beer lover to venture here. The tap selection is one of the best in the area (along with TJs and Teresa’s N.D.). They have a changing selection of great micros, Brooklyn, Sly Fox, Left Hand New Holland, South Hampton…to name a few, plus an extensive bottle list. I bounced between South Hampton Pumpkin and Dogfish Raison D’ Etra all night. The staff was attentive and friendly and with no band we didn’t strain to hear each other at the table. If you want an awsome beer selection in a place with that comfortable old neighborhood feel, the Flying Pig is the place.

  29. I will have to agree with the amount of smoke but I can say that cigars are now banned soo a little better. I do know the sour bartender we all are talking about and he’s not that bad when customers aren’t rude and snotty. Other than that service is interesting as well as the staff. I will have to say I’ve stopped in there on a saturday or sunday afternoon for a one and done and ended up staying until the sun went down. The two weekend afternoon girls behind the bar can almost always turn a boring day into let’s just say an interesting one. Not to mention the crowd they bring in is very entertaining. Don’t hurt the eyes either

  30. You won’t get better beer anywhere on the Main Line. The food is bar food. I wish I lived down the block from the Pig.

  31. The Flying Pig Sour bartender makes you NOT ever want to go back there again..Who needs a bad attitude and nasty language..Every place along route 30 sells cold beer…without the attitude….

  32. food is regular bar food, but thats not why you come to the flying pig. if you are looking to enjoy a couple cold ones and I mean real beers not miller lite and bud specials (if you want that go to Maddies) — they have 23 beers on tap and rotate a good number of them so you never know what youre going to get. extensive bottle selection and decent prices. ive seen some complaints on here about a sour bartender — one guy said it was because of his nice suit — it has nothing to do with that, the guy just isnt all smiles and bubbly…but who cares? he gets you your beer quick and doesnt give you any unneccessary BS. go in there on a sunday or monday night if you want to talk to a friendly bartender.

  33. Love the place, but I really miss the brie in a pastry shell. They serve it plain now and it just isn’t the same. Awesome selection of beer. The only real problem I have is the smoke — it is just awful!!

  34. Great Place, great food, and awesome beer! However, the owners and staff SWALLOW not suck. I have been going for 4+ years and they have maintained the same employees. They are really lucky that there really isn’t another pub in town. Say “hi” to Ren and Stimpy who own the place – idiots!

  35. Great place but get drunk and get a DUI…the cops watch this place…on month in 06 there where 6 DUI’s and O7 is looking to be the same…key is, don’t get drunk in this place

  36. I love this place. The beer selection is terrific and the live music is always great! The Steve Liberace Trio rocks and I like to catch Johnny Myers when he is here too. I wish it was smoke free though. Overall, good times here!

  37. I go there regularly and its a great spot. I’ve never experienced bad service, but of course, when its busy you can’t expect someone to be hovering over your table waiting to answer to your smallest whim. Its not as if you’d go there solely for the food (Although its not bad – they have an extensive menu of bar food – sandwiches, finger food, etc), you’d go there for the beer and friendly atmosphere. So don’t let the negatives put you off. Its well worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. If you like unusual beer then this is the place for you. They even pour Guinness properly and have a huge selection of bottled beers. Check out the board at the back of the room for their up to date selection.

  38. Was there before and it was great. They had a good band playing and there were a big crowd of Irish guys up singing and dancing. It was crazy. Great bar. Great Beer

  39. smokey smokey smokey.. Open the front door and let some fresh air in the place. Place also smells like a deep fryer…

  40. That older male bartender there is the WORST! Great beer selection..Horrible service-and since service is key..I will never go back..Way too loud with a band there..

    Ive told my experience there to quite a few people..and everytime i tell the story..they know exactly which batender i am talking about. Order soup to go ( i heard amazing things about their soup) Skip the cranky bartender…

  41. I agree with the comment about the live music. The bar is small and gets very loud when music is playing. You can’t enjoy a conversation with the people at your own table. Overall, the bar has a great ambiance to it, great food and a hit with anyone who lives in Malvern.

  42. The “Pig” is a great pub to meet friends for a casual drink (or two) and have a nice dinner. Amazing selection of beers…bottle or draft. I highly recommend the ribs…they’re done to perfection and I’ve never been disappointed. But my favorite…the chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce! The only downside is that it can get quite noisy (typical pub). Other than that, the staff has always been attentive and I’m a regular for a very good reason! By the way, if you’re into beers, chat the owner up…he has an absolute passion for beer!!

  43. This is not a high-end, flashy bar – if you want that go somewhere else. If you like interesting, different beer, and good old pub grub, this is a great place. Very cozy, and laid back and I’ve always had a great time here.

  44. I’ve been there twice. The staff treats you like crap, and that’s why I tell everyone I know what a miserable place this is. It’s one of those “restaurants” where you leave and think “did they REALLY treat us like that?” The answer was yes… both times. I hate this place and am never going back. Judging by the staff’s attitude, they probably won’t mind. PLUS the decor make you want to jump off a bridge. Maybe that’s why everyone there is so mean. Maybe spice the place up with a few balloon or someting guys… Cheer Up!

    The food wasn’t that bad.

  45. The Flying Pig is a wonderful spot for unusual beers and great bar food. Nachos are a must. It’s a good place to relax at and just be low-key.

  46. I visited The Flying Pig about a week ago for drinks after a meal at Nectar. Our party of 10 well-dressed people were recieved as clearly unwelcome by the surly bartender, and his attitude did not improve with time or tipping. I was impressed with the beer selection and the decor is fun but the bartender really spoiled the evening.

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