Foo to Go, Wayne / Strafford


Susanna Foo recently opened a take-out dumpling and Asian food stand within the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market in Strafford. Six varieties of dumpling are on offer, as well as salads, rice & noodles, vegetables, sandwiches (coming soon) and a variety of other light fare. Everything is previously prepared and sold cold for reheating at home.

A recent visit resulted in an order of Pork Pot Stickers (6/$4.95) and Curried Chicken Dumplings (6/$5.95). The porky pillows, which were served with a classic ginger sauce, had a nice char on all sides and a brilliantly-blended spice mixture within. After a few minutes in the oven, they weren’t quite as crispy as those right from the “pot” would likely be, but the wrapper was still perfectly chewy. The deep-fried, Indian-style curried dumplings were less appealing texture-wise, though admittedly I don’t love fully-fried dumplings (but who can pass up chicken curry?). A seriously spicy kick was tempered with a sweet apricot sauce served on the side.

All told, this counter (which is located in the first row, towards the back) is a great addition to the market. Stop in and and grab a nice take-out lunch or light dinner.


Foo to Go
At the Lancaster Farmers Market
389 W. Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA

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