Carangi Baking Company Mainline, Paoli

whole wheat baguette
Whole Wheat Baguette

South Philly Italian bakery Carangi Baking Company has recently opened at 1556 Lancaster Ave. in Paoli, bringing a wide variety of freshly-made breads, pizzas, stromboli and other Italian specialties to the ‘burbs.

On our first trip, we tried a whole wheat baguette, which was insanely fresh, and had a flaky, crunchy crust and a wonderfully light interior. It was great both as a sandwich holder and dipped in olive oil with dinner. All the breads looked spectacular, though most are, in the Italian tradition, made with exclusively white flour. We also tried the decadent ricotta cannoli in chocolate-dipped shells, which certainly rivals any cannoli we’ve had. La Colombe coffee is served (also available for whole bean purchase); the espresso we tried was not spectacular, but still one of the better ones we’ve had on the Main Line.

chocolate-dipped cannoli (a little roughed up from the trip home)
chocolate-dipped cannoli (a little roughed up from the trip home)

Carangi also offers Sicilian-style pizza in a variety of flavors, including tomato pie, several types of Stromboli, such as broccoli rabe, roasted peppers & cheese, plus a variety of breakfast treats including pepper and egg sandwiches, bagels and assorted muffin varities. All the food is take-out only, as there is no seating inside.

Our only complaint about Carangi is the hours — they close on the early side (6pm weekdays), and are closed completely on Mondays.

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Carangi Baking Co Mainline
1556 Lancaster Ave, Tredyffrin, PA
(610) 648-9393? (Philly location only)

4 thoughts on “Carangi Baking Company Mainline, Paoli”

  1. I stopped there on my way home to ohio. Was very glad that I did! The bread is wonderful, got some and warmed it for 8 sec. in the microwave and it was like just baked! The tomato pizza was gone before the Harrisburg exit on the turnpike with 6 people. When we got home to ohio my husband guarded the stromboli like a vulture and ate sll but 2 small pieces :( lol. What I did get to try was heavenly! Thank you Carangi Baking Co! I wish Ohio had great baked goods!!!

  2. Wow – these guys really landed on their feet – and are running quite a business. The spinach stromboli is great, as is the broccoli pizza.
    And now I’m addicted to their cannolis.
    I’m hoping they get a standard height table , so my 92 year old Dad won’t have to climb up on the pub stool. But he’ll drive him self back and get on the tallest pub stool for a lunch date with me.
    We’ll be back at least once a week.
    Welcome to Paoli.

  3. La Colombe back in Paoli, NICE!!! This keeps me from having to drive down to Whole Foods. I will check out the bakery and report back. I CAN say I think they have a very challenging location to deal with.

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