Yogo Sano Frozen Yogurt in Wayne

A new organic Frozen Yogurt Cafe, Yogo Sano, has recently opened in the space that used to house Cafe Procopio (just above the new Real Pizza location – across from the old Real Pizza location).

Yogo Sano says they are the only frozen yogurt store in the Philadelphia area that serves the highest quality USDA certified organic tart yogurt.

More info at http://www.yogosano.com/.

4 thoughts on “Yogo Sano Frozen Yogurt in Wayne”

  1. Thank you for writing about Yogo Sano! I just went there today and the frozen yogurt is amazing…easily the best I’ve had in Philly and in New York. I love the fresh fruit toppings especially pomegranate. They were serving plain tart and chocolate covered strawberry today. I will be going back very soon!

  2. I stopped in as well, didn’t try anything though. They only offer one flavor thus far – plain tart – but “may be” offering more. The decor is great – minimalist, clean, white – nothing tacky. There is a lot of unused space though – maybe throw in a chess board?

  3. The yogurt was simply amazing and the service was excellent. A lot of frozen yogurt stores have yogurt that tastes a bit too processed for my liking. If you’ve tried Yogorino’s yogurt in Rittenhouse, Yogo Sano tastes even better and it’s organic. We needed a place like this on the Main Line.

  4. Over the weekend we decided to try this new place over our usual favorite, Whirled Peace in Paoli.

    I had the false expectation that this would be another of the self-service frozen yogurt and toppings places. Instead, they construct it for you.

    You pick a size of frozen yogurt (only vanilla – I think) and then choose from the available toppings which include fresh fruit, nuts, syrups, etc.

    The prices are:
    – small $3
    – medium $4
    – large $5
    – toppings are $0.65 each

    The decor is a bit stark and minimalist but the service was friendly. One interesting thing to witness was that the person added our toppings one by one using small tongs. This ordering structure leads to a large proportion of yogurt with just a little bit of toppings.

    I’ll be sticking with Whirled Peace in Paoli as I find the environment more inviting and I prefer the larger selection of toppings and to create my own concoctions.

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