Whirled Peace Frozen Yogurt in Paoli

A new frozen yogurt store — Whirled Peace — will be opening soon in Paoli at 111 E. Lancaster Ave. (where Rita’s used to be).

They have a website, and if you follow them on Twitter or Facebook you can find out when they are serving in advance of the grand opening (which appears to be sometime in late April).

18 thoughts on “Whirled Peace Frozen Yogurt in Paoli”

  1. My husband and I stopped by this evening after a several month absence. We paid under $9.00 for two stuffed 12 oz cups with about a scoop of choc chips in each cup. I still love their frozen yogurt and consider the price reasonable enough. In fact, I won’t even try nearby Jakes because of loyalty to WP. The reason I hadn’t been been to WP in awhile is because I’ve been on Nutrisystem and after a large weight loss wanted to have a healthy splurge.
    As far as Handel’s ice cream, of course it is delicious and the best ice cream around, especially Graham Central Station; but the low fat choices are lame and the line has always been disorganized. It is an ordeal to place an order.
    I’m sticking with Whirled Peace.

  2. Don’t bother. The yogurt is fine but the prices are outrageous. We had two cups (16 oz and 12 oz) and it came to $14! Are you kidding me? I could have gone to Wholefoods and purchased a premium frozen dessert for less than half the price. We will never go back to Whirled Peace again.

  3. I am a TRUE frozen yogurt aficionado. (yes, I’ve eaten Pinkberry at The Grove in El Lay!) So trust me when I say Whirled Peace serves really GOOD yogurt, with NO chalky aftertaste as with so many other yogurt brands.
    Not to mention their business practices support green causes.
    One other factoid, this is a dessert folks, so why the vitriol in these posts about the price? I suspect that many of the complaints about price are made by the very same people who would think nothing of bellying-up to the StarbucksBar, and ordering their daily dose of soylatetriplemacchiadochocolatesupreme. (while paying an arm and a leg for it!)
    Whirled Peace is the BEST place to enjoy frozen yogurt in the Delaware Valley! I’ll be heading over today for my weekly treat!

  4. This place is GREAT! It’s cozy and cute but with nice tables so you can eat inside if you want to. Toppings are great and I have seen different flavors on the three trips I have made – I have only been to the Paoli location but I look forward to trying their newest place.
    Also, I agree that you get what you pay for. Sure, you can go to Baskin-Robbins or one of the big chains, but you will not see them recycling ANYTHING!!
    If those of us who BELIEVE in organic food and responsible use of the earth’s resources are not willing to pay a LITTLE extra, which we can well afford compared to most of the world, WHO WILL???

  5. Forget Starbucks! One Village coffee is all I’ll drink from now on. And they brew it at Whirled Peace. A+ in my book. I’ll definitely have to stop in for the frozen yogurt and smoothies today!

  6. 11.00 for FROZEN YOGURT!!! OVERPRICED and doesn’t do a thing for your taste buds. It makes Coldstone Creamery look like the deal of the century. It’s .50 an oz but your not weighing dry ingredients. It’s like going to a salad bar and getting your soup weighed which is why if soup was weighed like that no one would buy it. Not only that you have no clue how much it weighs til right before you pay!

    My yogurt weighed 18oz (in which 1/4 had melted by the time I got to the scale) and then I had some sprinkles n cookies in a cup separately weighed which was 4oz that comes to $11.00!!!!! Are you kidding me? And if you want a smoothie add another $1.00! Ha, that is absurd, it costs an extra $1.00 to throw in a blender?

    So i did an experiment. A large frrozen yogurt from Baskin Robbins with a huge side Of sprinkles costs 4.50…but wait… The yogurt weighs 20oz and the sprinkles weighed 6oz…that would be 13.00 at this place!

    To add insult to injury the yogurt tastes like liquid blueberry flavored hubba bubba gum mixed with buttermilk. I couldn’t eat it. If you don’t believe me go and see for yourself. Two of my friends do like this place however they stand alone. I’ve heard many a conversation about people that got a huge sticker shock at the register. Frozen yogurt should never have sticker shock! I give this place 6 months tops before they go under. Oh and I weighed a frosty from Wendy’s….22oz..do the math. Not worth it….a total rip off!!!!!!!
    With a name like Whirled Peace, you think organic, green, grassroots goodness…well it’s bunch of Whirled Capitalism with a Giant Dollop of Ripoff.

  7. Went with my family for yogurt and had coupon. Was told that I couldn’t use coupon. The reason given was that ” I didn’t let them know that we had one first prior to weighing my yogurt”. I was dealing with the owner who was checking me out but continued to be argumentative about the buy one get one free coupon. The yogurt machines were broken when we were there as well. The prices are way too high. We had a bad experience with the customer service and we do not plan on returning. Would suggest someplace else.

  8. We tried the blueberry and the pomegranate acai. Both very good. The texture was just right on the tongue and the flavor yummy, although it could have been a bit more intense; the blueberry, especially, seemed kind of subtle or watered down. For two smallish sized cups, we paid just under $5 which is pretty reasonable. The place was exceptionally clean with bright lime green & white decor.
    I DO have to mention that all of the signs & printed directions & oral and written instructions about which cup to fill/how to do it/what to put on top of the yogurt/where to take it/how the cost is determined/which trashcan to put which items in when you’re done were a bit tedious: WE JUST WANT TO EAT SOME FROZEN YOGURT!!!!
    We’ll still go back because it was good and not too pricey.

  9. IT’S ABOUT TIME! As a nutrition enthusiast, I highly appreciate a healthy and tasty alternative to Dairy Queen, Coldstone and even Handel’s. Nutrition information is available on their web-site. The self serve is convenient, the toppings are FRESH (not canned), the staff are friendly and the place has a cool vibe. I like the fresh walnuts and rice krispies and the yogurt has a smooth, tart taste but is totally fat free. About price…I do not consider a cold dessert under $5.00 overpriced by any means. Folks will pay the same amount for a Blizzard or Sundae. Even if it were more expensive, this is a novel item and worth a few cents more in my view. To me, this place is innovative and well-needed in our area. I feel lucky to live just 5 minutes from it. Also, there is always a crowd here so obviously there is a demand for something healthy … that doesn’t contain 10 grams of fat per serving. Consider me a permanent customer, I’m on my way there right now!

  10. I found WP frozen yogurt delicious! Yes, it is a little pricey but you get what you pay for — you control how much you put in your cup so you control how much you pay. I really don’t think that 50 cents an ounce is really that bad when everything is organic and the cups and spoons are biodegradable. Isn’t it worth paying a little more money for something if it is a lot better for you and the environment???

  11. Awful prices — stay away if you are concerned about your wallet. Their coupon flyer from Clipper Magazine was a complete rip off — ended up paying 5 dollars despite their ‘free’ cup. Why? Because it’s all pay by weight, which we did not know beforehand. No thanks! Might as well stick with Coldstone.

  12. I went to Whirled Peace and loved it! The cups you dont have to fill all the way so the price really is not that bad if you get a normal amount and all the fruit was fresh and tasted great.

    I really respect and appreciate that this place is dedicated to being eco friendly with all of their utensils and cups also.

    I disagree with christines comment

  13. Madison is correct, where else do you get home-made frozen yogurt with freshly cut fruit and organic (and delicious!) toppings? I think that while the one sized can be a hassle for some parents who lets their kids run wild with the self-serve, those who practice control over how much frozen yogurt their kids eat will find the price pretty reasonable. I myself tried all of the flavors for a price better than coldstone creamery’s and found each one to be spectacular (especially the grapefruit!). I also liked how the flavors (while they also have the usual chocolate and plain) were something you wouldn’t expect out of a frozen yogurt place – very original. The staff are seriously super friendly and I ended up having a great conversation with them while there.

    The place itself is super cute and I love the lanterns in the front. It gives the place a very picnicy and a little bit of a romantic feel unlike the Ritas stark white and red theme.

    Definitely reccomend this place to anyone who wants an organic, delicious and pretty healthy treat. Just don’t go overboard and the price will be right!

    PS. Sue, tell me where on the mainline except at BK or some other fast food joint you can feed your family for $20.

  14. While I see that the prices may be too high, there are other factors at play at this place. If you are paying $20.00 that means you have 40 ounces between three people- a gross-sized portion. A two minute conversation with the owner made me see that they serve in compostable and biodegradable containers and spoons (which I know are not cheap), biodynamic non-fat frozen yogurt with amazing health benefits, and they have an amazing product with nearly unlimited options.
    And so what if they get some ORGANIC sauces from Trader Joes… is it really worse than buying high fructose corn syrup sauces from a massive company such as Sysco or US Foods- stores that do not offer things like organic chocolate syrup? The answer is no. I go to WP about twice a week and every time I go in I see someone bringing out fresh cut fruit- something I cannot say about places like Pinkberry.
    I say if you don’t like it, don’t go, but the people here will bend over backward to make sure your self-serve experience is great. Friendly staff, amazing frozen yogurt, locally roasted coffee and a small environmentally-conscious family-owned dessert place is just what our area needs.

    I HATE when people base their reviews on the comparison between small companies and large chains. Long live small business!

  15. I thought the frozen yogurt was yummy, but the price is out of sight..3 cups came to $20.00…And, I had no toppings….I could have taken my entire family out to dinner for that amount…

  16. This place is a joke. While it is a play on Pinkberry (which I was very excited about) the quality is lacking and the prices are outrageous. It has a do-it-yourself concept, from working the frozen yogurt machine (really not as fun as it sounds) to scooping your own toppings. The toppings are severely lacking – little pieces of fruit that look as if they are straight from a can, to a few jimmies and coconut flakes. What I found the most hilariosu was the sauces available….TRADER JOES! To top this experience off, you end up paying by the ounce, and my small cup of yogurt with strawberries and sprinkles came to $5.75. Dont waste your time & I highly doubt this place is still up an running a year from now.

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