Wayne White Dog?

Philly.com reports that, as part of the deal for Marty Grimes (of Ardmore’s Du Jour and the Moshulu) to take over daily operations at the famous White Dog Cafe may include another White Dog in Wayne. Hmmmm… (stay tuned)

Update 1/28/08:

Sources tell us that the Wayne outpost of The White Dog Cafe is set for 200 W. Lancaster Ave, in the new “Town Center at Wayne”, across 30 from Anthropologie. Target opening date is June, so we’re thinking Fall at the earliest.

The real estate listing for the property contains a computerized image of the location with “MOSHULU Cafe Restaurant Bar” inscribed on the sign, however our sources tell us that it will be named White Dog Cafe, not Moshulu. (Marty Grims now owns both Philadelphia restaurants after recently taking over for Judy Wicks at the White Dog… though it remains to be seen whether it will continue to provide the same quality experiences).

Incidentally, the image also shows “Ralph Lauren” on the sign, suggesting some upscale retail in the same space.

3 thoughts on “Wayne White Dog?”

  1. Excellent food in a relaxed atmosphere. Creative dishes, well prepared, with a focus on freshness and quality. Our entrees were delicious. We’ll definitly be back.

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