Mayuree Cafe Reopens in Devon

Longtime Wayne BYOB Mayuree Cafe is now open at their new location in Devon (in the Devon Lanes Bldg.) Going west on 30, look for the Devon Lanes sign shortly after crossing Waterloo Rd.

3 thoughts on “Mayuree Cafe Reopens in Devon”

  1. We go here regularly – every month or so.

    V.G. Thai food – especially the duck dishes.
    Not expensive, not cheap. BYOB

    The owner manager is very chatty, and most interesting about his Thai homeland.

    Must call him right now for take-out, as we have to stay home this evening. Dec 11 20010

  2. It seems that the Mayuree Cafe’s owner has not realized that he now has double the tables. I went there on a Friday night, and without even opening my mouth – was flatly turned away – despite the fact that there were empty tables everywhere. Do you know why? Because the Pop of this Mom & Pop restaurant was the only one waiting tables. Unless I hear that they hire additional staff to wait on tables, i will NEVER go there again.

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