Mayuree Cafe to Close, Reopen in Devon

Wayne’s Mayuree Cafe, home of the greatest thai red curry sauce this side of Bangkok, is set to close as of 1/15/07, apparently kicked out so that the mediocre Great American Pub can expand. What a sad day for Wayne.

The good news, however, is that they will be moving to a spot in the Devon Lanes building, hopefully opening around April. This obviously will not generate nearly as much traffic as the Wayne location, but hopefully they will do well enough to stick around. I’d hate to think I could never have that red curry again.

3 thoughts on “Mayuree Cafe to Close, Reopen in Devon”

  1. Very interesting – I guess they’ll be taking the old location of Patty Mac’s (the former Pat & Joe’s). This could be our new favorite thing – BYOB, close, and hopefully, a little more spark owing to the move. I heard they lost their groove in Wayne and so I haven’t been there for a few years. They used to be such a good value – really delicious food in a pretty surrounding for a more than decent price.

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