Primo Hoagies opens in Paoli

Primo Hoagies, perhaps the greatest hoagies on the planet, has recently opened in the Paoli Village Shops (where TJs and the Post Office are.) It is located in the Pizza Hut building in the back… not the easiest to see. Unlike other Primo’s, there appears to be some seating inside (not confirmed) plus a few tables on the sidewalk outside.

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  1. Unfortunately, the bread Primos makes on location, even the medium seeded rolls, are no comparison to the Sarcone’s style South Philly rolls. They don’t have the crusty outside, which make them all around mushy…closer to subway or Wegman’s than they are to Sarcones.

  2. So here’s the deal on the bread – i asked one of the owners. Primo’s stopped buying bread from Sarcone’s years ago. They bake their own bread inside Liscio’s bakery (Liscios supplies, Pat’s, Geno’s, Rick’s, etc…) with their own proprietary recipe. All of the new frachises (2007-2008) were required to buy combi ovens that cook the bread with moisture. This is how Sarcone’s was able to get the crunch on the outside on the soft on the inside. Both rolls, small and medium, come fromt the same recipe. The only differnce is in the texture and seasame seeds.

    try the mild sharp italian – wow!!

    from my observation they seem to have three slicers now – they are dividing up walk in orders and phone orders so walk in orders do not wait more than 10 minutes. i was in on a friday and it was crazy but still received my hoagie in about 10 minutes.

  3. Came across this message board again and just thought I’d share. Last time I was in Primo’s in Paoli, I got a little education about their rolls… the “good bread” versus “small/bad bread” is simply because they need to offer a little variety for those who don’t like the seeds are allergic, etc. The medium size is their most popular, that’s why they chose the small as the alternative option. Apparently everyone asks that question of “why can’t you get the good bread in the small size”. (At least this was what I was told by their seemed to be well informed manager.) And I’m pretty sure that none of the Primo’s locations use that Sarcone roll anymore. They’ve found another bakery that allows them to make their product, but most of the locations bake their bread on location now. Like when Wayne Primo’s was in town, they would always run out of bread and it wouldn’t be that “fresh” once you got into the afternoon. Now they’ve perfected that process. Again, I had a great last experience (better than my first if imaginable), and their staff was friendly and helpful. If you can’t tell, I’m a gossiper, so of course I asked about their business. Hope that helps clarify!

  4. Darci – unfortunately not all the Primos locations use Sarcone’s sesame rolls anymore (which is really the good bread if you like crunchy on the outside), and some of the other bakeries’ variety is not as good (IMO).

  5. To Fjordstone-
    The “good” bread is the speciality Primos Bread. It is either the medium or Large sandwich. The small (which is @9inches is your basic Amoroso type roll. I have had both- the smaller is fine.

  6. I haven’t been yet, but I’m concerned by Darci’s comment about how you only get the “good bread” if you order a large sandwich. What do you get with a smaller sandwich — _bad_ bread? Why would any food establishment even _have_ two different kinds of bread if only one is considered “good”?

  7. John’s Village Market is the best Hoagie place on the Main Line. A very close second is Landis in Wayne.

  8. Have not been to Primo – but I do agree with the above when they mention the infamous “John’s Village Market” in Wayne. Excellent products!!
    It is tucked away on the Northern side of the tracks and while the owners might like long lines – the regulars like it just the way it is now. A gem for 30 years and hopefully another 30 years.

  9. They have good rolls but greatest Hogie on the planet, wow, thats saying a lot. But I’m going to have to disagree, Johns Village Market (I go to the one in Wayne), I think has the best sandwich. I say “I think” because thats my opinion and there are many who would agree . There are so many sandwich shops around the world though, I think it would truely be impossible to say that you you have had the best and be sure about it. One thing we can be sure of is that Primo does not have the best sandwich ion the planet, or even in my home town (Primo closed down in Wayne). Try Johns Village Market celebrating 30 years in Wayne.

  10. I feel the need to defend Our Deli here. While it may not be as good as Primo, to compare this fine establishment to Subway and Bain’s Deli is a massive insult.

    They use Boars Head meats, South Philly Style (Amoroso or similar) rolls, and pack quite a bit of meat into their hoagies. The cheese steaks are also solid.

    I realize this is somewhat off topic, but I simply do not understand why Paoli’s best hoagie stop before Primo’s came to town can be compared to crappy chain stores.

  11. This place is no Subway and thank goodness for that. Waited less than ten minutes and ate at the tables inside. Food was fantastic. We will definitely be back. Any good hoagie on fresh roll is worth at least a 15 minute wait.

  12. I stopped into this particular Primo’s yesterday on my way into work. When I arrived, there was only 1 other customer in the shop, but I was greeted immediately and was out the door within 10 minutes. I ordered a Mild Italian on one of those specialty rolls. Since I was going into work, I didn’t get a chance to eat my sandwich for a few hours after it was made, but I couldn’t even tell it had been that long! The roll was still fresh and didn’t get soggy or fall apart at it’s seam. It was one of the best hoagies I’ve ever had! And I’ve been to other Primo’s locations before, where I’ve waited much longer then 15 min. – this is just how Primo’s is, because you get such a fresh product, which makes it great! I will definitely be heading back to their shop, and so will my co-workers, since everyone was interested in my sandwich. Good job Paoli Primo’s, I’ll be seeing you soon. (And anyone that can’t “wait”, doesn’t know what they’re missing out on!)

  13. I was blown away by my bada bing. The only other place comparable to this place is cut above, my old favorite. This place puts more meat, rabe and sharp cheese on the sandwich then cut above too. I cant believe people actually mentioned subway, bains deli or our deli in this. Those places are so incredibly sub par. this primos bakes all of their bread in house (not sure if the others do that). There was seating, which was a plus (cut above is so small and has no place to sit).

    To the people who complained about the wait, i agree that waiting is annoying. But when i was there, those guys were flying around the kitchen. Everything is sliced to order. Give them a few weeks.

    Overall, my experience was great, by far the best sandwich shop in a 15 mile radius. glad there is a primos near where i work.

  14. I gave Primo’s a shot about a week ago and I will never go back.I ordered the “Italianized” chicken cordon bleu sandwich that consisted of premade, almost mystery pressed chicken.The chicken was dry and tasteless. I couldn’t get over the fact that the ham put on the sandwich was weighed. I got 3 measly slices and felt like I was at a Bain’s Deli in a mall somewhere. To top it all of, I requested mayo on the sandwich and guess what they do. They drizzle oil all over it and forgot to put mayo on it.

    Overall it left a bad tasted in my mouth and should have gone with my instinct to ask for a new sandwich or drop the order before I left.I guess it’s worth checking out over the novelty of a “new hoagie place” but you’ll see once you get your food.

  15. I’m glad the Paoli one sounds like it’s off to a good start. I went to the Ardmore Primo’s on Saturday and my roll was stale. It’s all about the roll!

  16. Best hoagie I’ve ever had. Cut above is excellent but this place slices the meat thinner and puts way more of it on the sandwich. I can’t believe our deli and subway were even brought into this discussion.

  17. After reading the reviews I called ahead. When I arrived it was ready and there were only 2 people in front of me placing an order- no wait. I ordered The Bada Bing! It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. It is without a doubt South Philly Quality! The bread is amazing- and I was informed on the phone you can only get “The Good Bread” for Primo size (8in) or larger- glad I did. The quality was excellent- and the ingredients were plentiful. Lots of chicken and brocoli Rabe. It has been a long time since I have gotten a THICK slice of cheese on any sandwich. I work in a restaurant in the area so I picked this up on my way to work. Everyone of my co-workers said- Where did you get THAT?! Most of us on the Saturday shift work Sunday- and guess what, one of them took our orders and we will all (7 of us) be having Primos tonight! As a side note- the sandwiches (Primo size) run about 7.50- When you compare it to Wa-Wa, Subway, Anthony’s, etc. ($ wise) you are definately getting your money’s worth! WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD PRIMOS! You have made a loyal customer out of me!

  18. Hey Doug – Guess what, they’re not in the city and why should I give a crap anyway that people in the city are willing to wait that long? They shouldn’t bother with a wallk in store then if they are mainly interested in call in business…or start a secong assembly line like i suggested. Call ahead, for a sandwich? I just was driving by and thougt I’d give it a try…I guess I’m not as much of a sandwich snob as you are…It’s just lunch for crying out loud…people have to get where they’re going at that time of day.

  19. Hey JP – try getting a hoagie, a really good one at that – not Subway or Our Deli, anywhere else at lunchtime on Rte 30 in less than 15 minutes. Primo’s slices to order – people wait 30 min or more in the city. Call ahead next time and save yourself the time.

  20. We picked up a couple of hoagies from there the other day. They were excellent! The rolls are especially good. We will definetly be back. One caveat though…they slice all the meats and cheese to order, which can be time consuming, so I would call ahead to place an order.

  21. Hoagies look good but unfortunately I never got to actually taste mine since after waiting around 15 minutes at the counter to pay only to find out my sandwich wasn’t even made yet I left in discust. IMO, they need two separate assembly lines: one for walk-ins and another for call-ins. Everyone was scrambling to fill a bunch of large call-in orders and made the walk-ins wait around. It would also be nice if the cashiers wouldn’t also wrap sandwiches with their un-gloved, dirty money-hands in between orders!!…that’s nasty.

  22. Sorry D, I know they DiCostanzo’s lays claim to inventing the Italian hoagie, but after there were reviewed a couple years ago, a few of us went there and were not impressed, but it’s all a matter of personal taste.

  23. I have found that the chain locations have not been as good as the original S. Philly store. To that extent P&S Ravioli in Havertown and A Cut Above in Newtown Sq. make hoagies as good if not better than Primos.

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