Great American Pub, Paoli

November 29th, 2010

Update: GAP Paoli opened on 3/3/11.

A few weeks ago, a friend approached me with a tip: The Great American Pub was opening another location in the former Casey’s space in Paoli (near San Nicola and the Bank formerly known as Basil) just off Rt. 30 on King Rd.

Naaaaaah, we both thought. That can’t be true. The GAP folks are always sure to find a location that’s ON the main drag, with a lot of foot traffic. Such a seemingly inconspicuous location wouldn’t make sense for them. Well, it appears we were wrong, as said rumor was recently confirmed by Main Line Media News, who states that extensive renovations are underway and a January opening is targeted. (Ha – extensive and January? They must mean 2012.) Perhaps these renovations include a really BIG sign.

I can’t say that we’re all that excited about another generic Great American Pub coming to the area, but perhaps this is a sign that Paoli is ready to embrace its place as “the next Wayne”.

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  1. Jim says:

    Well, just got out of there when the “band” was beginning to play. Got there at 6:30 and was shocked to see about 10 kids (all under 10) sitting at the bar….yes, the bar and adults standing around packed in! Thought that was illegal to have kids sitting at the bar, but whatever. Seems like every family with little kids was in there. Place was extremely loud and service extremely slow. Don’t see many changes over the old Casey’s and can’t see the attraction other then the kid crowd. Food was nothing to write home about. Family next to us got burgers and they came with a very skimpy bag of chips…I guess that’s the new thing with restaurants, give you a little bag of chips so they can sell you fries. Very disappointed. No desire to go back.

  2. Liz says:

    I had a great time here. Yes, it was very busy and service was a little slow, but I thought the staff was doing a great job keeping up as best they could, considering the place was very busy, busy and everyone is trying to get familiar with where everything is.

    I liked the new decor and enjoyed a Great American Burger and a salad and was pleased, both were prepared and received just as ordered. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. Brick oven pizza ‘is coming soon’ and I am looking forward to it. I think this will be a regular ‘I’m not cooking’ night out spot for my husband and I.

    If you don’t like crowds, and hate waiting, I recommend going early or late, as it seemed very busy from 5-9pm. or wait a few more weeks till the curiosity peepers thin out a bit and the staff gets a real feel for their new home. Otherwise, put your attitude in ‘patience’ mode, enjoy the food, drinks, buzz and excitement, have fun, I did.

  3. Kristen says:

    It will be a long time before I go back to the Paoli location. It was so noisy and couldn’t wait to get out of there. The person across the table from me couldn’t hear me speak, and I couldn’t project my voice any louder. Surprised the bar was in the same location as Casey’s, as I believe this contributes to the noise smack in the middle of the place. Should have been in the back corner. Very surprised that the layout is still “Casey’s”, as I was expecting something fresh. Couldn’t read the menu because it was so dark — much darker than Casey’s. Even the decor is very dark. Food was good but we waited at least 45 minutes for a simple meal. Don’t think the waitress ever waitressed a day in her life. They also need more waitresses. I thought that the left corner area at the entrance should have been made a waiting area, as there is no place to wait before being seated. I was looking forward to this place, but wasn’t impressed.

  4. Bryan says:

    Not too excited. Gonna miss Casey’s, even if it was often boring. The roast beef sandwiches, burgers, beer, and deep fried clams were great. Miss Basil even more. But most of all sad to see THE BIG EASY closed. It is awesome that the chef has brought many of the favorites to Appetites On Main in Exton.

  5. Dave says:

    I don’t understand how these throwbacks to a previous time seem to stay in business. The food is lousy and their beer list is terrible. I don’t understand how you can operate as a pub and not offer any local brews.

    I guess it’s in your wheelhouse if you love the Miller Light/Bud Light/Coors Light options.

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