Twenty9 Opens in Malvern

November 29th, 2010

Twenty9, a new bar & grill in the former Boathouse location in Malvern (which closed during the summer of 2010), opened earlier this month. It appears, from a few online reports, that the interior was given a much-needed renovation. Based on their Facebook feed, it appears Twenty9 will keep the drink specials-first, food-second attitude of the restaurant it replaced (and will surely pack the local business park set for happy hour, especially once the weather turns warm again).

BTW, we noticed that Twenty9 has a Facebook page but no website. Is this the new trend for restaurants? Why pay someone thousands for a site when you can just set up a FB page for free? Or is the website still in development? Hmmm.

2 Responses to “Twenty9 Opens in Malvern”

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  1. Kvander says:

    We finally made it over to Twenty9 on Thursday. Since I work and live in the area, I frequently hit the previous establishment….the boathouse…..mainly in the summer to enjoy the deck and the great selection of beer.
    We walked into Twenty9 and we were shocked at the decor and layout. I think it looks great! They really used the space well. We decided to sit at the bar and have a beer and some dinner. The atmosphere was very nice. Not very crowded for a Thursday night knowing the Eagles would be on. The only drawback is the live music. The room is very open with a high ceiling. For some reason, musicians like to keep their music at the same decible level as the Rolling Stones in a major stadium….even though there are only 8 people in the room. Nevertheless….we managed to scream our way through good conversation.
    We ordered some beers. I went with the Rogue Chipolte Pale Ale. Wow!!! What a great beer! I am dying to go back simply to have that beer again while it is still on tap.
    We ordered some food. The menu looked great. Nice variety from pub fare to a nice entree selection. We decided to split a burger and the roast pork and Broccoli Rabe sandwich. Both were amazing! Given the quality of the pub fare, we are very anxious to go back for a full sit-down dinner.
    After one visit, we could not find any criticisms….(besides the ear piercing one-man concert).
    My only hope is that they do some type of marketing campaign. Given how the location is off the main drag, the only way you would know about it is if you work in the corporate center, or by word of mouth. I would imagine their deck will be very popular in the summer. I hope the word gets out so it lasts that long…….and even longer.

  2. GH says:

    They do have a site, it’s just has nothing on it yet:

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