Hogfish Bar and Grill Coming Soon to Wayne

Hogfish Bar and Grill is coming to 372 W Lancaster Ave. (where Osaka was formerly located – in the same building as Flavor) this June.

It is named for a snapper-like fish native to Florida, and the menu will focus on seafood. Check their website for more details (when they are available).

Our prior speculation that this restaurant was related to the bar and grill of the same name located in Stock Island, Florida, was incorrect.

In unrelated news, Nova Grill is coming soon to 815-817 E Lancaster Avenue in Villanova.

16 thoughts on “Hogfish Bar and Grill Coming Soon to Wayne”

    1. Just had lunch at Hogfish yesterday. I’ve eaten lunch here 2x in the past few weeks….very good food and reasonably priced. The crab & shrimp bisque (amazing), fish tacos, and crab louie salad were all on-point. Ambienece &decor is nice, service is attentive, and food is refreshing. A good concept for the area. Wish there were more healthy / tasty experiences like this out there, especially at this price point.

  1. I agree–keep the kids at home. We need a place to go a
    get away from the kids! I hate people who don’t know when
    to bring the kids and when not to. I am going to HogFish
    tonight, getting dressed up and don’t want to see kids!

    1. Beware — they may not have highchairs but they do allow KIDS. Went there Friday evening and a party of 10 came in with at lest 5 kids under under 10.. lots of noise as the kids were trying to be heard as they all talked at the same time. Thank goodness we were having our cappuccino and paying our bill.

  2. Had lunch at Hogfish today, and the food was excellent. 4 people..4 different entrees. Fish tacos, Scallop Salad, Lobster Cobb Salad, and a Cobia daily special. Each of us loved our entrees! Very fresh and beautifully presented. The restaurant itself is bright and cheery with a definite Florida vibe. We will definitely be back to try dinner!

    1. As it should be in a restaurant like this. Thanks to Hogfish for creating a pleasant dining experience.

      1. Even Georges has high chairs! If I’m going to get a babysitter I’m going to white dog or savona or dilworthtown not here.

      2. Get real, we are not talking about Le Bec-Fin here. This is casual dining in the burbs. They should absolutely be expected to have high chairs!

      3. I agree with Marty. Casual dining means I shouldn’t have to hear noisy kids. Take the kids to Bertuccis, Friendly’s, TGI. Let’s keep the casual places casual.

      4. “Take the kids to Friendly’s, Bertucci’s or TGI Fridays?” Why should a parent be expected to limit their children to chain restaurants? I don’t take my kids to those restaurants for the same reasons I choose not to dine there – I want interesting food that tastes good and is not unhealthy. Go downtown or to a more upscale restaurant if you don’t want to eat around kids. Casual suburban Main Line restaurants are going to attract families.

  3. Open as of July 12 2011 for lunch and dinner 6 days a week.
    Food is outstanding in a fun casual atmosphere.

  4. What a great surprise. I’d never heard of hogfish until I tried it here. It was outstanding. So were the crabcakes. We will definitely go back to try some of the other enticing items on the menu. It is mostly seafood, but there are also selections for the carnivores and vegetarians.

  5. Hogfish Bar and Grill, owned by a Radnor resident, is named after a native fish to Florida with a mild and sweet flavor. Fish native to Florida will be flown in, although steak and chicken dishes will also be included on the menu. The overall atmosphere will fall somewhere in between casual and elegant. This restaurant will offer 72-74 seats for lunch and dinner. They are hoping to open as soon as possible.

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