Fellini Cafe Paoli has Closed

The Paoli branch of Fellini Cafe has closed for good. Hopefully we’ll see another restaurant fill that spot!

Update:According to Michael Klein, records in bankruptcy court show that Fellini filed for Chapter 7 protection. Basically, it means that if approved, the corporate assets are sold and it’s done.

Thanks to readers Dave and Kander for the tips.

4 thoughts on “Fellini Cafe Paoli has Closed”

  1. Well well, let me tell you that Franco is now taking over in Ardmore and that means : Fresh Pesce misto (lobster tail,octopus and langostino !!)and other very new specials on the menu..

    To all the no Sayers of Ardmore, a new fresh wind is blowing , be prepared for some very exiting news coming up !!
    It’s never over , it’s just a new beginning!!

    P.S. I heard some complaints about Frankie’s Fellini’s cafe on township line, they obviously have an opera singer and it’s way to loud and annoying as per a customer who was dining at the Fellini’s in Ardmore!!

    1. Obviously the Ardmore diner was one of the obnoxious people who was talking the entire time my family and I were trying to hear this young man sing. Some people have no class. If you don’t like singing, don’t go to opera night at a restaurant. All of the customers I was with that night seemed to enjoy it.

  2. I wish Frankie would take over the original, yet disappointing Felinis in Ardmore. We kept giving it a try, but it’s nothing like Frankie’s in Berwyn (delicious and great service)! I wish Frankie had control of the conveniently located Felini Cafe in Ardmore.

  3. well…that is not a loss… they were lousy. Fellini by Frankie or whatever it is called is much better as is the Fellini in Newtown Square. Ardmore and Paoli were sub-par. Wonder if Ardmore will be next?

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