The Latest Freehouse Rumor

Here we go again…

The rumor mill is telling us that The Freehouse has been sold to the owners of JD McGillicuddy’s, and that another outpost of the popular Irish pub will be coming soon to Wayne. Former Villanova basketball standout Eric “The Assassin” Eberz, who was last seen (by us, at least) bouncing at the Ardmore “cut-cuts” location, is rumored to be taking on the daily operation. (edit: rumor confirmed by Michael Klein)

We can’t say that we are thrilled about another faceless mini-chain that focuses more on drink than food joining The Great American Pub and The Boathouse in Wayne, but the failure of The Freehouse to execute an interesting gastro-pub type menu has led to this.

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7 thoughts on “The Latest Freehouse Rumor”

  1. Wow! This is exciting! Wayne could use a fun sports pub on that strip of bars! I’ve been to most of their other joints and the food & drink are always a hit! Hopefully they will do some live music like their place in Ardmore!

    John E.

    1. Ha, your recollection is mostly correct. Streaky shooter who scored in bunches when he was hot, but overall an average contributor. Great nickname though.

  2. Can’t say I’ms jumping for joy, either. The food seems like what you’d find at Chili’s: Greasy, easy, unimaginative barfood. Plus, I think the obnoxious green logo and sign are going to create a real eyesore on North Wayne.

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