Confirmed: Boathouse to Replace Wooden Iron

Well, I don’t think too many of us will be shedding tears over the fact that the Wooden Iron is closing, but we certainly wish something a little more unique than the Boathouse was replacing it. Isn’t one generic pub grub/bar enough for Wayne? After all, if we want to do a Boathouse/Great American Pub crawl, we can go to Conshy.

According to reader info, it opens Sunday 10/5.

One thought on “Confirmed: Boathouse to Replace Wooden Iron”

  1. This is a refreshing addition to Wayne. We ate there last night and enjoyed the comfortable, clubby atmosphere left behind from the Wooden Iron, but with the casual fare we’ve always liked at Boathouse. The place was packed, mostly with families at the 6:00 hour. Their chowder remains the best I’ve had in this area. Extensive beer choices. Good service.

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