Spamps to Conshy

Spamps Restaurant has opened next to Viggiano’s on First Ave. in Conshohocken. The restaurant’s tagline is: “Steaks – Seafood – Sushi”.

I could describe it more, but their website will probably tell it better.

8 thoughts on “Spamps to Conshy”

  1. I have to say my experience was not that impressive. I had been in there a couple of months ago with my fiance, and knowing that it was a new restaurant, did not have a great experience. So we decided to give it a second chance, and I actually think its gotten worse. First time we went in, we had some sushi for entrees, and we didn’t get the entrees at the same time, we didn’t have that problem this time, which was the only improvement. Our entrees were prepared, and presented better when we were last in. Our fried fettucini was ice cold in the center and left an awful taste in our mouth, literally. If that were a signature dish to my family, I wouldn’t brag about it. All of the staff seemed very standoffish and phony, including the management. It was unfriendly feeling, that definitely will make me not want to go back. If you like sushi this is a good place to go, but I’ve heard that the wait for sushi on the weekends is pretty long, so only go if you have a lot of time. Honestly though I’ve had better sushi for not as expensive, but it’s decent for the area, I prefer blue fin though. I also thought that most of our items did not come out the way they were described on the menu. I was upset the changed the recipe on the spicy crab soup, the creamy soup I had before was much better. We sat down and had a drink while we were waiting for our table, it took us a long time to get our drinks, and it wasn’t that busy at the time, and our drinks didn’t taste quite right. the bartenders were very nice though, which was the most enjoyable part of the evening. I think it would make a great bar if they gave the bartenders a training course. As far as the restraunt goes, I think they are in over their head. I think it would be nice to have fine dining in the area, so I hope it makes it, but it will be a long time before I am back in there.

  2. Spamps is looking good for Christmas! I was pleasently surprised to see some really nice decorations up for the holidays. It gives it a really nice feel and least got me excited for Santa!

    Anyway, went in for dinner after work, and four hours later gave up my seat at the bar to another patron. I got some steamers and the Chicken Hercules, and washed it down with about 9 Blue Moons.

    Everything was great and I recommend trying Spamps whenever there is not a Blue Moon.

  3. I read about Spamps in Main Line Today, Dawn Warden had given the restaurant a muddled stamp of approval. It seemed that she liked everything but at the same time, found something wrong with it. So I decided to go and try it out for myself.

    I made reservations for last friday, and there was healthy crowd when I arrived around 7:00. We had a drink at the bar while we waited to be seated, which only took about five minutes. The atmosphere was definitely unique to Conshohocken, warm and inviting yet modern and sleek. The server was polite and charming and did a great job with refills, which is the main thing I care about, because I hate being thirsty.

    I wanted to try some of the same things Dawn reviewed so we got the Calamari for an app. I found it to be prepared to perfection. Small tender rings, not chewy, lighted breaded and seasoned to accentuate the taste. For dinner my wife got Sushi, I forget what it was called but she loved it, I think it’s gross, but it’s nice to know that we found a restaurant where we can both be happy. For dinner I got the Chicken Hercules, the name intrigued me. If you like chicken or cheese or ovlives, or any one of those items, you will like this dish. We didn’t get desert but there was a couple near us eating what looked like a peanut butter and chocolate cake. I’ve never seen eyes roll back in a womans head like that, and that may be my own fault, but she seemed to be enjoying the cake.

    Like Dawn said in her review, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and now I know why.

  4. We went in for the sushi and it was amazing. My boyfriend has the strip steak and said that was great too. Our waiter was very attentive but not too pushy. An all around good time!

  5. I thought this place was great! It was recommended by I friend, so I went in there for a date with my girlfriend, and she and I both loved it. Definitely a nice place to bring a lady. I’ll be going back sometime to hang out at the bar which is huge and really nice.

  6. My wife and I went to Spamps for the first time last night. We just found out it was open, but it looked like the word has gotten around judging by the decent size crowd. I would honestly describe the night by saying it was one of the best dining experiences I have had in a long time. Our bartender recommended a fabulous bottle of wine to start. We took that to the table with us and both loved our entrees. The fried fettucini appetizer was the most interesting and delicious thing I’ve ever tasted! We will most definetely return.

  7. The food at Spamps is average at best. The wait staff is poorly trained with no knowledge as to the menu, food or specials. It really is a shame, Conshohocken could use a more upscale restaurant.

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