Five Guys Comes to Gateway

Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries has opened a franchise in Wayne’s (really KoP’s) Gateway Shopping Center. We typically stay away from chains, but a “Best of Philly” fries win has us intrigued. We just hope the “well done” only rule for burgers is just a rumor.

Update: Went to Five Guys, and yes it is true that you can’t order a burger anything but well done (although mine came with a little pink in the middle). Burgers are still pretty darn good though, and two quarter pound patties cost less than $5. Fries, on the other hand, are solid but outrageously expensive — $4 bucks for a “large” which is about enough for one hearty appetite. This is easily the restaurant’s money maker — they are probably taking home 90% profit on these babies. Service is pretty bad too, but overall this is a good place to pick up a burger if you’re in the mood.

5 thoughts on “Five Guys Comes to Gateway”

  1. Just ate at Five Guys for the first time, had heard it was a good place for quick takeout food. The burger was fair, I can understand the law about them having to cook it well done though medium rare would have tasted much better. The fries were ok though as someone posted, way too expensive. My issue with the cheeseburger we both got was the cheese – it was a cheap, processed, fake orange slice. We were certainly not expecting gourmet food but for almost $6 per cheeseburger, at least throw a little real cheddar on the burger!

  2. Five Guys is really coming to Wayne (Lancaster Avenue)! The new spot will be next to Chipotle in the shopping center ACME recently left.

    I found this info when I searched for their locations and I see:

    Coming Soon!

    309-311 E. Lancaster
    Wayne, PA 19087

  3. A good hamburger, but I agree with the poster above who said the burgers are overcooked. It’s a shame you can’t order them the way you want them. However, it looks like a hamburger should, it tastes like the ones I remember as a kid, and the fries were great.

  4. They overcook good meat to the point that it taste like coal. It’s a shame because it is a nice operation with excellent help and good quality food. They are not permitted to do the burgers med-rare. So go to Baxters in Paoli for wonderful burgers cooked to order. If a resturant doesn’t trust its meat enough to cook it med-rare than I don’t trust it at all.

  5. Have been to the Clifton heights place twice, most recently this past sunday.

    Burgers are really good, I think Charlie’s is better, fries are very, very good.

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