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  1. Manny’s crab cakes were tasty. I just recently tried them out based on the recommendation of previous posters. However, I would agree that there was too much filler meat. I didnt have a problem with the customer service, my issue dealt more with the lack of jumbo lump meat. Thanks -The Crab Cake Guy

  2. Manny’s Makes False Claims About “Fresh” Fish and Doesn’t Back Their Product

    Manny’s Place in Valley Forge, PA – Rt-202

    I had been customer of Manny’s for a couple of years. Up until recently, it seems by luck only was I ever satisfied with the quality of food and customer service provided.

    Before a few co-workers and I ordered from Manny’s, I decided to place a phone call to get a description of some items on the menu. Since I always ordered the crab cake hoagie, I inquired about two other sandwiches I hadn’t tried: Tuna Salad Hoagie and Seafood Salad Hoagie.

    The owner insisted that all fish used in his sandwiches are “fresh.” So, when I further inquired if the tuna came from a can, he backpedaled, “Yes, but it’s Albacore Tuna, the best kind.” I then inquired about the Seafood Salad Hoagie. The owner said it consisted of three fish. He insisted that these fish were not from a can and they were all “fresh.” I decided to order the Seafood Salad Hoagie for $6.95.

    When my co-worker returned with my order, I was surprised to see a sandwich full of Mayo and Imitation Crab Meat. I re-phoned Manny’s to tell the owner about my disgust with the sandwich. Not only did he remember speaking with me, but he began to backpedal again asking, “What’s the difference if I said fresh fish and one of the fish is Imitation Crab Meat? You tell me, buddy: Where are you going to get fresh crab for under $5.” Had I known what I was purchasing, I would’ve changed my order back to my usual at least.

    The owner decided to defend himself instead of offering some sort of apology to make good with the situation. I felt insulted and, sadly, I had to let him know that he lost a long-time customer.

    Thank you.

  3. I also tried Manny’s and I agree with Jack. The pieces of lump crab are as large as you will find in this area although I prefer the firmness of Bobby Chez’s and their crust. However the nearest Bobby Chez is in Cherry Hill NJ so Manny’s is probably about as good as you will find in this area and much better than most. They do seat about 40 people and seemed OK for a weekday type of meal.

  4. Took one for the team and went there tonight. Asked for the in house broiled crab cake.

    Found it to be good, maybe very good. Restaurant quality.

    Not really an in house place to eat. Is right next to Five Guys in the Gateway Center.

  5. Last time I was in the Bala location (appx 2 years ago) it was a take-out in the mold of Bobby Chez in NJ. not a restaruant. They took over the old Bobby Chez location which was their only Pa. location. As of two years ago I prefered Bobby Chez. I’ll check out the Gateway location to see how it now stacks up and see if they do have seating.

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