Yang Ming “Quick Take” Added

Due to reader requests, we’ve added a page for Yang Ming reviews. Since we haven’t eaten there in several years, we kept this to a “quick take” review.


One thought on “Yang Ming “Quick Take” Added”

  1. My wife and I had dinner with our 21 year old Niece last evening (Wednesday) at a full house at Yang Ming. The crowd was certainly NOT dominated by retirees.
    Our experience began as we neared the entryway steps and we took in the many savory aromas spewing from the kitchen. Appetizers were delightful and the entrees were as expected. If there was a disappointment it would have to be the Cappuccino – but this is NOT an Italian restaurant.
    I can only surmise that the comments about the older crowd came from a visit on Christmas day – and the younger folks were at home enjoying their families. The folks going out for dinner on that day probably had no local family to visit – so obviously the crowd may have a few wrinkles. Not all bad at that.

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