Venice Pizza & Pasta replaces Malvern Saxby’s

The Saxby’s on Rt 30 in Malvern has been replaced by Venice Pizza & Pasta, a traditional Italian joint. Plenty of different pizzas, pasta dishes and hot & cold sandwiches area available. Though we haven’t had the pizza, it looks like very good Italian-style thin crust.

Because the building is rather large, there is plenty of seating available, so BYOB is allowed and Free Wi-Fi is offered. No Delivery.

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2 thoughts on “Venice Pizza & Pasta replaces Malvern Saxby’s”

  1. I will make this easy for you:
    1. Clean
    2. Very nice people
    3. Fresh, above average quality food
    4. Accomodating
    5. Prices average

  2. If you’re looking for Italian food with the same quality Grandma used to put into Sunday supper, you’ve come to the right place. I can’t say enough about the pasta, with its flavorful marinara (and unlike many Italian joints on the Main Line, it won’t leave you with a case of gastrointestinal revenge afterward). Make sure to try the tender chicken or the perfectly fried eggplant. If you can manage to pull yourself away from their grinders, you’re in for a treat with the pizza. It’s the current trend for most restaurants to skimp on the sauce, thicken the dry crust, and smatter oily “cheese” with a double helping of grease, but the pizza at Venice thankfully bucks the trend with fresh and abundant ingredients that will pleasure your taste buds. And if you love calimari, you’re in for a TREAT!!!

    Yet Venice is truly special for its special brand of service with a smile. The entire staff – especially the polite family who own the restaurant – are never anything less than a pleasure to meet with their impeccable manners and warm demeanor. They should all be proud of not just their food, but their exquisite service as well. Everyone knows that, to eat real Italian food, you need to go to a small mom-and-pop joint … and this place is the KING of mom-and-pop Italian joints. All in all, Venice is an addition to the Main Line that has been needed for years.

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