Tiffin to Wynnewood & Bryn Mawr

Philly.com recently reported two possible Tiffin locations coming to the Main Line in the near future. A lease has been signed for a space in the Wynnewood Shopping Center (projected December opening). Owner Munish Narula also says he has a verbal agreement for an undisclosed space in Bryn Mawr (Blush perhaps?)

The original Tiffin in Northern Liberties has been featured in the PhillyMag Top 50 restaurants for the past two years (#30 in ’08, #50 in ’09).

UPDATE (8/11/10): Tiffin Bryn Mawr to open 8/16/10.


12 thoughts on “Tiffin to Wynnewood & Bryn Mawr”

  1. So Wife and I headed over to the new Tiffin in Bryn Mawr. we figured mid-week, late, and what could go wrong?

    The new Tiffin looks like the Tiffin interior from Wynnewood, orange walls, wood floor, etc. It is NOISY, I’m not sure if it’s the tin ceiling or the flooring but the noise coming from 20 people sounded like 100. We couldn’t hear what each other were saying from across the table….

    Here’s the play by play.

    Enter Tiffin, Greeted, Seated. Menu presented and then deserted.

    5 minutes.

    Luke warm water poured.

    5 Minutes.

    Order taken (1 Garlic Naan, 1 Paneer Masala, Samosas)

    5 Minutes.

    Can we open your wine for you? (Detour from Paradocx)

    10 minutes

    What did you order?? (same waiter that took the order)

    20 Minutes

    Excuse me, where is our wine?
    Rapid scurrying cause they misplaced it.

    5 minutes


    20 minutes

    Samosa shows up… yummy

    10 minutes

    Main course shows up, even more delicious

    30 minutes

    Check please?

    10 minutes back on Lancaster….

    Service – 1

    Environment – 2 (noise)

    Food – 5

    overall – 3

    Wife declared them “Take Out Only” which may not work out, we did not see one take out order processed during our time there.

  2. Hey I have been to Etka in Bryn Mawr and it was sooooo good and very authentic go try it it is the old Cafe FRESKO spot 1003 Lancaster ave

  3. I am new to the “Mainline” area and live near Saffron India Kitchen. We moved from the DC area which has many awesome Indian restaurants. So I was very happy to have Saffron so close and then the opening of Tiffin in Wynnewood. Tiffin is the most Americanized Indian food I have ever had. Being a huge fan of Indian food, I was very disappointed in the food at Tiffin. The food had absolutely no authentic spice to it. It also had an exceptional amount of oil rising to the top of the sauces – gross. I will never eat there again. I was there with my family on a Sunday afternoon and there were no Indian people eating at the restaurant – not a good sign. The service was slow even though there were only 2 other tables. While our server was nice, he had no idea about Indian food – he could not answer simple questions about menu items. While Saffron does not compare to some other Indian restaurants I have been to, it is 100% better than Tiffin. At least it is authentic and the servers can answer your questions and the kitchen can cater to your requests on food preparation (to make things more or less spicy, or to make popular Indian dishes that aren’t on the menu). The only good thing about Tiffin was the Naan. If you want good Indian food at an affordable price, check out Saffron before 3 pm, the lunch menu is less expensive than the dinner menu. I order Saffron from mainlinedelivery.com a lot for lunch and it is great and the delivery is free!

  4. Their food is excellent. I’ve eaten there now three times and enjoy the entrees and appetizers. Price is very reasonable. Service is awful. We were told to “wait outside” for an undisclosed amount of time until we were told to sit at the outdoor tables. We had to ask for wine glasses twice, as our wine bottle sat prominently at the center of the table, waiting to be uncorked. Our appetizers arrived AFTER our entree with no explanation or apology. We were given two checks by 2 different servers. I will not return but I will get takeout.

  5. The new Tiffin in Bryn Mawr is getting closer, the window signs are up, though the interior is still hidden behind brown paper

  6. Absolutely worst service in a restaurant that I’ve ever experienced! Waited over 90 minutes for our food. Asked the waiter why it was taking so long and he told us it was the dishes we ordered. It turned out the order was not placed in the computer. Never to return. Food was not worth the wait.

  7. we ate at the new wynnewood tiffin, last week (i think 2nd day open) the food was delish! (ed. note: we have not been to Kuljaharo in like 5 years because of horrible service and rising prices…) I enjoyed korma chicken and DH had veggie something. son had lamb something and was not as thrilled –he wanted more meat, less sauce. we ordered 1 nan –should have ordered more. prices were very reasonable ($11 for chicken) next time we’ll bring wine! Driving by I saw they had hung a curtain/sheet over the window for sun; as others noted the room was VERY sunny. They’ll have to make a host podium/place for the hordes to wait for a table also… it is one open room and when the main liners start lurking, waiting for a table it can get ugly. Once they get the kinks out –this will be a GREAT addition to the hood.

  8. Took the family to the new Tiffin in Wynnewood last week. I’d rate it 4 out of 5 to Saffron’s 5. They have more “franchise” look than Saffron or Kajuraho. They’re still working the kinks out; like a 25 minute wait between seating and service and they need for blinds on the windows (afternoon sun is brutal in the front half of the dining room)The food was nicely presented and tasty, though two of our party thought it could be more spicy. The fact it’s a BYOB is a major plus Prices are reasonable (comparable to Saffron). All in all, we’ll be back. Just after sunset.

  9. Tiffins is one of the most overrated restaurant. I have heard they make their sauces only twice a month and its forcibly made a fresh. I guess Mainline would not welcome this not so healthy concept.

  10. Awesome, Tiffin is opening in Wynnedwood this Saturday, April 17th. I simply can’t wait for this. Great restaurant within reach now.

  11. I dont think these guys can cope up with Saffron Indian Kitchen. Kajuraho is being white washed by saffron, I guess same thing would be applied to tiffins

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