Starting Forever Opens in East Goshen

To be honest, we aren’t quite sure what the deal is with Starting Forever, now open in Exton and East Goshen, but it seems to be some kind of coffee shop with a twist. Those peanut butter specialties do seem quite tasty.

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Also, There is a new coffee shop / cafe called Java! (or something like that) opening soon in the Giant shopping center in Frazer.

9 thoughts on “Starting Forever Opens in East Goshen”

  1. I was just at Starting Forever and the service was great! They have an all new Menu since they moved into their new location in the Exton Square Mall. They just opened 3 weeks ago and I missed their yummy cupcakes while they were closed from May until July. The service is great and everyone is always smiling! I will definitely be back and I will tell all of my friends, I have a couple of friends planning weddings and they need all of the help that they can get! :)

  2. We love Starting Forever! The smoothies are to die for! As a treat I take my 5 year old in there and she doesn’t want to leave. I’m not sure if it is because the smoothie is so good or because Joy and everyone else there are so sweet! We went to the Grand Opening the other weekend and it was fabulous! We saw all of the vendors and Joy even had a moonbounce! They sure do have their act together over there! The new store in East Goshen is bigger then the one in Malvern and so nice! You can take in your laptop and get some work done while you visit with friends and get a great cup of coffee! It is like a second office! Hmmmm – wonder if they would mind if I wore my bunny slippers?? I tell everyone what an awesome place it is! Congratulations to all – the new store rocks!

  3. Starting Forever is a proud sponsor of Radio Show on 1520AM WCHE in West Chester. (Friday’s 5-7PM. Sorry. Shameless plug.) They have been nothing but nice to me, and everyone on the show. I have been there many times, and have had nothing but excellent service from thier staff. Big fan of the smoothies!

  4. Where else could you go in this area and get the service and great food that Starting Forever has to offer. The Peanut Butter–YUMMY!!! The calm atmosphere is so relaxing.Great for working individuals because its so fast. No problem getting back to work on time. Also its one stop shopping. Invitations, caterers, home parties etc. Thank for such a GREAT Place

  5. I used this place when I moved here, they used to be in Malvern. I don’t know, but I bought 10 jars of PB at Christmas and everyone loved it. Think this guy has a “personal” issue guys. They really do stand behind the people they represent, so maybe this guy got the boot,, (gee, imagine that). Has anyone been to the new place yet? I hear its nice, but haven’t been over..wanted to buy PB again. (Sorry Mark)

  6. Starting Forever and its cafe are terrific. Not only is it a great place to sit and relax, but the food is the best around. The feel of homecooking at its finest. If you are looking to have a party or a wedding it is the place to go to get information on the best vendors available. You will find there are many to choose from in all areas. Go and enjoy- it is highly recommended.

  7. Starting Forever is a cafe and one stop resource center for every aspect of life. If you are looking to plan a wedding or just find an accountant we have businesses that we can recommend. Think: real life yellow pages. We pre screen all of our vendors that we recommend and our services are free to the public. We open in Exton July 1st and currently are open in East Goshen. Stop on by!

  8. Just wanted to let you know, I stopped in there this weekend and it was fabulous. They have great foods!! I was curious to as to what this place was, so I went in. They actually are like a directory for the public of sorts. Easier to understand when you are there. Anyway, great find!

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