Lew’s NY Deli Closed in Paoli

After a short run, Lew’s NY Deli is closed in Paoli. Personally, we had hit or miss experiences there, loving the “Fancy Schmancy” and the “Einstein”, but not really liking the pastrami (there’s something wrong with that, of course).

At least we still have Murray’s!

4 thoughts on “Lew’s NY Deli Closed in Paoli”

  1. I heard that they were couldn’t devote time to their catering business immediately, which they had counted on, because their in-house business was shaky. It’s a shame. You always want to see places like that succeed.

  2. Boom Says: You got it — a restaurant with long lines waiting for food, goes out of business in two months. A real mystery. I would guess they just couldn’t turn out enough sandwiches between ll:30 AM and 2:00PM to make a profit. Maybe they should have charged more? If it had put off a few customers they would have been better off.
    On the other had maybe their rent was too high, maybe they paid too much for their equipment, maybe there was a family problem — who knows?

  3. i went to lew’s 3 times….their service was the worst i have ever experienced. i have never waited for takeout as long as i had to wait there….

  4. Well I guess my comments won’t be deleted now since the comments are based on the current topic. I stopped by to see on their large sign *closed* and on their door *closed-thank you for your patronage* Nothing more. Lights Out. Shows Over. Good night for good folks.

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